Chechen Republic



This makes Chechnya as a playable civilization (with Agriculture and Mining starting technologies)which features two of the late 20th century Chechnyan leaders.This civilisation was created to be be as true to life as possible.



Chechen Republic - Chechnya v0.68 by Shqype

Chechnya as a playable civilization (with Agriculture and Mining starting technologies)
-Featuring (2) late 20th century leaders of the Chechen Republic:
--Djovkhar Dudaev (Aggressive, Expansive, favors Police State)
--Aslan Maskhadov (Aggressive, Philosophical, favors Nationhood)
-Names of cities within Chechnya (unfortunately a majority of these follow the Russian names and spelling as the real Chechen names are harder to find)
-Unique Flag: Wolf which embodies Chechen pride and nationalism, along with 9 stars to symbolize teips (clans) Chechens are said to have descended from
-Unique Unit: Rocket Propelled Grenadier (Chechen replacement for the SAM Infantry)
--19 Strength, +100% vs. helicopter units
-Civilopedia entries for:
--Chechnya; http://www.chechnyawar.com/history/
--Djovkhar Dudaev; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dzhokhar_Dudaev
--Aslan Maskhadov; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aslan_Maskhadov
-With slight editing and additions by Shqype

Known Issues:
-The current flag decal for Chechnya was not made correctly, and thus will always have a black background (where transparency should be)
--I altered the design to keep the wolf black (as it should be) in order to sidestep this issue
-Currently there are no custom sounds for the Chechen civilization
--They use the default Arabic sounds, because my own ignorance concluded Arabic sounded closest to their language, and I had no candidates for voice acting
--Even the diplomatic music for the leaders is taken from Saladin
-Unique Unit is not visually different than a SAM Infantry, the skin has not been altered in any way (any help is appreciated)

Also, whenever Chechen names were available, I tried to use them as opposed to the Russian.  For this reason the 1st leader, Djovkhar Dudaev, appears
instead of the more popular Dzhokhar Dudayev.  The first 2 cities are also Chechen, with the famous Chechen capital of Grozny renamed to "Djovkhar Ghaala"
(in honor of Dudaev) and Urus Martan replaced with the Chechen "Halha-Marta."

This was done to represent the Chechen people as best as possible, with errors being my own.  Hopefully I will gain a better, more complete knowledge of
Chechnya, preferably by coming across a Chechen, which will better aid me in tweaking this civ.

*Special thanks to TomGruda for his help and support in the creation of this civ*

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