Fall from Heaven II

Fall from Heaven II is a dark fantasy mod for Civilization IV. The Age of Ice has ended, what is left of the once great empires of man have...


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Fall from Heaven II is a dark fantasy mod for Civilization IV. The Age of Ice has ended, what is left of the once great empires of man have formed into small tribes, ready to rebuild and retake that which was lost. But the world is not empty. Hordes of barbarians await these new civilizations. Wild animals stalk hapless scouts and reckless emissaries. Giant spiders lie in patient wait in the jungles and the forests waiting for their prey to take that last, fatal, step.

There is great evil, but also selfless good. There are those who strive to remain neutral in the coming conflict as opposed ideologies break the world asunder once again. The first goal, is survival. The second goal is power, for good or ill. Will you pursue power through strength of arms or arcane studies, through piety or blasphemy? Choose carefully. On each path you will allies, and bitter foes, and the deeper you delve into the secrets of combat, or sorcery, or the divine, the harder it will be to turn back.

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Download 'fallfromheaven2020f.exe' (281.05MB)


1. Hawks/Parrots/Ravens can rebase on Rangers on mountains.
2. No more CTD's when Lanun workers build pirate coves (they are now blocked form making coves if other units are in the tile).
3. Rooted units will still cast spells/heal/etc (ie: Acheron will breath fire at anyone who gets close to him).


