European Empires Mod

A mod based on the European continent. New civs. New religions. New fun.


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A mod based on the European continent. New civs. New religions. New fun.

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Download '' (2.41MB)

Works with Patched and Unpatched versions of the game!

What this Mod does:
-uses Arne's European Map, thank you Arne for an excellent map!
-11 Civs (6 are brand-spanking new)
-New leaderheads (I made them all static for unifomity) and New Flags
-Eurocentric Religions (5 total-Catholicism, Protestantism, Reformed, Orthodox, Islam)
-Unhappiness caused by non-state religions unless civics are Pacifism or Freedom of Religion. (Free Religion no longer disables state religion, it has to be this way for it to work)

Easy to use:
1. Put EuropaEuropa folder in /Mods/ folder & but EuropaEuropa.Civ4WBS file in /PublicMaps/ folder (I'd suggest not using the ones in the My Games folder, but rather the folders in the SM's Civilization IV folder, to prevent any save game loading hassles).
2. Boot up Civ4... start up the EuropaEuropa Scenario and the mod should load automatically. Or: go to advanced->loadmod->Europa Europa. Game will restart, after restart go play->load a scenario->EuropaEuropa.
3. Have fun!?!

The Civs:
All have static leaderheads... for now.
-British Empire, Victoria
-Austrian Empire*, Metternich
-German Empire, Bismarck
-French Empire, Napoleon
-Spanish Empire, Isabella
-Russian Empire, Peter the Great
-Ottoman Empire*, Suleiman the Magnificent
-Swedish Empire*, Gustav
-Italian Empire*, Victor Emmanuel
-Polish Empire*, Jan Sobieski
-Teutonic Order*, Hermann von Salza
*new empire

The Religions:
Each religion has new icons. The Christian Religions share building graphics and founding movies & sounds for now. The Christian Missionary units are differentiable by the type of cross on their Bibles.
-Catholicism (w/ Monotheism)
-Protestantism (w/ Printing Press)
-Reformed (w/ Democracy)
-Orthodox (w/ Alphabet)
-Islam (w/ Code of Laws)

Things to be done in the future:
-New leader traits
-Civics Changes
-Eurocentric Wonders (no more Ankor Wat or Pyramids)
-Add new graphics as they become available
-Starting techs for all civs (didn't want to do that yet due to balance issues)
-New techs to let only Russia discover Orthodox and Ottomans to get Islam
-Unique Units for all civs
-Civ changes, or more civs?
-Make all Great People only European

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