Lost Wonders Mod



Well this mod is great it introduces new factions and new promotions which really add a boost and a whole new level to the game this is a must get mod, it stands out from the rest by just the amount of units it actually brings in read the readme for the full list of changes.



New Units 

(Note: Most units have just a different skin and not a new model) 




-Tank Mark V 


-Privateer (Special: Will be captured instead of destroyed) 

-Ship of the Line 

-AEGIS Cruiser 



-Commando (Special: Unit can move through impassable terrain) 


-Modified Mechanized Infantry 

-Modified Cavalry 

-Strike Fighter (Special: Unit can destroy ground units) 

New Religious Special Units 




-Ruji Savant 

-Chi Savant 

-Siddha Monk 


-Aman Spy(Special: Unit can move through impassable terrain and flat movement 


New Promotions: 



Just a placeholder for the hint that you can build these units only with the 

specific state religion. 

-Sentry II 

exclusive promotion for the AEGIS cruiser. 

Additional Modifications: 


-Changes of the availability for ships 

-Increased production cost for Carrier (requires Uranium) and Battleship 

-New textures for the cavalry (additional upgrade to the modern armor) 

-New textures and modifications of the Mechanized Infantry 

-The original Mechanized Infantry was modified to the IFV 

-Removed Navy SEALS, new unique unit of america is the US Cavalry.

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