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A mod to facilitate note taking, with succession games in mind.


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A mod to facilitate note taking, with succession games in mind.

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autolog v1.1
by eotinb

A mod to facilitate note taking, with succession games in mind.


New events logged:
Cities acquired and lost through combat and trade
First contact with another civ

More information added to events logged in previous versions:
Combat notes now display the after-combat strength of the victor.
Log now notes when another civ founds a religion (previously just when you founded a religion) and when a religion spreads and either of the following is true: 1. you control the Holy City, or 2. you control the city to which the religion spreads (previously only the second was true).

New features:
Annoying autosave quirk eliminated. If you don't know what this means, don't worry about it -- just be glad that you didn't have to deal with it.
Alt+E messages are now displayed in both the text file and the in-game log.
You can now see changes to the log file while the game is running (although you cannot edit it until the game is shut down or you make a new log file active).
You can now pick the name of the text log on starting a new game or loading a game, or use the default file name of autolog.txt.
There is now an option to have your log notes color-coded for forum posts. See's "color" variable.
Alt+E entries are now preceded with a notification that they are custom user entries. The lead-in message can be changed in's "prefixTag" variable.

Removed features:
All additions to the in-game event log have been removed. I will soon be coming out with another mod which will replace some of these functions and add more (my notifications mod). Also, Ctrl+E has been disabled.


Unzip file to My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\CustomAssets\python\ (or equivalent)
!!!DO NOT OVERWRITE FILES IN GAME DIRECTORY!!! (i.e. C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Assets\Python)
The three following files will be added:

In order to facilitate combining with other mods that also change and/or, the additions (and two minor changes to the original code) have been noted in these files. Feel free to cut and paste to combine.


You can select the default file name for the external text file in Check the directory where you want the file to go. THE DEFAULT DIRECTORY MAY NOT WORK ON YOUR COMPUTER, so check it. Just open with any text editor and look for "path = ..." and make sure whatever follows the equal sign is a valid directory. Most problems with this mod have been path problems, so check a couple of things: 1. folders in directory structure are separated with a double backslash, and 2. the last folder in the tree does not end with a backslash. Example: "C:\games\civ4" would be correct while "C:\games\civ4\" would not.

If you do not change the file name or rename the previous log, a new log will append to an existing log with the same name. This is so you won't accidentally overwrite your old log(s).

You can select what type of tags (<HTML>, [forum], none) for simple pre-formatting in the &quot;style&quot; variable in Also, you can change whether or not forum-style notes are color-coded in the &quot;color&quot; variable in Changing which events get which color or which colors are used is also possible but is not easy -- you have to be willing to dig into the code. If you want to do this and need some guidance from me, feel free to ask in the CFC thread for this mod.


Alt+E: Custom text log entry (also appears on the screen and in the in-game event log). Alt+E entries are preceded with a notification that they are custom user entries. The lead-in message can be changed in's &quot;prefixTag&quot; variable.

Events logged in text file:
City founded, city growth, city border expansion, city acquired/lost, city razed, tech learned/started, unit started/built, building started/built, combat results, Golden Age start/end, Great Person birth, tribal village results, promotions, and religion founding/spread.

All of the text file entries can be turned on or off individually via settings in Also, more detail on each type of event can be found in the same place.


The type of result you get from a tribal is handled in the game as an integer. I have figured out some of them through trial and error, but some results are pretty rare and in any case I don't have all of them yet. Right now, if the result is something I don't know the code for, I just report the integer, so you might see &quot;Tribal village result: 4.&quot; If documenting goody hut results is important to you, I recommend using a custom log entry (Alt+E) for now. Please pass along any additional codes you figure out (or any corrections to the ones I already have) and I'll make the changes.


Ability to alter what is logged in-game (rather than through editing
Ability to export the actual in-game event log (maybe).
Some co-ordination with screenshots.


Puppeteer at CFC had the original idea that led to this mod.
HawaiiFive-O, Calanor, and a few others at Apolyton worked out how to use CyInterface.addMessage().
TheDarkside at Apolyton lent moral support.
CivGeek and Tubby Rower at CFC had some great ideas which led to the custom user comment prefix and the color-coding.

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