1. Ability to give units differing Attack and Defense Strengths.
2. Added a Cold damage type (rare damage type either in damage done and resists).
3. Added a Death damage type (unliving units are immune to death).
4. Added a Fire damage type (the most common damage type in effect and resists).
5. Added a Holy damage type (low boosts, but many creatures have negative resistances, hardest type to resist).
6. Added a Lightning damage type (generally lower than fire damage but lightning units get blitz and bonus against units with bronze and iron weapons).
7. Added a Poison damage type (common on assassins and shadows, may have this apply a status effect until the unit is healed. Unliving units are immune to poison).
8. Added a Unholy damage type (high boosts but many units have resistances).
9. Ability to give units strength points of the damage types (so instead of being 13 strength a paladin is 10 strength with +3 point of holy strength).
10. Ability for promotions to modify damage types (so the demon promotion may give +100% vs Unholy, +100% vs poison, +50% vs Death and -50% vs Holy).
11. Promotions given the ability to modify the attack strength percent and defense strength percent seperatly.
12. Promotions given the ability to boost each of the damage types.
13. Added a bAbandon attribute to units (units with this set will abandon the player if their religion or civic prereqs arent met).
14. Added a iPrereqArmageddon attribute to units (minimum armageddon counter amount required to build that unit).
15. Added a PrereqCivic attribute attribute to units (switching to an sdk controlled attribute instead of urrent python process).
16. Added the Dwarven Scout, Hunter, Assassin and Shadow units (art by seZereth).
17. Added the Lightning Elemental unit (Lighting +3).
18. Added the Summon Lightning Elemental spell (Air 2, Summoning).
19. Added the Air I and Air II promotions.
20. Added the Fair Winds spell (boosts the movement and withdrawal of naval units, has a small chance to wear off each turn).
21. Added the Maelstrom spell (Air 3 sorcery, hits all enemy units within 2 tiles with lightning damage).
22. Added the Crush spell (Earth 3 sorcery).
23. Added the Elemental promotion (used to mark elemtals, makes them immune to poison and death magic).
24. Added the Poisoned promotion (applied when a unit with a poison strength damages a living unit).
25. Added the Air Sphere.
26. Added the Planar Gate building (Sheaim only, randomly spawns outer planar creatures).
27. Added the Shrine of Sirona wonder (allows you to heal one unit per turn no matter where they are).
28. Added the Sirona's Touch ability (heals the unit 20%, requires the Shrine of Sirona wonder, can only be used on one unit per turn).
29. Added the Caminus Aureus wonder (+50% military production, places a weaponsmith in all of the players cities).
30. Added the Mokka's Cauldron wonder (raises living creatures that die in the city as undead/demonic creatures of equal power).
31. Added a Favorite Wonder attribute to Leaders (gives a +4 attitude to the player that owns that wonder).
32. Added the Ride of the Nine Kings wonder (+10 mounted xp, grants the moral promotion to all units in the city).
34. Added the Dwarven Hornguard unit (replaces the Knight for the Luchuirp and the Khazad, model by AlazkanAssassin and seZereth).
35. Added the Dwarven Boar Rider unit (replaces the Horseman for the Luchuirp and the Khazad, model by AlazkanAssassin and seZereth).
36. Added the War Tortoise unit (replaces the War Elephant for the Lanun, model by AlazkanAssassin).
37. Added the Giant Tortoise unit (sea animal, model by AlazkanAssassin).
38. Added the ability to spawn water animals.
39. Added the Gorilla unit (model by AlazkanAssassin).
40. Added the Elegy of the Sheaim ritual (Sheaim only, raises the armageddon counter by 3).
41. Added the Hallowing of the Elohim ritual (Elohim only, lowers the armageddon counter by 3).
42. Added the Stigmata promotion (gives the unit a % bonus equal to half the armageddon count).
43. Removed the Summon Tiger spell (Nature 2 sorcery).
44. Added the Poisoned Blade spell (Nature 2 sorcery, adds the poisoned blade promotion to recon units).
45. Added the Poisoned Blade promotion (+1 poison strength).
46. Added the Stephanos unit (armageddon hero, spawns at 60 armageddon count).
47. Added the Buboes unit (armageddon hero, spawns at 63 armageddon count).
48. Added the Yersinia unit (armageddon hero, spawns at 66 armageddon count).
49. Added the Ars Moriendi unit (armageddon hero, raises defeated units as wraiths, spawns at 69 armageddon count).
50. Added the Minotaur unit (Sheaim gate unit, model by White Rabbit).
51. Added the Manticore unit (Sheaim gate unit).
59. Added the Malakim Horseman unit (Malakim only, model by AlazkanAssassin and seZereth).
60. Added ther Nyxkin unit (Svartalfar only, model by AlazkanAssassin and seZereth).
61. Added the Dwarven Chariot unit (Khazad and Luchuirp only, model by AlazkanAssassin and seZereth).
62. Replaced the Bear Rider with the Bison Rider unit (Doviello only, model by AlazkanAssassin and seZereth).
63. Added the CyGame().ReassignPlayer function (allows the player to control a different civ).
64. Added the CyGame().CreateNewPlayer function (spawns a new player).
65. Added the CyGame().ChangePlayer function (changes an existing players civ or leader).
66. Added the Dwarven War Chariot (Khazad and Luchuirp only, model by AlazkanAssassin and seZereth).
67. Added the Sidar Hunter unit (Sidar only, model by AlazkanAssassin and seZereth).
68. Added the Gorilla Cage building.
69. Added the Celestial Compass wonder (+50% on the production of all rituals in the building empire).
70. Added the Burning Sands terrain (Hell desert terrain).
71. Added the Broken Lands terrain (Hell grass terrain).
72. Added the Fields of Perdition terrain (Hell plains terrain).
73. Added the Sea Serpent (sea animal, model by AlazkanAssassin).
74. Added the Mercurian Gate wonder (can only be built after the Infernals have entered the world, creates the Mercurians and allow the player the option of switching to control them).
75. Added the Manes unit (the least of demons, granted in the infernal capital whenever a living "evil" unit dies, can be sac'ed to add population to a city).
76. Added the Smoke improvement (added automatically by events in forests, jungles and new forests, has a 20% + 1/3 the ArmCount chance per turn or turning the tile into Flames).
77. Added the Fallow trait (cities don't change size due to food).
78. Added the Add to City ability (sacrifice the unit to add 1 population to the city).
79. Added the Upgrade to Adept, Upgrade to Scout and Upgrade to Warrior abilities (used for Manes, so I can control when the AI will use upgrades instead of sacrificing the unit to add population to a city).
80. Added 7 versions of the Altar of the Luonnotar (sequence improved by sacrificing Great Prophets).
81. Added the Altar of the Luonnotar victory condition (if the final Altar is created).
82. Added the Angel promotion (gives +20% vs Fire, +50% vs Death, and immunity to holy and poison).
83. Added the Angel unit (Mercurian unit, gifted when a good unit dies).
84. Added the Valkyrie unit (Mercurian t4 unit).
85. Added the Seraph unit (Mercurian t4 unit, art by C.Roland).
86. Added the Mercurian Maceman unit (all upgrades blocked).
87. Added the Angel of Death unit (Mercurian t4 unit).
88. Added the Reaper promotion (if the unit attacks into a city and wins the cities population is reduced by 1).
89. Added the Herald unit (Mercurian t4 unit).
90. Added the Herald's Call spell (grants Burning Blood, Courage, Loyalty and Valor promotions to all liviing units in the tile but kills them at the end of the turn).
91. Added the Revelers unit (Sheaim gate unit).
92. Added the Mobius Witch unit (Sheaim gate unit).
93. Added the Tar Demon unit (Sheaim gate unit).
94. Added the Succubus unit (Sheaim gate unit).
95. Removed the Constitution tech.
96. Removed the Liberty tech.
97. Added the Toads resource (replaces sheep on hell terrain).
98. Added the Sheut Stone resource (replaces cows on hell terrain, gives +1 death, +25% death resistance and -10% holy resistance).
99. Added the Snake Pillar improvement (replaces corn, rice, wheat and banana's on hell terrain).
100. Added the Mercurian Axeman (increased cost).
101. Added the Mercurian Archer (increased cost).
102. Added the Mercurian Hunter (increased cost).
103. Added the Mercurian Horseman (increased cost).
104. Added the Prophecy Mark promotion (increases the armageddon counter by 1 when the unit is created and decreases it by 1 when the unit is destroyed).
105. Added the Armageddon Counter (increase and decrease sounds by Kodzi).

