Feudal Japan - Sengoku-Jidai



There are seven playable factions (taken from S:TW), and lots of barbarian cities to add to your clan. You start off around the beginning of the medieval period, so it will take you a bit of research to reach feudalism, civil service and machinery in order to bring out the Samurai and Longbowmen.



Right now the whole scenario is included only in the .WBS file - I haven't messed around with any .XML files - so there may still be some work to do. Things that could be added by editing the .XML files (and other assets) and creating an actual mod:

Easy (I could do, once I am more familiar with how all the .XML files are arranged):

-Remove the ability to build settlers: all cities are pre-placed, and razing is turned off, my intention was that the players would not settle their own cities. However, in my last game I only noticed the AI building three or four cities in total, so not a huge deal right now.
-Create a better fix for religion. Everyone is Buddhist, since that's what made the most sense to me, but to prevent more religions from being founded I have banished all of the holy cities to "Mystery Island" in the middle of the sea of Japan - even the Buddhist holy city (I had wanted to make Kyoto the HC, but once you built the wonder there, you got an instant 30-40 gold per turn from it - a little un-balancing).

Moderate (I should be able to do with some work, but might not have the time):

-Some new buildings, more Japanese themed buildings for example, taking some ideas from the Civ III scenario. One idea I had was for more buildings that add XP to your troops - just like you could constantly improve them in S:TW.
-Custom tech tree.
-Re-instate the diplomatic victory somehow, probably though a wonder.

Hard (that I definately can't do!):

-More appropriate unit graphics
-Custom flags - and perhaps something like the "flag" leader heads from "Sengoku - Sword of the Shogun", rather than 7 identical Tokugawas.

Those are just some ideas for what to do with it next, however, the scenario is complete right and and playable (as complete as it can be from just using the WorldBuilder). I'm pretty happy with it, and I hope some people give it a try and enjoy it too.

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