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Added a neat mechanic that I can re-use later: Instead of being obsoleted, buildings can "morph" from one form to another. This is used to...


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Added a neat mechanic that I can re-use later: Instead of being obsoleted, buildings can "morph" from one form to another. This is used to give breweries a limited +1 health until Medicine, when they are "transformed" into a similar building. Also, buildings can be demolished. Hit "ctrl-D" while in the city detail screen, pick one from the drop down list, hit "okay", and poof, the building is gone. This is meant for casinos and jails when they're not needed, and for the one per 3 city buildings and national wonders so they can be relocated if circumstances change.

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=== Mylon Mod 0.28 ===

The idea of this mod is big cities, more meaningful cultural clashes, and somewhat slower gameplay to make for more interesting battles.

=== Installation Instructions ===
	To install, extract the contents into your mod folder.  Make a shortcut to the "Mylon Mod.bat" file in the mods folder to anywhere you like and run that when you'd like to play this mod.

=== General Changes ===

	Resources are much more important now.  Strategic resources give a +5% production bonus and food resources give a +5% food bonus.  All of the food resource enhancing buildings give a further +5% food.
	Culture works much differently.  Cities produce culture according to their nationality.  This means border cities will be less effective at pushing back the borders of a rival nation and the inner cities are what keep the border city's "pure" so that they can push the borders back. Also, trade spreads culture, so this provides another means of spreading one's culture far and wide.  Note that trade with your own nation only generates half as much culture as trade with foreign nations, so it's not as effective at reinforcing your own culture.  Also, religion spreads culture for the holy city founder.  Spreading a neighboring civilization's religion and building buildings for that religion may be detrimental to the cause.
	Lots of new buildings, new technologies, and other additions.  Cities can now build sewer systems, museums, military academies, parks, city monuments, a repeatable +5% food or +5% industry buildings, and more.  There's a new tech, terraforming, which can make all land slightly more useful.  It's a very slow and expensive process to perform.  Also, inquisitors which remove non-state religion and also travelling performers which allow a civilization add a little extra cultural influence here and there.
	A few balance changes.  Techs are now considerably slower and city maitenance costs have been increased.  One of the goals is to remove inflation totally and instead make regular expenses fill this role.  Civilizations should still be founding cities even later in the game as their economy permits.  A few other tasks have been slightly lengthened to regard this change and the extra production as well.

=== Release Notes ===

	Currently the game is not very balanced.  I may make some general wide sweeping balance changes, but that's just a way to kind of set the mold to how I want the game to be.  Some of the changes of this mod have some pretty wide-spread effects, which is the intent, though it makes balacing a long process that has to be restarted each time a fairly major change is made.
	The code is in place (but commented out) to give a gold bonus as a function of luxury resources.  I'm not quite sure if I want to do this, give extra culture from excess happiness, or both.  Happiness is already rewarded with a chance for maitenance reduction (though excess happiness is not rewarded).

Known bugs:
+The bonus food occurs after the check for city growth.  It is possible to have a city with 21/20 food, for example.  This delays growth by one turn.  It is expected that production is the same way.
+The formula for calculating turns until growth still does not correctly register in the event that the amount of food needed is a multiple of the surplus food.  Technically this works with the bug above to show an accurate turns for growth most of the time.  The forumla is:
(GrowthThreshhold - CurrentFood) / FoodSurplus, if FoodTurnsLeft % 1 != FoodTurnsLeft += 1, int(FoodTurnsLeft)
+Production is being more difficult to work out.  I put the bonus production number on screen, but my attempts to calculate the number of turns left has caused errors, so it's not in at the moment.
+A city will report its borders as expanding twice, sometimes more.  This is because culture is assigned the usual way (I don't think it can be stopped), then removed, and added again according to the new cultural model.
+Terraformed Tundra is spawning when the map is generated.  This is curious since none of the other terraformed terrain types spawn.

