Fission Fallout (vB095)



This is a simple six player "Gold Rush" style map. There are 2 main islands with 3 players starting on each, the teams are not set however and it is up to the player to decide how he/she handles the other civilizations diplomatically. Each civilization starts off on a similar footing with all the essential resources (Iron, Horses,Oil etc) as well as plenty of production, food and commerce and a few local tribes people. The islands in the centre contain "optional" resources, but ones that can provide a significant advantage however. The main island contains the only Uranium and Aluminium on the map. So he/she who controls these resources gets access to nukes and the high end tank and planes. There is enough space on this central island for 2/3 settlements, it is up to the players involved who you share it with, if any. The outer, smaller islands contain special resources like Ivory (for War Elephants) and Coal (for the Ironclad). They also contain the only Stone and Marble on the map essential if you want to get those wonders building quickly. Thus these outer islands will be the main focus for the earlier stages of the game. It goes without saying then that this is a map that rewards a more agressive approach to play. It is also one that requires some thought and strategy from the player as many of the starting locations have their own strategic bonuses or weaknesses.


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