Fall From Heaven 2

Fall from Heaven II is a dark fantasy mod for Civilization IV. The Age of Ice has ended, what is left of the once great empires of man have...


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Fall from Heaven II is a dark fantasy mod for Civilization IV. The Age of Ice has ended, what is left of the once great empires of man have formed into small tribes, ready to rebuild and retake that which was lost. But the world is not empty. Hordes of barbarians await these new civilizations. Wild animals stalk hapless scouts and reckless emissaries. Giant spiders lie in patient wait in the jungles and the forests waiting for their prey to take that last, fatal, step.

There is great evil, but also selfless good. There are those who strive to remain neutral in the coming conflict as opposed ideologies break the world asunder once again. The first goal, is survival. The second goal is power, for good or ill. Will you pursue power through strength of arms or arcane studies, through piety or blasphemy? Choose carefully. On each path you will allies, and bitter foes, and the deeper you delve into the secrets of combat, or sorcery, or the divine, the harder it will be to turn back.

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Download 'fallfromheaven2016a.exe' (253.4MB)


1. Dwarven Workers can remove forests.
2. High Priests no longer get Law and Life spheres regardless of their religion.
3. You can now only build pirate coves by water tiles.
4. Hawks work/don't cause python errors.
5. No Upkeep traits are no longer retained after you switch traits.
6. Workers can no longer build roads on water tiles (and other illegal domain issues addressed).
7. Fixed the fireball stutter crossing water tiles (no longer stops and has to be reselected).
8. Werewolves now have their level and xp reset on conversion.
9. No more python errors on the tech screen (fix by Vorshlumpf).
10. Barnaxus isn't alive anymore (so he will be immune to disease, lycanthropy, fear, etc).
11. Bloodpets are now less filling (Vampires +1 movement instead of -1 movement, fix by Maian).
12. Load times reduced from 8-9 minutes to 90 seconds.
13. Unit stacks moving through ancient forests won't get their movement blocked when treants don't spawn.
14. No more overlapping mouseover text (I hope).
15. Rage spell fixed.
16. Kuriotate players can't pick if they want a new city to be a settlement or city in multiplayer games (to keep OOS's from occuring).
17. The Insanity trait will always grant 3 traits (code by Mindlar).


