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Hey, we got a Christmas present!

It's one day late, but I am quite sure the email system has the fault :)

Anyway, CSDdab snet in a cool tool he made, for editing maps. The tool is very much like the Atlas Map Generator, but it's not JAVA app )pheew), and it's made for the demo.

Nice anyway! Cheers!



C4DemoMapEditor - Civilization IV Demo Map Editor
                  A C4 map editor utility for DIYers

Ver 1.0 - 23Dec2005
- A map editor for C4 Demo
- Provide a very simple way to view and modify C4 Demo's maps
- It is tested on C4 Demo only
- Don't rely any on it, use it at your own risk! :)
- I don't take any responsibility on any damage or error caused by this program
- The logo image and some icons used by this program are partially taken from C4 demo's 
  Resource directory. They are copyrighted to their holders.
- Don't email me for any support, it is support-freed
- Don't use this program in any way other than editing the C4 Demo's maps

Ver 1.1 - 25Dec2005
- Add Oasis feature
- Add Mountain and Hill plots
- Minor bug fixed on minimap
- Map size and plots are now auto-calculated, grid width/height, top/bottom latitude,
  wrap X/Y, num plots written are no longer needed and will be overrided automatically
- Add hints for map contents
- Several enhancements
- program still needed to be DIYed in most parts

* Comment: Basically I don't recommend you build a new map or modify too many things by
  using this program. If you want to do so, please use Civilization IV's internal provided
  map editor. I myself only treat this program as a treasure-map(:p) 
  Is this another kind of cheat?

(c)2005 CSDDAb
[email protected]

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