European Middle Ages Resurrection



The European Middle Ages Resurrection Mod is a continuation of the project first started by hr_oskar. The mod details the history of Europe, the near East, and North Africa from about 500 AD to about 1500 AD. The mod is a popular one for scenario makers and can also be played on random maps.



European Middle Ages Mod Resurrection
Version 0.4
By Head Serf, Craig_Sutter, and Drtad

The European Middle Ages team proudly presents our mod focusing on the European Middle Ages, from approximately 500 to 1500 AD. Most aspects of the game have been changed or redone, including a new tech tree, a new civic system, new units, new promotions, new traits, new buildings, new wonders, and several new resources. There is also a highly reccomended medieval music add-on, which definately adds to the medieval feel.

This mod, along with being playable on random maps, is very useable as a kind of "umbrella" mod serving as the base for a whole range of historical scenarios. Currently included with the mod is a standard scenario with a map of Europe and the Near East (55 by 45). Several scenario makers also have made scenarios for use with the mod, including Craig_Sutter's The Viking Age and HolyOne's The Crusades.

For this mod we will try to eventually make available enough assets such as flags, civ leaders, and civilizations, so that every possible medieval scenario can be made.

To install, download the mod and extract the files from the zip. Take the folder labeled "European Middle Ages Mod 0.4" that has a folder named "Assets" immeadiately inside it, and put that into your folder "Mods" in the Civiilzation 4 directory. Copy the WBS (scenario) file and paste it into "Public Maps". Start up Civ4 and click "advanced" and then "load a mod". The European Middle Ages Mod 0.4 should be in the list.

There are 5 religions in this mod, Paganism, Judaism, Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and Islam. Both Judaism and Paganism have very few buildings and wonders, making the Christian and Muslim religions more useful.

The mod is unfinished and therefore many sections of the game may not have much, including the end of the tech tree and a lack of Unique Units.

If you have any questions or problems please post in the thread.

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