=== The change Log ===

--- 0.28 Changes ---
+ (New) Added the ability to destroy buildings.  Credit goes to TheDarkside and tywiggins for their work on this mod.
+ (New) New building: Casino.  +20% commerce, -1 happiness.  Base cost 200.  +1 merchant slot.  Requires Liberalism.
+ (New) New Building: Brewery. +2 happiness, +1 health until Medicine.  Base cost 120, requires Pottery.
+ (Change) I removed the culture from Banks and District Banks and changed Markets to +5%.  It just seems better that way.
+ (Change) Trade routes are now considered exports.  During a city's turn, culture is given out to the trade route cities, as opposed to culture being recieved based on trade routes.  This should resolve any issues with asymmetrical trade routes, at the cost of a bit of rounding error.
+ (Change) Travelling performers are now a national limit of 3.  They weren't quite as devastating as I thought.
+ (Change) Town Hall changed to a base cost of 60 to make it more affordable.  Also, District Courthouse now has a base cost of 180.  This makes the progression 60, 120, 180.
+ (Change) Malls now give +2 happiness, up from +1.
+ (Change) Artists give 1 gold now, down from 2.  Great artists only give 2 gold.
+ (Change) Jails now give -5% culture.
+ (Change) Theaters, Colosseums, Musems, and Broadcast towers have been returned to their previous +happines/culture rate value.  Theater: 10%, Colosseum +15%, Museum +20%, Broadcast Tower +10%.
+ (Fix) I disconnected the text files from the original ones and didn't copy over the new missionary entries.  I also added entries for the new terrains.
+ (Fix) The technologies that weren't working with the proper prerequisites should be fixed now.
+ (Note) The computer _really_ loves to build the Automated Assembly Plants.  I think it's programmed to give priority to any +production building, regardless of how large the bonus is.  This deserves further study to see if the computer is building anything else, such as a military, or avoiding it in favor of the + production.  If not, it would be easy enough to remove the advertising of the effect but leave the effect in.
+ (Note) I've seen the computer use Travelling Performers.  That it uses them at all is a good sign.

--- 0.27 Changes ---
+ (New) Citizens now generate 2 culture per point of population.  Buildings now provide +% to culture instead of +culture.  The exception to this is wonders and cathedrals.  I'm not yet sure if artists should be changed to reflect this.  The general rule of thumb is +1 culture from the old model now grants +5% culture through the new model.
+ (New) New Building: District Bank.  +40% gold, +1 merchant specialist slot, cost 300.  Requires 3 banks.
+ (New) New Building: Automated Assembly Plant.  +5% production, can be built more than once.  Requires Robitcs and costs 600 base.
+ (New) New Unit: Travelling Performer.  National unit, limit of 1.  Generates 10 culture/turn in the city it's stationed, multiplied by that city's culture modifier.  Can be used to raise the ethnicities of cities at home or convert enemy cities.  Has the AI tag of "spy", so hopefully the computer will build them, run it off to a foreign city and just sit there.  150 base cost.
+ (New) New Building: Library of Congress.  National Wonder.  +50% research, +4 culture. +2 scientist specialist slots.  Reqires Mass Media, 6x library.  Cost: 400.
+ (Change) Hydroponics Farms ought to advertise the +5% food they give now.
+ (Change) Forges, Factories, and Ironworks all add 1 extra engineer slot now.
+ (Change) Museums now add +2 Artist Slots.
+ (Change) Settlers and Workers have had their cost lowered considerably (-50%).  This helps with the slower city growth in early game and the increased unit costs.  Number of cities should be limited to the ability to afford the maitenance costs, not the ability to produce the units.
+ (Change) Maitenance costs for number of cities raised to 3x. (Up from 2x).  Maximum cost is 5x previous value (up from 3x).  Again, a civilization will need a strong economy to support a large empire.
+ (Change) Culture from trade now follows the same favoritism as the city's own culture.
+ (Change) Some buildings now affect culture where they didn't previously.  Market, Harbor, Airport all add +10% culture.  Bank, Grocer +5% culture.  Hermitage is +4 culture to make up for the culture modifier "dilution".  Three Gorges Dam +6 culture.  Pentagon +4 culture.  National Park +15% (instead of +5%).  Cathedrals are +2 culture, in addition to the +50%.
+ (Note) Obelisks and Monastaries retain their +culture bonuses.  The commerce modifiers would be obsoleted with the building.  Note that cultural buildings don't become stronger with age, which is probably for the best since they rarely got built anyway.
+ (Note) Mixed cities will complain about wanting to join their motherland.  This is an odd side-affect of mixed cities, though I actually like it.
+ (Fix) Indian Fast Workers should be able to terraform and plant trees, now.
+ (Fix) Workers were made to be slower in the last patch instead of making cottages slower to grow.  Fixed.

