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Hey all!

It's not long since csddab released a completely new version of his C4 Map Editor.

Now he's released the 1.1 version, which simply is a bugfix.




C4EV2 - Freeware Map editor for Civilization IV Demo

- A total new version of the original C4E. Dozen enhancements within a 99% rework of the
  previous version. Includes graphic mode drawing for displaying most information of the

- Civilization IV Demo is required to be installed for referencing the map details. Most
  of the value picklists would not be availiable without the demo installed.

- This program is a freeware. It can be distributed freely without any modification.

- No installtion is required. Just use it at ease.

- Bug reports are welcome.

- Version History
  v1.0 - (31/Jan/2006)
       - First Release

  V1.1 - (03/Feb/2006)
       - It's really strange that I haven't received any bug reports till now! :\
         This is a good news however!?
       - Save file dialog is only prompted when changes have been made. 
       - Map grid changes are reflected directly when editing is finished at the
         corresponding row.
       - New map function is fixed to build a 1x1 map when confirmed.
       - Terrain options in text mode drawing is enhanced.
       - Graphic mode images have been resampled so that they had better looks when
         zoomed to larger size.
       - Small ajustment on mini map drawing.

Trash talk - 
  In the world of bugs, more beautiful means more dangerous - it is a memorial to DOS (:o)

(c)2006 CSDDAb
[email protected]

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