1. Added the Trireme unit.
2. Added the Dragonship unit.
3. Added the Frigate unit.
4. Added the Man O'War unit.
5. Promotions can now modify the cargo capacity of units.
6. Added the Buccaneer promotion (+1 strength, -1 speed).
7. Added the Longshoremen promotion (+1 moves, -1 cargo).
8. Added the Skeleton Crew promotion (+1 cargo, -1 strength).
9. Added the ability for ships to change their crew while in port or pirate coves.
10. Removed the Lanun Galley.
11. Added the Expanded Hull promotion (+1 cargo).
12. Added the Black Wind unit (Lanun hero).
13. Added the Guybrush Threepwood unit (Lanun hero).
14. Added the Gypsy Camp building (created when there is a gypsy wagon or loki in a city other than the owners, -2 gold, -1 culture, -1 GPP).
15. Loki has a 15% of causing unrest in a city other than his own each turn.
16. Loki can flip cities that are low on culture.
17. Removed the Palisades building.
18. Removed the Pyramids wonder.
19. Added the Dwarven Berserker unit (Khazad, art by SeZereth).
20. Added the Dispel Magic spell (Chaos 2, sorcery).
21. Added the ability to apply invisibility via promotions.
22. Added the Forest Stealth promotion (makes the unit invisible when in forests, jungles and ancient forests; requires combat 2 and woodsman 1; only available to recon units).
23. Invisibility doesn't work in the Malakim lands.
24. Added the Core of the Subtle wonder (makes all the civilizations workers invisible when in their civ borders, Deathling).
25. Added the ability to apply Hidden Nationality via promotions (these units attack all units except the players, attacking doesn't cause war).
26. Added the Hidden Nationality promotion.
27. Added the Council of Esus wonder (all units produced in the city start with the Hidden Nationality promotion).
28. Removed the Privateer unit.
29. Removed the Consecrate spell.
30. Added the Griffon unit (can move impassable, +50% vs mounted units).
31. Added the Summon Griffon spell (Life 2, Summoning).
32. Added the Hire Mercenary ability (when in a city a unit with this ability can hire a new mercenary unit for 240 gold; half cost for the Hippus).
33. Added the Wilboman unit (Illians hero).
34. Added the Hyborem unit (Infernal hero).
35. Added the Water Elemental unit.
36. Added the Conjure Water Elemental spell (Water 3, Summoning).
37. Os-Gabella hates men (-4 attitude adjustment to male leaders).
38. Added the Trust spell (Spirit 3, Sorcery).
39. Falamar likes the ladies (+2 attitude to female leaders).
40. The ladies like Falamar (female leaders are +2 to Falamar).
41. Removed the Train Worg Rider ability from goblins, instead they have to defeat a wolf in combat to get upgraded to a Worg Rider.
42. Spell PLE system designed and added by Vorshlumpf (so you can cast spells through the PLE interface).
43. Added the Cannibalize promotion (learnable by Undead with Combat II, heals the unit 10% everytime it kills a living opponent).
44. Removed the Super Settler unit (instead the civs free settler starts with sentry 3, ,mobility 1 and mobility 2).
45. Added the Give Axe ability (allows units to give Orthus's Axe to other units in their stack).
46. Added the Fyrdwell unit, "Elven Deer Rider" (model by AlazkanAssassin).
47. Added the Empower I - Empower V promotions (mini-combat promotions, give +10% each).
48. Added the Pieces of Barnaxus promotion (granted to a unit that defeats Barnaxus).
49. Added the Rebuild Barnaxus ability (allows the Luchuirp to rebuild Barnaxus if they get his pieces back to one of their cities).
50. Added the Bronze Weapons promotion.
51. Added the Iron Weapons promotion.
52. Added the Mithril Weapons promotion.
53. Added the Dragons Hoard unit (if you raze the city with the Dragon's Hoard unit in it you get the Dragon's Hoard unit that can be taken to one of your cities and sacrificed to create the wonder there).
54. Switched to the AI_attackOdds function that is used on Warlords (recommended by TGA).
55. Enlarged the Bronze/Iron/Mithril pilot to cover the Doviello melee units as well.
56. Added the Declare Nationality ability (allows a hidden nationality unit to drop its hidden nationality).
57. Hundereds of new pedia and strategy tags by Nikis-Knight.
58. Added the Chanter unit (Amurite, replaces the assassin, can cast escape).
59. Added the Barrow improvement (random starting improvement, spawns skeletons and other undead until it is eliminated).
60. Added the Ruins improvement (random starting jungle improvement, spawns lizardmen until it is eliminated).
61. Added the Sailors Dirge unit (barbarian hero naval unit, spawns skeletons in its cargo).
62. Added the Hellfire ritual (makes all ashen veil players at peace with the barbarians and breaks all other barbarian alliances, creates hellfire pits all over the world that will spawn demons until they are destroyed).
63. Added the Centaur (kuriotates, replaces horseman, model and skin by White Rabbit).
64. Added the Hellfire spell (Entropy 3, Divine, caster has to be at peace with the barbarians, spawns a Hellfire tile).
65. Added the Sprint ability (centaur only, increases movement by 1 for one turn, causes fatigue).
66. Added the Fatigued promotion (-10% strength, removed when the unit spends 1 turn without moving).
67. Removed the Religion civic category.

Balance changes:

