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Only a few days, we received Junuxx's newest utility, the GameSpeed Tuner.

It had a life of only 2 days, because of the new patch. Before I got time to even use it, it was obsolete, and ruined the game.

So here is version 1.1.

There are no big changes, except support for the new game speed.




			~      Readme for Gamespeed Tuner 1.1     ~

Gamespeed Tuner allows you to change many of the settings for the Quick, Normal and Epic speeds in a breeze.
Make your own gamespeed, without messing with the XML!

You can edit the cost of units, buildings and research, the number of barbarians,
the severity of influation, et cetera. I grouped some of the less interesting settings 
together under 'General'.

**Installation and requirements**
All you need for this program to run is the Java Runtime Environment 1.5.0. If you don't have it, get it at http://java.sun.com .

All you have to do is placing GameSpeedTuner.jar and the backup file in the folder Assets\XML\GameInfo
Double click GameSpeedTuner.jar to start the program.

**Note**: If this brings up winRAR, you need to start the program by pressing the right mouse button on GameSpeedTuner.jar, select 'Open with' and choose 'Java(TM) 2 Platform..."

Gamespeed Tuner is freeware. I hope you like it. Comments are always welcome! 

Happy Civving!

Junuxx, 22 Dec 2005
[email protected]

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