Balance changes:

1. Archers changed to 2 attack and 4 defense from 3 strength, and their city defence lowered from +50% to +25%.
2. Assassins changed from 4 strength to 4 attack strength, 2 defense strength and +1 poison.
3. Berserkers changed from 11 strength with Enraged, to 15 attack strength and 7 defense strength.
4. Chariots changed from 6 strength to 7 attack strength and 4 defense strength.
5. Longbowman changed form 6 strength to 5 attack strength and 6 defense strength.
6. Shield Walls changed from 12 strength with Defensive to 7 attack strength and 18 defense strength.
7. War Chariot changed from 13 strength to 14 attack strength and 11 defense strength.
8. Lots of units modified to give some portion of their strength in the various damage types.
9. Some promotions modified to give damage type boosts instead of percent changes (Bless gives +1 Holy, Flaming Aroows gives +1 Fire, etc).
10. Switched the Tremor spell (Earth 3 sorcery) to the Whirlwind spell (Air 2 sorcery).
11. Bronze Weapons and Iron Weapons give -25% vs Lightning damage.
12. Ring of Flames switched to the new damage model (uses resistances).
13. Pillar of Flames switched to the new damage model (half of its damage is fire damage, for order casters the other half is holy damage, for veil casters the other half is unholy damage).
14. The Heal spell also removes poison.
15. The Hippus start with Air magic instead of Law.
16. The Balseraphs start with Air magic instead of spirit.
17. The Ljosalfar start with Air magic instead of Fire.
18. The Lanun start with Air magic instead of Mind.
19. The Tower of Divination now requires Mind mana.
20. The Tower of Alteration now requires Nature mana instead of Mind mana.
21. The Tower of the Elements now requires Air mana instead of Nature mana.
22. Removed the Sheaim's ability to build Axeman, Pikeman, Maceman, Immortals, Spartiatoi, Berserkers and Shield Walls.
23. Various leaders have had favorite wonders set.
24. Stables no longer require horses.
25. Made the Mercurians playable.
26. The AI will always raze Veil cities if its state religion is the Order.
27. The armageddon counter effects the diplomacy penalty between good and evil civs.
28. Stigmata on the Unborn gives the Stigmata promotion to units produced in the city.
29. Balors reduced from 12 to 11 strength and given the Stigmata promotion.
30. The Flaming Arrows promotion is removed from non-Archer units.
31. The Poisoned Blade promotion is removed from non-Recon units.
32. The Bronze, Iron and Mithril weapons promotions are removed from non-Melee units.
33. The Enchanted Blade promotion is removed from non-Melee units.
34. The Spiritual Hamer promotion is removed from non-Disciple units.
35. Mardero lowered from 15 to 13 strength and given the Stigmata promotion.
36. Removed the Blight project (made into a consequence of the armageddon counter instead).
37. Removed the Hellfire ritual (made into a consequence of the armageddon counter instead).
37. Removed the Apoclypse ritual (made into a consequence of the armageddon counter instead).
38. Removed the Wrath Unleashed ritual (made into a consequence of the armageddon counter instead).
39. Fear now works offensivly (a unit with fear that kills a unit in a tile has a chance to scare away other living units in that tile if its not a city).
40. The Ashen Veil is pushed to all Infernal cities when they are founded.
41. The Infernals are spawned when the Ashen Veil is founded (they start with open borders and a defensive pact with the founding player).
42. When the Infernals spawn the player that founded the Ashen Veil has the option of switching to controling them.
43. Increased the river attack penalty from -25% to -40%.
44. Only good civs can build Paladins, they are no longer restricted by religion.
45. Only neutral civs can build Druids.
46. Only evil civs can build Eidolons, they are no longer restricted by religion.
47. The spring spell puts out Flames within 1 tile.
48. Units without at least 40% fire resistance cant enter tiles with Flames in them.
49. Units with more than 3 points of fire strength have a 20% chance of starting fires in forest/jungle/new forest tiles they pass through.
50. Exploding Fireballs, Meteors and Pyre Zombies have a 20% chance of starting fires (add smoke) in forest/jungle/new forest tiles.
51. Ring of Flames and Pillar of Fire have a 20% of starting fires (add smoke) in forest/jungle/new forest tiles they effect.
52. Units with any Cold strength will automatically remove smoke in tiles they pass through.
53. Living units without a religion have a 10% chance of gaining one of their cities religions (20% if its the state religion).
54. Infernal cities start at 3 population.
55. Evil living units that die are reborn as Infernal Manes.