--- 0.26 Changes ---
+ (New) New bonus resources added.  Credit goes to Byrjw for his mod.  Resources: Pearl (happiness), Salt (health and, of course, food :) ), tobacco (happiness), and Coffee (happiness).
+| (Changes from original bonus resources) Salt's health bonus is given with the grocer instead of the market and all of the happiness bonuses are given to the market.  All of the old bonuses have been reset to their original configurations.
+ (New) Terraforming has been added!  Each plot of land can be terraformed by one step into an "improved" plot of land.  Terrain types will still retain their original priorities.  Most terraforming operations provide +1 food and +1 commerce.  Peaks are still unusable.  Water tiles are unchanged.  Terraforming requires 5000 worker time units (roads requrie 200) and is revealed by it's own tech, Terraforming.own tech, Terraforming, which is in turn revealed by Ecology.  This will destroy any existing improvement, and is not supposed to be easily done to the entire map.
+ (New) Tree nurseries added.  Requires guilds and being worked for 40 turns to turn into a full forest.
+ (Change) Reworked the formulas for the cultural model.  The original civiliation wasn't getting favored as it should.  Also, the formula is now 40% guranteed owner culture rate generation.
+ (Change) Workshops changed to +2 production.  They should be more useful now.
+ (Change) Cities now gain +250 free plot culture for the city plot and +200 free culture for adjacent tiles, up from 2 and 1 respectively.  This'll give cities more time to establish themselves before a foreign influence, like a religion, can strangle the city.
+ (Change) Broadcast Tower is +1 happiness per 15%.  Unadvertised 0.22 change.
+ (Change) The limit of missionaries is now only 2 per religion.

--- 0.25 Changes ---
+ (New) The promised cultural model should finally be working now.  This means culture should be a lot more widespread.  Also, plot culture works differently.  It's now assigned at the rate of 0.75 ^ (distance beyond 3x3 grid) + 1.  This should prevent the situation of one civilization having a level or more of culture than the city owner getting a +20 or greater bonus to plot culture and further taking over the city.
+ (New) According to the new cultural model, religious buildings now generate +1 culture for the owner of the holy city.  A city with a foreign religion and the 3 religious buildings will generate 4 culture (multiplied by the city's cultural modifier).
+ (New) Inqusitors added!  If you don't like a civilization giving you their religion, or your holy city has fallen into enemy hands, you can send inquisitors to remove religions from a city.
+ (Change) Cities are now favored to their owner nation differently.  Cities generate culture at a rate of 0.2 + 0.8 * Nationality%, so at worst it generates at 20% nationality.  The bonus gets larger as the city gets more mixed.  Foreign culture is according to nationality% - 0.2 * Nationality% ^ 2, so at best foreign culture generates at 80%, but this penalty is smaller at lower percentages.

--- 0.22 Changes ---
+ (New) New Building. District Court House.  -20% maitenance, +1 culture, requires Courthose.  Cost 200.  Unadvertised 0.21 change.
+ (Change) Military units now cost a base of 4 gold per to maintain, up from a cost of 1.  This should cut down on the size of militaries, especially in late game.  The number of free units has not been changed, and this mod does make for bigger cities, so this change should only cut down on excessively large armies.
+ (Change) Military units are now cheaper to upgrade.  The base cost has been lowered to 20 from 25.
+ (Change) Some speed changes.  Units now cost +15%, buildings +25% (up from +15%).  More population means more engineers/priests, which in turn means buildings can be built faster.  Epic has been changed mostly to it's original values, except for building and unit training.  Towns now take +25% more turns to grow.  Normal game speed tweaked a bit to give roughly 20% more turns.
+ (Change) Priests now provide 2 gold.  Artists provide 6 culture.  All great specialists +2 culture, Great Priest 6 gold.  Great Artist 8 gold, 2 research, 16 culture (after +2), Great Scientist 10 research, Other values have not changed.
+ (Change) All financial buildings are now +20% gold increments.  Grocer, Market, Bank, Internet Backbone, Mall +20%, +40% for bank.
+ (Change) Coloseum is now +1 happy per 20% again.  Museum is +1 per 25%.  Theater is +1 per 15%.  This ought to encourage a higher culture rate, which in turn will slow down tech a bit.
+ (Change) The Internet now requires 3 civilizations to have a tech before it becomes free.
+ (Cange) City Maitenance has been doubled.  More cities will cripple a civilization's economy.  Maximum cost of city maitenance has been tripled.  Ideally, civilizations will still be founding cities in later eras as it becomes economically affordable.
+ (Change) Military Academy is now +2 culture.
+ (Change) Cultural levels are now in powers of 5, starting at 50.  Goes to 250, 1250, 6250, 31250, 156250.  This might fix cultural victory, given how many buildings now give culture.
+ (Fix) Internet Backbone did not have the commerce modifier advertised.  Fixed.  Except now it's +20%, in line with above change.

