Faerun Map (Forgotten Realms) 102x80



There are all 18 playable civs included on the map, with locations that roughly correspond to their FR equivalent cultures. Some of them fit quite well (Egypt to Mullhorand, Spain to Amn) but others are a bit more unwieldy. Specifically, since Kara-Tur is not included, no good cultural equivalent is available for the eastern civs (china, japan, etc.). Also, no Maztica or Zakhara (South America and Arabia, respectively)

Terrain and resource placement are fairly accurate, thanks to the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. Each region listed useful information, such as industry, population, political make up, exports and imports and the like. It's not like the work was already done for me, just the necessary information to reverse engineer a fantasy setting into a civ map.

So, I hope you enjoy my map. If there is any interest, I don't think it would be difficult to modify this map to work with existing mods, specifically FFH (Fall from Heaven). Whatever different resources used in that mod would need to be placed in the wbs file via text editor, because I don't think mapview can graphically work with unsupported resources (reagents, lemons, whatever they use in there). I'd be glad to make the modifications, and maybe move around/change civs as needed, but I'd need to dig into the FFH files to understand what needs doing.


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