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A new civilization for your CIV4 game :)


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A new civilization for your CIV4 game :)

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CANADA MOD - Final 1.5

**update Dec. 26/05**

Changes in Final 1.5

- compatible with Civ 1.52 patch
- added 3 flavour names to Unique Unit
	- Fusillier de Mont-Royal
	- North Novas
	- Voltigeurs de Quebec

**Update Dec. 4/05**

Changes in Final 1.4

- added instruction for using with 'Mod' folders and 'CustomAssets'(see txt file)
- added Canadians to Great People list:
Prophets: Charles Taylor, St-Marguerite d'Youville
Merchants: Roy Thompson, (Alexander Mackenzie already in Civ4)
Artists: Emily Carr, Glenn Gould
Engineers: Sir Sandford Fleming, Frank Gehry
Scientists: Frederick Banting, Gerhard Herzberg

- added 27 unique names for Canada Cops infantry regiments!

Princess Patricia's
Ontario Regiment
Western Canada Cavalry
Fort Garry Horse
The Black Devils
Royal Highlanders Black Watch
Fighting Van Doos
Victoria Rifles
Tobin's Tigers
Cameron Highlanders
Edmonton Overseas
Western Scots
Seaforth Highlanders
Winnipeg Grenadiers
Queen's Own Rifles
Toronto Americans
Royal Winnipeg Rifles
Algoma Overseas Battalion
Western Irish
Carabiniers Mont Royal
Duke of Connaught's Own
French Acadian Battalion
Vikings of Canada
Voltigeurs Canadien Fran├žais
Men of the North
White Eagles
Siberian Expeditionary Force

Names are based on 1) Chronological order, 2) Popularity, 3) Regional representation

**UPDATE Nov. 26/05**

Changes in Final 1.3

- compatible with Patch 1.09
- moved from Beta to Final version (with enhancements to come, nonetheless)
- added another re-skin from salxton for accuracy
- added custom Canada Corps button from slaxton

**UPDATE Nov. 22/05**

Changes in Beta 3

- added Canada flag button for Civpedia and Interface - thanks slaxton!
- added re-skin for Canada Corps - thanks slaxton!
- added leaderhead pics and leaderhead buttons - thanks Cybercollector!
- reordered city list to switch Edmonton and Calgary; added Kamloops

**UPDATE Nov. 12/05**

Changes in Beta 2

- added Sir John A. MacDonald and Lester B. Pearson (see below)
- added bad_ronald's terrific Canada flag for the unit markers - thanks!
- added Moose Jaw to city list at request
- MOD now loads from 'Mods' directory (but still recommend using CustomAssets)

Name: Canada
Techs: HUnting, Fishing
Leaders: William Lyon Mackenzie King, Pierre Trudeau, Sir John A. MacDonald, Lester B. Pearson
Unique Unit: Canada Corps

William Lyon Mackenzie King (industrious, organized)
Pierre Trudeau (philosophical, organized)
Sir John A. MacDonald (expansive, organized)
Lester B. Pearson (philosophical, creative)

Unique Unit
Canada Corps (replaces Infantry)
(uses Infantry art)
- 140 cost
- Attack: 20 (same as Infantry)
- Movement: 2
- +25 vs. gunpowder (same as Infantry)
- starts with 'March'

General Notes

- all civ, leaders, unit have Civilopedia entries but no translations (English appears for all languages)
- used TXT_KEYS for everything excepts city names (because that is a colossal waste of time - Quebec cities use French spellings)

To install, unzip to your 'Custom Assets' folder.
To install as a Mod, create folder 'Canada' under 'Mods', then create 'Assets' folder under 'Canada'. Unzip to 'Assets' folder.

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