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There's a new mod, the Reformation mod! This one takes aa focus on Germany, and of course, it adds new civs, new religions, and new.... Yeah...




So, there's my first mod. It makes some major changes to religion:

Reform and conversion - plus Saarland v 0.95 BETA

-Inquisitor Mod by Mylon
-Inquisitor: builds an inquisior which can remove religions from a city. (ISSUE*)

-SettlerReligion by Bhruic
-SettlerReligion: settlers have a chance to come with a religion of the city they're from. the founded city then already has a religion.

-Religion change Code by Kael
-CivII Revival code by Octavian

What's new:
1-new religions, religion changes
2-gives Missionaries real power - they can't just add religions, they might just convert the population altogether! 
3- it makes Reformation possible (working out details still.. ) (*)
4-it ties buildings to religions.
5-also adds civilization "Saarland." This is of German local interest only.

-religions added: Protestantism and Polytheism
-religions removed: Taoism and confucianism
-religion renamed: christianity -> Catholicism

-Tech: Burial included. it's prereq for meditation, polytheism and mysticism equally, giving the three early religions an equal start.
-Tech: Theology changed: now comes much later in the game. Founds Catholicism.
-Tech: Printing Press founds Protestantism.
-Islam unchanged.

Missionary unit now has a chance to remove religions on spread. If a catholic missionary comes to a city that has polytheism, there is a large chance Polytheism will go. 
If he comes to a muslim city, there is a significantly lesser chance that Islam will go, etc. ... 
this is cross-coded with different percentage values. (ISSUE*)
(modded in CvEventManager)

Reformation. After you have the tech that makes a religion possible (i.e., after either you founded it or someone else founded it and you're figuring out what caused it), cities can convert by themselves.
That means a polytheistic city has a chance of becoming catholic or muslim after the proper techs have been discovered, and a catholic city can become protestant. That removes the religion that's been there before.

attributed more buildings to specific religions to add bite. There is a kosher grocer, a halal grocer and a Hajj;

also, wonders are attributed to their proper religions (i.e., Parthenon - Polytheism, Sistine Chapel - Catholicism and so on.)
A city must have the religion if it wants to build these.
If a missionary removes the religion while the building/wonder is built, it can no longer be continued! The missionary becomes a definitely hostile unit! (AI does not know this of course. Any ideas here?)

-many fixed from last version. no more popup;
-the inquisitor destroys the religious buildings, which now also include the wonders! I have tried to change this, but my python fails me there. (I'm a newbie.) I'd be grateful for help there. (this is in the CustomFunctions file.)
-reformation: it seems like there is only one round of reformation, and after that it never happens again, though i had intended it as ongoing. I'd appreciate help here..
-missionary conversion: old issue (sometimes removing all religions) is fixed. HOWEVER, it seems like, if there's many religions in the city, they either all convert, or none. Can't figure out why yet.

-still many graphics issues:
I cannot get some buddhist graphics overriden; they keep showing up for polytheism. Don't know why.
Polytheist Monastery shows up as a button in the build list. Again, don't know why.
Wonders seem to show up on the building lists in cities that shouldn't be able to build them. again, sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't.

The text is programmed in XML in both English and German, and in Python only in German. I don't know how to make that general so it can later pick English. Again, any help will be appreciated.

So now, I'd appreciate testers, modders and people who know more python than me to tell me why some (or: so many) things screw up, and some creative minds with some modification ideas for the mod!
... and please be patient, I'm a newbie. Things are wrong. I know...

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