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This is a general mod that address many minor issues with in the game. Main changes: 1) Revised combat values has destroyed 'spearman bea...


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This is a general mod that address many minor issues with in the game. Main changes: 1) Revised combat values has destroyed 'spearman beats tank' paradox. 2) High withdrawal propability means artilery is no longer suicidal. 3) High maintenance cost for units, cities and civics means that running 100% science is almost impossible.

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B Dive's Mod version 1.00
This mod was made by Benjamin Dive (England). Resources used included www.civfanatics.com/forum and http://civ4wiki.com/. I would like to say an additional thank you to all the people who at civfanatics who helped me make this mod.

Section 1 - how to install

a) Install civ 4.
b) Unzip this folder in C:/program files/firaxis games/sid meier's civilization 4/mods. DO NOT unzip in my documents/my games/.... as this will cause game to malfunction (saves will not work).

Section 2 - modifications

1 - Added

a) All units, apart from basic defence units (archer, longbowman, rifleman, machine gunner and mech. infantry), cost 1 gold maintenance. all artilery cost 2 gold in maintenance. This is too make it a lot harder to have 100% science and force players to plan an overall strategy.

2 - Changes

a) The strengh of military units has changed dramaticaly. The power of military units now rises a lot faster (eg knight has strengh 18 and infantry strengh 58) This has effectively destroyed the "spearman beats tank" paradox.
b) Upgrade cost are now a lot lower than before (difference in production cost -20).
c) The cost of technologies has risen, the more advance the thechnology the more it has risen.
d) Maintenance cost in genaral has rise by 50% for same reason as above.
e) Library increases science out put by 50% instead of 25%. Cost has increased by 25%.
f) Observatory increase science out put by 33% instead of 25%. Cost has increased by 10%.
g) University increases science out put by 33% instead of 25%. Cost has increased by 33%. e) f) and g) are all here to balance out b) c) and d).
h) All artilery (catapults, cannons and artilery) all now have an 80% withdrawal chance. Their power has been reduced compared with other units of the same age. Their price has risen. They can do up to 75% colateral damage instead of 50%.
i) All great people now produce 50% more beakers when used to discover new technology. This is to make them more useful in later ages.
j) Chemistry is now needed to build cannons instead of steel.
k) Rifleman can upgrade into machine gunner.
l) Cavalry can upgrade into tank.
m) Machine gunner can upgrade into mech infantry.
n) Catapults now need mathematics instead of construction.

3 - Taken away


Section 3 - Future Changes

Here is a list off all the changes that will be done for future versions.

a) Adding trebuchets (between catapults and cannon).
b) Adding great soldier as new Great Person.
c) A lot lot more...

If you have any ideas on how to improve the game please contact me at [email protected] All sensible suggestions will be seriously considered.

Section 4 - Known Buggs

There are no known buggs in this mod of Civ 4 that do not occur in the vanilla version of the game, as long as the mod is installed in the proper place. If you do experience any buggs or faults in the game play please contact me at the address given above.

Section 5 - Joining the Team

We are always looking for more people to help us make this already amazing game truely brilliant. Right now we are in need of people who can draw new units or who are familiar with python. If you are intrested in joining us please contact me at the address above.

I hope that you will enjoy playing this mod.

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