Final Fantasy VII Map



Hi all, This is my first map for Civ4.

UPDATE (1.1): I added two more civs to the map: *Cosmo Canyon-led by Bugenhagen *AVALANCHE-led by Barret (capital at Fort Condor) Changed Jenova to Ifalna. I also tweaked the terrain and resources, and added goody huts.

Original Post: I've noticed that most final fantasy maps are pretty large, but I made this one on a small map, because the final fantasy worlds always seem pretty small and there isn't much cities in them. I hope the resources and start areas are not too imbalanced. Since there is no swamp terrain in CIV, the swamp area is jungle/tundra (it kind of looked like it could be swamp). (The mapview preview doesn't show all the resources.) Because the game starts in the ancient era, I thought it would be fun to have the Cetra/Ancients as a playable civ. There are only four civs on the map: -The Cetra: led by Jenova (I know Jenova isn't one of the Cetra, but she did look like one, and she tricked the Cetra into following her for a bit) -Wutai: led by Godo -Corel: led by Dyne -Shinra Company: led by President Shinra

I don't mod, so the civs are just renamed versions of normal civs. To play, download, unzip, and place the WBsave file in your Publicmaps folder.


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