--- 0.21 Changes ---
+ (New) More new buildings.  First is Sewer System.  Cost 200, requires aqueduct, requires civil service, +2 health.
+ (New) New Building.  Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Cost 250, requires Sewer System, requires industrialism.  +2 health.
+ (New) New Building.  Townhall.  Cost 120, -20% to city maitenance, +1 culture.  Prerequisite for a Courthouse.
+ (New) New Building.  Mall.  Cost 250.  +25% gold, +2 merchant slots, +1 happiness, +2 culture.
+ (New) New National wonder.  Internet Backbone.  Requires that internet has been built. +2 global happiness, +50% global culture happiness, +25% global gold, 1 of each specialist slot for founding city, +2 great engineer person rate.  Cost 750.
+ (New) New Building.  Hydropnics farm.  Cost 400, requires Ecology. +5% food yield.  Can be built more than once.  This is accomplished by replacing the building with a specialist which says does nothing, but it's managed with the rest of the bonus food.  It says it provides a +1 bonus to health, but this encourages the AI to build it.
+ (Change) Courthouse is now -20% maitenance.
+ (Change) Banks now add 1 merchant slot.
+ (Change) Space elevator now gives 6 culture.
+ (Change) Tech costs re-tweaked.  It's now +25% medieval, +50% Renaissance, +75% industrial, +100% modern, +125% future.  This is in addition to the 1.08 patch changes to technology.  Also, the base cost of Crop Rotation has been lowered to 400.
- (semi-Disabled) Trade routes now are a means of spreading culture.  Cities spread culture via trade according to their nationality at the rate of their culture generation at a percentage proportional to the trade value.  Culturally strong cities will spread their culture better.  Large trade values cities will spread their culture better.  Mixed cities will spread mixed culture.
- (semi-Disabled) Religions now generate culture for the nationality of the holy city owner.  This is at a base of 1 point per religion.

--- 0.20 Changes ---
+ (New) New cultural model!  Cities now generate culture according to their nationality.  Cities get a ~5% boost in culture generation for their owner and generate at ~95% of the nationality for foreigners.  This means that culture is much more important than only border cities.
|+ To elaborate, a city of 25% foreign nationality and a culture rate of 100/turn will produce 78 culture per turn for it's owner and 23 culture for the foreign civilization.  This foreign culture will influence tiles around the city and eventually reach cities further inside your borders.  I'm not sure how this will affect conquered cities out of reach of your borders.  I presume they will eventually take over the city cuturally, but it will be a slow process and the city may loose it's revolt immunity beforehand.  Cities also generate an additional 1 culture per turn for their owner nation (this is not multiplied, by anything, so it should not pose a threat to cultural civilizations), and at least 2% of culture generated for their owner nation.per turn for their owner nation.
|+ (Hint) If a city drops below 47% culture, further culture generation will not help this city much.  If you wish to keep this city from revolting, build the culture rate of other nearby cities.
+ (New) New bonus food model.  The old model favored more, smaller cities (aka, ICS) due to smaller cities having a larger health maragin, and thus getting more bonus food.  The new model is +5% per food resource and an additional +5% if the complimenting building is also built.  Unfortunately this model does not yield infinitely sized cities like the health model did.
+ (New) New Building: Park.  +1 happiness, +1 health, +1 culture.  Base cost of 120, requires Philosophy.
+ (New) New Building: National Park.  +1 Happiness, +2 health, +4 culture.  Base cost of 250.  Requires Nationalism.  Requires 3x park per.
+ (New) New Building: National Monument.  +1 Happiness, +4 culture.  Base cost of 200.  Requires Nationalism.  Requires City Monument x3 per.
+ (Change) Crop Rotation now yields +2 health.
+ (Change) Merchants now yield 1 food, great merchants 2 food.  Artists and great artists get +2 and +5 commerce respectively.  Scientists yield 4 beakers.  Engineers get +1 beaker.
+ (Change) Removed the state religion requirement of missionaries and the technology requirement of higher clergy.  The former was unintended and the latter only clutters getting the Priesthood tech.  The unit limit for missionaries is now 2.  The higher clergy fills the need for the 3rd slot.
+ (Fix) The Crop Rotation should have a quote now.  Just a copy of Agriculture, but at least it's something.
+ (Fix) While producting an item with food the bonus food was showing up twice in the city production screen in the extra food and bonus production.  This was a display problem only, but fixed.
+ (Fix) I accidently changed Barracks exp instead of Military Academy exp.  Barracks are now 4 exp again and Military Academies are 2 exp.

