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Introducing Dale’s Combat Mod v1.0! Bombard your enemy units, improvements and cities using ranged bombardment, rain terror on the cities and units of your enemies with your cruise missiles and strategic nuclear warheads, play Nuclear Chicken with your super-power rivals with targeted nuke MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) systems, and last but not least, for the first time in the Civilization series, use full combined arms stack attacking to destroy the armies of your enemies!

12 months in development! Alluded to by Firaxians in interviews before Civ IV’s release! The result of an extended discussion between Soren Johnson, Jon Schafer and a number of stacked combat supporters.

The challenge has been met!



What is Dale's Combat Mod?

Disappointed with combat in Civ4 I have undertaken to improve combat in the game. To that end Dale's Combat Mod will include:

- Ranged field bombardment (land and naval) 100% Complete
- True stacked combat with combined arms 100% Complete
- Missiles (units that explode on combat) and tactical nuke units (missiles with nuke ability) 100% Complete
- MAD for nukes (mutually assured destruction) 100% Complete


Currently the mod is released. The current version is v1.0 (11 August 2006).

Features: v1.0

Here is a list of features of the Mod:
Ranged Field Bombardment:
- Bombarding units now able to bombard cities, units in cities, units in the field (and sea) as well as tile improvements
- Units now require two extra flags in Civ4UnitInfos.xml for bombard ability (see below)
- Civ4UnitInfos.xml new flag: bDCMBombard (bool) indicates that this unit can bombard
- Civ4UnitInfos.xml new flag: bDCMBombRange (integar) indicates the range the unit can bombard
- MISSION_BOMBARD updated with new interface for ranged bombarding (similar to AirBomb without overlay)
- AI has full abilities, and DOES make use of this concept!

Combined Arms Stack Attack: (NOTE: animations WILL run in this beta test)
- Stacks now limited to 10 units each which does not include cargo (no tile limit set though)
- Attacking and defending limited to 15 units each (includes transported units)
- True combined arms battles through the use of a virtual tactical map (behind the scenes, no interaction) and a stacked combat simulator
- No more siege collatoral damage (during the battle one siege/ranged unit can attack many units thus replacing collatoral combat)
- Counter-battery fire (bombard vs bombard & ranged vs ranged)
- Flankers now out-flank the enemy to harass bombard and ranged troops
- Ranged and bombarding units combat "from afar" under the cover of friendly melee units
- Air units on carriers and defending cities auto-scramble during the battle
- Battles are not "to the death" anymore, there can be survivors
- Three Civ4UnitInfos.xml flags to indicate a units location in the ranks of the army for combat (see below)
- Civ4UnitInfos.xml new flag: bDCMFlanker (bool) indicates that the unit is a flanking unit during combat (edges of frontline) eg: cavalry
- Civ4UnitInfos.xml new flag: bDCMRanged (bool) indicates that the unit is a ranged unit during combat (second line of combat) eg: archers
- Civ4UnitInfos.xml new flag: bDCMBombard (bool) indicates that the unit is a bombarding unit during combat (third line of combat) eg: catapult
- AI has full abilities, and DOES make use of this concept!

- Units are now able to be missile units which means they will explode (die) on combat
- Missile units are also able to be given nuke abilities like the vanilla ICBM (set <iNukeRange>1</iNukeRange> in Civ4UnitInfos.xml for that unit [see examples at end of xml file supplied])
- Civ4UnitInfos.xml new flag: bDCMMissile (bool) to indicate that the unit is a missile unit
- Missile units resolve combat before regular combat begins
- Three examples are given in the standard version of Dales Combat Mod at the end of the Civ4UnitInfos.xml file (a cruise missile, a tactical nuke, and a nuke infantry unit)
- AI has full abilities, and DOES make use of this concept!

MAD Nukes:
- Nukes can now be pre-targetted against enemy cities while at peace
- Indicator in message panel of how many nukes are incoming and outgoing targetted
- Incoming/Outgoing indicator only shows when you have nukes
- Simply click &quot;nuke&quot; button then click city to target (make sure you're at peace) nuke is now targetted
- If an enemy launches a nuke at you your nukes targetted at that civ's cities will trigger, thus automatically launching before you turn
- AI has full abilities, and DOES make use of this concept!

Stacked combat method:

During a stacked combat battle, the following process is followed:
- Virtual tactical map setup
- Missile units perform attack on enemy plot
- Units from each side split into four rows on each side of the virtual tactical map (air, bombard, ranged, melee)
- Flanking units placed where they can attempt to flank the enemy to harass enemy bombard/ranged units
- Combat rounds process till one side is elliminated (or withdrawn) with air strikes first, bombardment, ranged, then melee combat
- Defender retains initiative by completing their phases of combat first before the attacker. Defender does not receive a melee phase

Installation: v1.0

Please follow these steps to install Dale's Combat Mod: (Delete any existing &quot;Dales Combat Mod&quot; folder from your Civ4\Mods folder)

1. Download the Mod
2. Unzip the Mod to \(Civ4 install path)\Mods\
3. Begin Civ4 then select Advanced then Load a Mod then Dales Combat Mod to run.
4. Game will restart to load the new settings. From this point begin a new game as normal.

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