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Hey all!

CSDDAB is back, not with a new version, but a total rewriting of his C4E utility, which is an editor based on the demo.

The utility was made so that people could make maps for the demo as well, but, trust me, I've tested it with the full version, and it rocks!

For those who might think this one is a new version, it is not. If he didn't tell me, I'd think it was snother program! The GUI is very much improved, and so are most other things as well.

This is really something you should check out!



C4EV2 - Freeware Map editor for Civilization IV Demo

v1.0 - First Release

- A total new version of the original C4E. Dozen enhancements within a 99% rework of the
  previous version. Includes graphic mode drawing for displaying most information of the

- Civilization IV Demo is required to be installed for referencing the map details. Most
  of the value picklists would not be availiable without the demo installed.

- This program is a freeware. It can be distributed freely without any modification.

- No installtion is required. Just use it at ease.

- Bug reports are welcome.

Trash talk - 
  It seems that every program is developed under the way for serving lazy men (:()
  However it doesn't mean that I am hinting anyone (:P)

(c)2006 CSDDAb
[email protected]

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