--- 0.16 Changes ---
+ (New) New building: Museums.  They give +2 culture and +1 happiness, plus +1 happiness per 20% culture rate.  Base cost of 120.
+ (New) New Building: City Monument.  A fountain, a statue of the city founder, or just some odd piece of modern art, this item provides a piece of identity for the populace of the city.  Provides +1 happiness and +1 culture.  Base cost of 80.
+ (New) I added the new missionary units from the Faith Mod.  These units can be builty in the holy cities and have 3 movement points to facility being able to spread religion without organized religion.  A city can only support one such unit at a time.
+ (Change) Colosseums give +1 happiness per 15% culture now.  Well, technically +1 per 14.3%, but culture can't be controlled that finely and it's as close as I can get to 15% given how the XML file works.  Colosseums also have a base cost of 150, up from 120.
+ (Change) Red Cross now gives +1 to health in all cities to make it less of a military building.
+ (Change) Medicine now also gives +1 health.
+ (Fix) The +2 experience of the Military Academy change advertised in the previous patch wasn't in the mod.  This has been fixed.

--- 0.15 Changes ---
+ (New) Strategic Resources now give a +5% production bonus.  Copper, iron, stone, ect all increase production rates for a maximum bonus of +45% with all 9 resources.  Building speed has been slowed to 115 from 100 to keep things from being built too quickly.  However, a player can still achieve a small increase by obtaining all of the resources.
+ (New) Actually a 0.10 change that wasn't documented, but there exists a new culture level at 25000 culture.  The culture level before that is "Elegant", and the new level is "Refined".  I'll probably add one more level when I determine a good number for the additional level and a name for it.
+City growth has been halved.  Cities were growing too quickly with the extra food.
+ (Change) The price of granaries has been doubled.  The +health bonus and growth bonus are very powerful given the changes of this mod.
+ (Change) More buildings give culture, and some buildings have had their culture rate increased.  This is a temporary measure, as all buildings will eventually be converted to a +% system.
|+Barracks give 2 culture.
|+Walls give 1 culture.  A Castle gives 2 culture.
|+Temples now give 2 culture each.
|+The Palace gives 5 culture, a courthouse 1 culture.
|+Colosseums now give 2 culture.  Think football stadium.
+ (Change) Barracks cost has been raised to 80.
+ (Change) Military Academy only gives +2 exp now.
+ (Change) State Universities now allow a merchant as opposed to a priest.
+ (Fix) A typo made Islamic Cathedrals practically unbuildable.  This has been fixed.
+ (Fix) The city growth bar wasn't displaying properly.  It listed the number of turns to go from 0 food to grow the city, not from the current amount of food.
+ (Fix) Bonus food now applies to settler and worker production.

--- 0.10 Changes ---
+Cities now recieve a bonus to food production based on current food production and bonus health.  This bonus can be seen in the city view mode near the top at the food bar.  The number in the middle represents this bonus and the bar also shows the correct number of turns for growth.  Modding the rest of the interface to represent this change is a bit challenging.  Expect it in a later version.
+Commerce changes are in 5% increments now.

--- 0.06 First Release ---
+Epic game mode has been changed.  Only research, Improvements (cottage growth speed), anarchy length, and inflation are the same.  This should building and using armies easier before they go obsolete.
+Technology has been slowed.  This is in addition to the epic changes above.  All renaissance techs have had their cost increased by 25%, industrial techs increased by 50%, modern techs increased by 75%, and future tech increased by 100%.  This will make epic games very slow (and, well, epic) while normal games should be better paced and avoid the technological singularity that seems to occur around the industrial era.
+Two new buildings.  Military Academy and State University.  Military Academy gives a +4 bonus to exp for new units built and requires 3 barracks for each instance.  State University gives +1 specialist slot for each kind of specialist, +4 culture, and +1 happiness.