1. Inquisitors don't start with a free promotion anymore.
2. Rebalanced all Naval units.
3. Tsunami flood chance dropped from 100 to 10% (I boosted it for testing and forgot to set it back).
4. Gypsy Wagons can be sacrificed to create Carnivals.
5. Gypsy Wagons no longer add culture to owners cities.
6. Trireme's, Frigates and Man O'Wars can bombard.
7. Galleys and Caravels start with Sentry I.
8. Temple of the Overlords and Temple of the Veil don't get a military production modifier anymore.
9. Weaponsmith and Armorer both give +10% military production modifier.
10. Summon Phoenix can't be cast within 3 tiles of a city.
11. Summoned units no longer require support costs.
12. Treants lost their inherent bonus in forests and gained the woodsmen I and woodsmen II promotion instead (so they could have double move in forests).
13. The Eyes and Ears network can no longer give blocked techs (Arete, Awaken the Ancient's etc).
14. Remove forest also allows the removal of ancient forests (which take 2 times as long to remove an offer +50% the production yield).
15. Loyalty provides +20% resistence vs Charm Person.
16. Gave the Black Wind and the Pirate ship the Hidden Nationality promotion.
17. All Civs given access to build Pirate ships (instead of Priveteers; only the Lanun pirate ships plunder gold).
18. Lanun given +25% ship production in their capital.
19. Brewery dropped from 200 to 140 production cost.
20. Bambur reduced from 7 to 6 strength.
21. Saverous reduced from 8 to 7 strength.
22. Summon Phoenix spell renamed to Restore City and moved from Life 2 Summoning to Law 2 Divine (to take Consecrates place).
23. Mercenaries are now melee units with strength 4, move 1, hidden nationality and captureable.
24. Mercenaries and Magnadine given the Hire Mercenary ability.
25. Mercenaries hired by Magnadine cant be captured by other civs.
26. Ring of Flames: units with vulnerable to fire now take double damage, fire unit combat units take no damage.
27. New Forests spawn instead of normal forests.
28. Workers can't create mana nodes (AI players are excluded from this).
29. Doviello and Orc Axemen can chop forests and jungles with the appropriate techs.
30. Education tech cost increased from 200 to 250.
31. Cartography tech cost reduced from 200 to 175.
32. Masonry tech cost reduced from 200 to 175.
33. Warfare tech cost reduced from 400 to 350.
34. Message from the Deep, Way of the Earth and Way of the Forests cists increased from 400 to 500.
35. Military Strategy tech requires Philosophy instead of Iron Working.
36. Military Strategy tech cost reduced from 800 to 650.
37. Currency tech cost increased from 800 to 900.
38. Constitution tech cost reduced from 1600 to 1400.
39. Feudalism tech cost reduced from 1600 to 1400.
40. Hunting tech cost increased from 200 to 250.
41. Ranger, Harlequin, Hunting Demon and Elven Ranger production costs increased from 120 to 150.
42. Animal Handling tech cost increased from 800 to 950.
43. The Malakim can't build Thieves Guilds (since they can't build Shadows anyway).
44. Ranger, Hunting Demon and Elven Ranger strength reduced from 7 to 6.
45. Harlequin strength reduced from 6 to 5.
46. Extension II now requires the Arcane Lore tech.
47. All animals and Hill Giants are Hidden Nationality. Meaning Barbarian trait civs will be able to fight them now, and subdued ones can be used against enemies without declaring war.
48. Bowyers tech cost reduced from 3200 to 2400.
49. Assassins dropped from 6 to 4 strength.
50. Assassins given the marksman ability.
51. Assassins given the ability to upgrade to Marksmen.
52. Assassins lose their +100% vs melee units.
53. Hill Giants given the Guerilla II promotion (double move and +60% strength on hills).
54. Recon units can learn the Scourge promotion.
55. Gems added to the MapChecker(tm) so now it will make sure there are at least 4 on every map (as long as the map isnt regenerated).
56. All civics rebalanced (thanks Aussie Lurker!).
57. Naturalism civic removed.
58. Religion, Nationhood and Pacifism are all available at the begining. Different leaders start with different builds and fail back to different civics during anarchy.
59. Spellcasters with combat promotions give their spells empower promotions (+10%) instead of comabt promotions (+20%).
60. When Barnaxus has combat promotions he gives other golems empower promotions (+10%) instead of combat promotions (+20%).
61. Barnaxus can't be ressurected.
62. Stoneskin Ogre starts with the Stoneskin promotion.
63. Sacrifice the Weak civic now gives +10% research.
64. Mardero and Sphener start with the Evangelist promotion.
65. Temple of Kilmorph lowered from +3 to +2 gold.
66. Forge dropped from 250 to 100 cost, moved from Smelting to Bronze Working, bonus hammers reduced from +25% to +10% and the happiness from gold and gems removed.
67. Dwarven Smithy no longer replaces the Forge and its production bonus has been droped from +25% to +10%.
68. All 5 Priests lowered from 5 to 4 strength.
69. Druid and Dwarven Druid lowered from 11 to 9 strength.
70. AI trained to build unit producing buildings (one example: if the ai has access to copper in a city and all of the tech requirements it checks all of its cities to see how many training yards it has, if that number isn't high enough it starts building one). That number is tunable in the global defines (defaults to 1).
71. Windmill now gives +1 Hammer with Engineering and +1 Trade with Machinery instead of just +1 Hammer with Machinery.
72. Watermill now gives +1 Hammer with Engineering and +2 Trade with Machinery instead of just +1 Hammer with Machinery.
73. Town's and Villages give +1 Trade with Currency instead of +1 Hammer with Arcane Lore.
74. Flauros is Organized/Financial instead of Organized/Expansive.
75. Mines (Dwarven and normal) give +1 Hammer with the Blasting Powder tech and lose the +1 Trade from the Arete Tech.
76. Lumbermills give +1 Hammer with the Commune with Nature tech.
77. ?
78. Orc Witch Doctors and Orc Shamans given the ability to build Barrows.
79. Skeletons arent animals anymore.
80. Engineering grants a free Great Engineer to the first to discover it.
81. Drama grants a free Great Bard to the first to discover it.
82. Military Strategy grants a free Great Commander to the first to discover it.
83. Writing grants a free Great Sage to the first to discover it instead of granting a free tech.
84. Mercantilism grants a free Great Merchant to the first to discover it.
85. Lunatics now correctly require copper, or iron or mithril instead of copper and iron or mithril.
86. The Apocalypse ritual only kills living units (golem, undead, demons, etc are uneffected by it).
87. Naval units have the ability to learn the Magic Resistance and Fire Resistance promotions.
88. Amelanchier is Defensive/Raider instead of Defensive/Raider/Expansive.
89. Thessa is Arcane/Expansive instead of Arcane/Summoner.
90. Great Sages now prefer to discover magic techs instead of religous techs.
91. Chaos Marauder reduced from 7 to 6 strength.
92. Law Bringer increased from 4 to 5 strength.
93. Blooded Werewolves reduced from 8 to 7 strength.
94. Greater Werewolved reduced from 11 to 10 strength.
95. Duin reduced from 11 to 10 strength.
96. All units iAsset values reviewed (nearly all of them changed). This means players scores will more accuratly depict their progress.
97. All units iPower values reviewed (nearly all of them changed). This means the AI will be better at judging when it has more/less military strength than its opponents.