56. When an evil city is razed half of its population are reborn as Infernal Manes.
57. When a neutral city is razed a quarter of its population are reborn as Infernal Manes.
58. Good AI players will rush Orders from Heaven.
59. Evil AI Players will rush Infernal Pact.
60. Ore model expanded to all Civs.
61. Life mana grants +2 health.
62. Body mana grants +1 health.
63. Mind mana grants +1 health.
64. Spirit mana grants +1 health.
65. Death mana grants -1 health.
66. Disciple units are also affected by the Magic Resistance, Raiders and Defender leader traits. (from RoM)
67. Disciple units can learn the Amphibious, Blitz, City Raider and City Garrison promotions. (from RoM)
68. March requires Combat III or Medic I. Units with March heal 10% extra per turn in enemy territory. (from RoM)
70. Dwarven Hammerfist, Dwarven Soldier and Soldier of Kilmorph lose Guerilla II.
71. Confessor, Stonewarden, Priest of Leaves, Cultist & Ritualist start with Medic I. (from RoM)
72. Medic II heals units in the same tile an extra 10% instead of 20%. (from RoM)
73. Stonewarden loses Demon Slaying I.
75. Priest of Leaves loses Demon Slaying I.
76. Archer of Leaves starts with Woodsman I, but loses Elven. (from RoM)
77. Zealot loses Dwarf Slaying.
78. Cultist loses Demon Slaying I.
79. Savant loses Elf Slaying. (from RoM)
80. Fire Elementals start with +1 strength if they are summoned on Flames tiles.
81. High Priest loses Demon Slaying I. (from RoM)
82. Paladins start with Medic I. (from RoM)
83. Lanun Phalanx starts with Boarding. (from RoM)
84. Courtesan starts with Taskmaster. (from RoM)
85. Brujah starts with Channeling I and II, Sorcery, Body I and Death I. (from RoM)
86. Doviello Berserker starts with Shock I and Trainer. (from RoM)
87. Disciples of Leaves and Priest of Leaves have a 25% chance of being elven.
88. Thane of Kilmorph and Stonewardens have a 25% chance of being dwarven.
89. Reduced the cost of Orders from Heaven and Infernal Pact from 1600 to 900.
90. Returned the defensive modifer from culture from 25/50/75/100/125 to the default values of 20/40/60/80/100.
91. Warscript: Evil leaders who aren't at war will try to kill off weak players.
92. The Sanctify spell removes all hell tiles within one tile radius.
93. Sacrifice the Weak halves the food consumption per population.
94. Mounted units now get the Combat I promotion for free with the Aggressive trait. (from RoM)
95. Mounted units are also affected by the Raiders trait. (from RoM)
96. Mounted units can learn Cover II. (from RoM)
97. Camel Archer starts with the Nomad promotion. (from RoM)
98. Krakens gain Hidden Nationality.
99. Increased the Settler cost (for all civs) from 125 to 160.
100. Cassiel won't found religions anymore.
101. Hyborem switched to Fallow, Creative, Barbarian and Summoning traits.
102. "Lesser towers" build costs decreased from 1000 to 800.
103. Tower of Mastery build cost decreased from 5000 to 4000.
104. Great Bards can be sacrificed to build the Song of Autumn, not Great Prophets.
105. Great Sages can be sacrificed to build the Stigmata on the Unborn, not Great Prophets.
106. Sand Lions start with the Stigmata promotion if they are summoned on Burning Sands tiles.
107. Spirit Guide now passes half of the dying units experience to a random unit of that civilization (regardless of location).
108. Barbarians don't pay unit upkeep costs.
109. Disciples are granted whenever a religion founding tech is learned, even if you aren't the first to learn it.
110. Sacrifice the Weak civic moved from Corruption of Spirit to Infernal Pact.
111. Rosier moved from Infernal Pact to Corruption of Spirit.
112. Giant Spiders reduced from 4 strength to 3 strength + 1 poison.
113. The Republic civic requires Taxation instead of Constitution (from Sureshots mod).
114. The Liberty civic requires Mercantilism instead of Liberilism (from Sureshots mod).
115. Trade requires Horseback Riding instead of Cartography (from Sureshots mod).
116. Golem Mastery requires Machinery instead of Constuction (from Sureshots mod).
117. Alchemy now requires Knowledge of the Ether.
118. Meshabber can only be built in the Veil holy city.
119. Infernals start with a free Mage Guild, Training Yard, Elder Council, Forge and Obsidian Gate.
120. Inflation reduced by 20% in all but the highest difficulty levels.
121. When the AI goes to choose a tech it will no longer factor in improvements that tech allows if that improvement isnt buildable by its workers (so non-Khazad players don't count dwarven mines, etc).
122. The Prophecy of Ragnarok adds the Prophecy Mark promotion to all units produced in the city.
123. Axemen now get +10% vs cities instead of +25% vs melee units.
124. BAsium can't switch to the Ashen Veil as his State Religion.
125. Hyborem can't switch to any religion except the Ashen Veil.