=== Planned changes ===
+Bonus commerce for resources.  Fur, ivory, silk, silver give +5% commerce each to all cities.  Some resources give more: gold +10%, ect.
+Modifying industrial/modern units to be slightly less uber compared to previous tech.  Make iron clads able to compete with destroyers, sam infantry able to compete with modern armor, ect.  A bit more like, say, axemen versus pikemen or even pikemen versus cavalry.  Technology helps, but it shouldn't make an army invincible.
+More buildings, including national wonders.
|+ Fusion Power Plant: +25% industry, provides power, no meltdown.
|+ Military Training Camp (I'll find a better name later).  National wonder: 1 unit in this city gains +1 exp per turn.  Might be changed to require 3 military academies instead.
+More technology.  Put a few more barricades that will make a rush to modern military units slower and possibly more detrimental.  "You have modern tanks, but I have highly experienced LAW Infantry."
+ Advanced farming techniques.  Something like crop rotation or other means of improving crop yield fairly early on.  Might couple with irridation or another technology to increase food output even further to yield megalopolises later on.
+ Introduce the building demolition mod which will allow adding buildings with negative effects (Casino, Black Market).
+ (Low priority) Fixing the UN.  Adding more resolutions, making it less like a global dictatorship that forces people, and possibly adding features that would make it more fun.  Quite likely steal some Planetary Council measures from SMAC if possible.
+ (Low priority) More interesting Space Race.  One idea is to make the components into units and requiring an addititional national wonder: Launch pad.  The components must all make it to the launch pad to claim victory.
+ (Low Priority) Balance victory conditions.  Time and culture will need some considerable tweakings given the other changes in this game.  It's suggested that these victory conditions be left unchecked.
+ (Low Priority) (Uncertain on this one) Add a future era.  Put in some super tech, laser equipped soldiers, other neat stuff.

=== Change Ideas ===

+Amusement Park +happiness, requires consumerism tech
+Casino +tax, -happiness
+Mass Transit System +health
+Park +health, +happiness
+Solar Power Plant +Clean power
+Cure for Cancer +Future tech, +health, +happiness
+National Library
+International Airport
+Brewery.  +2 happiness, +1 health.
+Oil Refinery.  Adds a +10% production bonus with oil.
+Ion Satellites.  Orbital city bombardment.  Maybe treated as a nuke without the baggage.
+Hospitals lower food consumption per population.  This simulates less people dying by the population raising until the food consumption equals it's old value.
+Heros!  Well, generals/whatever.  A national unit that retains its experience in between dying and being reborn.
+Change how bombardment/city defense works:  A catapult completely destroys the defenses of an influential culture city with the same number of turns as a lesser city.  Cities might retain a permanent +5% bonus per culture level that cannot be shaved from bombardment.
+Specialist: Bureaucrat.  +2 food (replaces the food bonus from merchants).  Great leaders will probably build another -20% maitenance building which also greants additional Bureaucrat slots.  Wonders could provide free Bureaucrats, as well as the civic Bureacracy.
+Specialist: Soldier.  The "Great Person" is a unit that auto-upgrades to the latest technology available and is given great bonuses to make it very formiddable in combat.
+Atrocities.  Inquisition reduces foriegn culture, city population, and the act is considered an atrocity, just as an example.  Some civs won't see certain acts as atrocities, others will.  Spain might not mind the Inquisition, and Rome may not mind a civ rushing a project with slaves.  Meanwhile Ghandi might consider the draft to be an atrocity.  Other possibilities include: Black Market.  Large increase in revenue, causes unhappiness, %chance of being discovered by the world at large and credited as an atrocity by some civs.
+Random events.  Political situations which break open border agreements, metoers, earthquakes, and other random events that keep the game interesting.
+Raise the upkeep costs of all new units to be proportional to the era they belong in.
+| Lathe.  This is a very important tool that made industrialization and interchangable parts possible.
+| Water Purification.  Well water wasn't always of trustable quality and this represents the technologies that combined together to provide consistantly good quality water to people.  Obsoletes the health bonus of Breweries and allows building of Sewage Treatment Plant.  Provides +2 health.
+| Fermentation.  Requires pottery.  Wine would be replaced with grapes, and would give +1 health by itself, and +3 total health with a grocer (+1 from wine, +1 from grape, +1 from grocer bonus).  Allows Brewery.
+New Civic model.  Have several different sliders, perferably not opposed, where the values affect the civilization and at certain breakpoints special effects occur.  Liberalism will increase culture rate (ala free speech), and certain points will provide other changes, like legalization of gambling, and further along is legalization of drugs.

=== Credits ===
rjwoer/Byrjw for his resource mod
tywiggins for his Forestry Mod and his Terraform Mod
TheDarkside and tywiggins for the ability to destroy buildings
ChaosLord for the holy city missionaries idea

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