Cosmetic changes:

1. Removed the debug messages when players switch traits.
2. Expanded Dawn of Man window (based on TheLopez's Dawn of Man modpack).
3. New Hill Giant model by SeZereth.
4. City Hubs no longer show up on the city screen as greyed out build options (they wont show up at all).
5. New Doviello Horseman, Javelin Thrower, Berserker and Battlemaster art by SeZereth.
6. Improved the layout of promotions on the unit pedia page.
7. Added some pics to the hero pedia page.
8. Fixed the pink graphics on Orc Axeman, Rantine, Elven Warrior, Elven Scout and Losha Valas.
9. Added some new soundtracks from Arcana (recommended by Darkedone02).
10. New Assassin model by AlazkanAssassin.
11. New Orthus model by SeZereth.
12. Feature attack bonus's are now displayed correctly in combat odds.
13. New Orc Spearman, Orc Crossbowman, Orc Longbowman and Orc Archer art by SeZereth.
14. New Amurite Warrior, Swordsman, Horseman, Archer, Maceman, Ranger, Pikeman and Firebow art by SeZereth.
15. New models and skins for the Queen of the Line, Man O'War and the Pirate units.
16. Added a Requires attribute for techs, so that mouseover help will show special requirements (like a state religion or the civ requirements on awaken the ancients).
17. Added a Requires attribute for units, so that mouseover help will show special requirements (like a civic requirement).
18. New art for Falamar (discovered and amazingly cleaned up by Grey Fox).
19. Fireballs and Meteors are now deleted after they bombard (instead of sitting around useless).
20. New Illians Warrior, Horseman, Axeman, Maceman, Scout, Hunter, Ranger and Assassain model and skins by C.Roland.
21. bGraphicalOnly attribute added to units and buildings so we can keep objects which are just art changes or system use from being displayed in the pedia.
22. Faeryl gets new leader art to match the new Svartalfar design (white skin with black hair).
23. Improvements pedia tags are now displayed in the pedia.
24. New city building art for the Reliquary, Adventurers Guild, Chancel of Guardians, Grigori Palace, Elohim Palace, Jeweler, Tailor, Bear Totem, Obsidian Gate, Eternal Flame, Ring of Warding, Hippus Palace, Bannor Palace, Hope, Tower of Necromancy, Tower of Divination, Command Post, Wyrmhold, Code of Junil, Basilica and Kuriotates Palace.
25. New art for the Ancient Temple improvement.
26. Added the Khazad Dwarven Warrior (art by AlazkanAssassin).
27. Added the Orc Worker and Orc Settler unit (art by seZereth).
28. Added the Goblin Chariot (model by AlazkanAssassin).
29. Added the Bear Rider unit (Doviello, replaces Knight, model by AlazkanAssassin).
30. New spell effect for the enchantment spells, pillar of fire, entangle, destroy undead, bloom, fire summons, entropy summons, ressurection, water summons, bless, enchanted blade, meteor swarm, life summons, contagion, tremor, spring, vitalize, scorch, sacrifice, spirtual hammer, nature summons, burning blood, charm person and ring of flames.
31. Added the Lanun Swordsman, Worker, Warrior, Scout, Settler, Archer, Hunter, Maceman, Pikeman, Longbowman, Crossbowman, Arquebus, Immortal and Phalanx units (models and skins by Firaxis, conversion by AlazkanAssassin).
32. Gave the Sect of Flies some flies.
33. New Guardsman art by seZereth.
34. New Balseraph Swordsman art by seZereth.
35. New model for the Lifespark unit.
36. Civics entries added to show requirements and special functions on the civic screen.
37. New models for the Wood Golem, Flesh Golem, Arcane Golem, Iron Golem and Nullstone Golem by C.Roland.
38. Added strategy tags to the dawn of man screen for all of the Civs (written by Xuenay).
39. New models for the Bannor Archer, Crossbowman, Demagog, Enforcer, Guardsman, Horsearcher, Horseman, Immortal, Knight, Longbowman and Shieldbearer.

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