Foundations of Empire



The great empires of the West were built on more than just dreams. Systems of control and domination had to be developed before one ruler could sit on his or her throne and exercise what the Romans would come to call “impero” --- the ability to command, without question, every aspect of human life. Through trial and error and bold experimentation, from the warlord monarchies of the Mycenaeans, to the two kings of the Spartans, to the absolute power of the Pharoanic state and the empires of Pericles and Alexander, the road to total power was neither direct nor obvious. Innovation, ingenuity, and imagination all came to bear before human beings could rule over others absolutely and without question.

In “Foundations of Empire,” you will re-live the rise of authority from its earliest roots in oligarchies, citizen assemblies and democracies. You will transform it into the tools of sprawling realms by building senates, imperial courts, legislative councils and dungeons. Guide the great powers of the Eastern Mediterranean as they expand their realms and consolidate power by experimenting in a wide range of ancient forms of government. From 1500 BC to the dawn of the Romans in 200 BC, the Eastern Mediterranean was the cradle of imperial experimentation in the West. You will lead the Mycenaeans, the Aegyptians, the Phoenicians, or the Trojans as they lay the foundations of absolute power as it is still practiced today.

FEATURES: - Five playable civilizations: The Mycenaeans, the Aegyptians, the Phoenicians, the Minoans, and the Trojans. - Revised tech tree with many new advances to research and implement, such as Imperial Roads, Dual Monarchy, and Maritime Trade. - Numerous reskinned units including Spartan Hoplites, Indus War Elephants, and Companion Cavalry. - Seven new religions, including Greek rationalist movements like Platonism and Socratic Method. - Re-named civics that include Pharonic State, Spartan Agoge and Citizen Assembly. - A new musical score from other, well-loved historical games, that can be downloaded separately.




1. Download “Foundations of Empire” here and unzip:
2. Place the WB file entitled “Foundations of Empire” into your “Public Maps” folder.
3. Place the “Foundations of Empire” folder into your “Mods” folder
4. As an additional bonus, download the new soundtrack (150 MB) and unzip.
5. Place the “Sounds” folder into Mods/Foundations of Empire/Assets.
6. To play, select “Foundations of Empire” from the Single Player/Scenarios menu.

Here's a sample of the re-skinned units, from left to right:
- Indus War Elephant
- Macedonian Spear
- Penteconter
- Spartan Hoplite

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