Cosmetic changes:

1. New art for the Crown of Akharien.
2. Added a warning message if you try to change a civic that will cause units to abandon you.
3. Added a warning message if changing your State Religion will cause units to abandon you.
4. New models for Yggdrasil and the Infernal Grimoire.
5. Both players notified if disease or plague is transferred during combat.
6. New Ogre model by seZereth.
7. You can correctly select Fishing techs if you don't have Exploration (no longer bugged by Seafaring).
8. Players are warned when any player completes the 5th or 6th (divine or exalted) stages of the Altar of the Luonnnotar.
9. Players are warned when any player is able to start the Tower of Mastery.
10. New Stoneskin Ogre model by seZereth.
11. New Valin model by C.Roland.
12. New Tech tree layout by Sureshot.
13. German translation of most of the in game text (provided by Kontrollator, Camillo, SiLL, Stecki, bersercare, darklor, JeWnS, Muschelsucher, Annihilat0r and Amazeroth).
14. Switched the Allowed text on spell promotions to use text strings (so it can be translated).
15. New Ogre Warchief model by seZereth.
16. New Hyborem model by Ploeperpengel.


1. Added the WarScript.
2. Basium will declare war on ashen veil civs.
3. Hyborem will attack the weakest player he doesnt like.
4. The Ljosalfar are likely to declare war on the Svartalfar.
5. The Svartalfar are likely to declare war on the Ljosalfar.
6. Dogpile function added (an AI leader may go around and request other ai leaders join him against an enemy).
7. The Elohim won't start dogpiles or join in dogpiles.
8. The Balseraphs randomly decide when to join dogpiles.
9. Civs (that dont have a positive attitude toward the builder) will dogpile a civ that is building the Tower of Mastery.
10. Evil civs will dogpile a civ that has the 5th or 6th piece of the Altar of the Luonnotar.
11. The Doviello will attack the weakest player they dont like.

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