Random Map Creator



Map Generator Features Generate a variety of maps based on your preferences: Maze (2 styles of random maze are supported). On large maps this can take several minutes. Checkerboard Wheel (both round and square supported) Pangaea (various styles) World Builder (generates random worlds based on your settings). This can generate many small islands, larger continents, pangaea or landscapes dotted with small lakes or large seas. These are "grown" and thus take considerably longer the larger the map and the less water. The algorithm is very wasteful, but results in nice looking maps and is plenty fast on normal sized maps. Rings (generate a set of round or square rings) Grid (generate a grid, where the grid may be either land or water). Random



Specify the frequency of different terrain types and other world creation guidlines.
Can create maps up to 500x500.
Randomly allocates features, bonuses and starting locations.
Set the # of players.
Set various game options: Aggressive AI, Flipping Prefs, No City Razing, Permanent Alliances, Raging Barbarians
For each Map Type there are preferences that let you greatly control the results. Some very awesome maps can be generated.
NOTE: All map types are very fast on average map sizes. On larger sizes the map type and your settings will greatly affect the generation speed.
NOTE: Generating a 500x500 map with large, land masses or seas can take a minute or so (longer depending on your settings).
Limitations: does not currently create Ice, Flood Plains, Oasis, Rivers or Mountains. Their inclusion and any other map options will depend on feedback, as I am quite happy with the maps as is.

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