Europe 1092 AD



This is my first scenario, it's about Medieval Europe the situation at 1092AD. I made this scenario using European Empires 3 mod.

A required mod in order to use this one: http://civilization4.filefront.com/file/;66333



This is my first scenario, it's about Medieval Europe the situation at 1092AD. I made this scenario using European Empires 3 mod http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=144971, you should make sure
you have the Expanded version of EuropaEuropa3 working properly, which you can find in the above link.
Download of 1092AD scenrio available at the link blow (it is compressed with ZIP), than extract the ZIP file in the CIV4 main folder under public maps, (not in the my games folder). U should see a WBS file named Europe 1092AD.
To play start CIV4 in the options enter advanced and load the mod EE3 (u need the expanded version with the unique unit add on), than select single player/play scenario u should see Europe1092AD, select and and play.
First i would like to THANK the people that created such an amzing mod (EE3) Arbitrary Guy and everyone else
aswell as those who created the map and the expansion THANKS. (Firaxis /2K
should hire you guys).
For those of you who will give the scenario a try i would greatly appreciate your comments reagardless of their nature, i would like to improve the scenario using your advice and help since i am a begginer.

NEW VERSION 1.11=> Europe1092AD-V1.11.zip
-Suggested Historically relevant leader names by MRDIE

VERSION 1.10 => Europe1092AD-V1.10.zip
-Rome is the Catholic Holy City
-Venice is the capital of the venetians (used to be Trieste)
-Removed a few buildings from Trieste
-Tried to ad heroes by renaming them in the World builder but it did not work
so now England has a crusader 17 experience points, robin hood (welsh longbow in Englands territory combat1 woodsman and hills defense set to pillage,
William wallace shiltron for scotland 10 exp, plus a few serbian mercenaries for the hungarian (maceman).CAN SOM1 HELP WITH PERMENATLY NAMING UNITS?

NEW VERSION 1.09 => Europe1092AD-V1.09.zip
- Venice is venetian
- New Civ Serbia
- No more Bohemia
- A few extra units to the HRE

VERSION 1.08 => Europe1092AD-V1.08.zip
-Lithuania is now pagan or to be more accurate has no religion

VERSION 1.07 =>Europe1092Ad-V1.07.zip
-HRE is now at war with France, Vatican, Bohemia and Dannemark
-Byzantine at war with Venetian and Ottoman
-Key units received experience (the crusaders, swiss guard and others)

Version 1.06
-Changed some city names
-Vienna is now HRE/ Graz is Venetian/ Zagreb is Hungarian
-Anarchy at start fixed, state religion and civic will be selected at games start
-The HRE si now at WAR with Bohemia, the Vatican is furious towards the HRE
-Some of HRE neighbors are in bad terms with Barbarossa
-Some but not all civs start with various amounts of gold
-Gold trading trhough diplomacy is not working at least for the first turn!!!
(i don't know why?!?!)

Version 1.02
-Welsh Longbow removed from Lithuania
-Justinian should convert to Orthodox now

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