Regiment mod adapted with EDU



An adaptation of seZereth's Regiments Mod, Rabbit, White's EDU and Teg_Navanis's Units Statistics, and some modern flavor/civ specific units.

Now including Porges formations, and more added !



Regiments & Formations with EDU by Gedemon
Warlords only

-- Presentation --

An adaptation of seZereth's Regiments Mod, Rabbit White's EDU and Teg_Navanis's Units Statistics, and some modern flavor/civ specific units.
The main goal of this mod is to add some visual variation to the game, without changing any stats.

-- Installation --

unrar in your "Civilization 4\Warlords\Mods" folder, you should then have a "Civilization 4\Warlords\Mods\Regiments and Formations" folder
launch game, go to "advanced", "load a mod" and select "Regiments and Formations". Or use any other way that suits you :)

-- Mods included --

- Ethnically Diverse Units 2.35	by Rabbit, White
- Unit Statistics 1.45 by Teg_Navanis
- Regiment MOD	by seZereth / Porges / adaptation by Gedemon

-- Units --

From EDU 2.35 :

- default Settler with bigger "family" and a wagon
- Caucasian Scout
- African Settler, Scout and Warrior
- Native Scout, Settler, Warrior and archer
- Arabian Settler, Scout and Warrior
- Asian Settler, Scout and Warrior
- Indian Settler, Scout and Warrior
- Egyptian Settler, Scout, Warrior and Archer
- Mongolian settler
- Celtic Archer
- Persian Archer
- Celtic Spearman
- Arabian Spearman
- Asian Spearman
- Caucasian Spearman
- Mongolian Spearman
- Chinese Chariot
- Celtic Chariot
- Caucasian Horsearcher (Horseman)
- Egyptian Horsearcher
- Roman Horsearcher
- Greek Horsearcher (Companion Cavalry)
- Egyptian Axeman
- Chinese Swordsman
- Asian Longbowman
- Mongolian Longbowman
- American, British, German, Ottoman, Italian and Russian Infantry
- African Horseman, and War Elephant
- Greek Swordsman (Hypaspist)
- Sworsdman Indian
- Swordsman Arabian
- War Elephant Caucasian
- Celtic Warrior now with club (does no more match exactly Galic Warrior)

From other sources :

- Lioness		(Lion sub-unit)				by Supa
- Eagle Warrior		(spearman, inca & aztec)		by sepamu92
- Modern Swordsman	(swordsman, late era)			by AlazkanAssassin 
- Modern Pikeman	(pikeman, late era)			by AlazkanAssassin
- Arabian Longbowman	(longbowman, middle east)		by sepamu92
- Arabian Pikeman	(pikeman, middle east)			by sepamu92
- Swordsman Antique	(swordsman, Carthage, Spain)		by AlazkanAssassin
- Roman Longbowman	(longbowman, roman)			by AlazkanAssassin
- Heavy infantry	(maceman, france)			by seZereth
- Heavy infantry	(maceman, england)			by seZereth
- Cho-Ko-Nu Sword	(maceman, asian)			by Rabbit, White
- Cho-Ko-Nu knight	(knight, asian)				by Rabbit, White
- French Legion		(riflemen, France)			by Chamaedrys
- Churchill MkIV	(tank - England)			by snafusmith
- B1Bis			(tank - France)				by snafusmith
- T-34			(tank - Russian)			by sharick 
- PzKpfw VI Tiger	(tank - replace German UU)		by Nautils
- T-72 			(modern armor - Arabian, African)	by snafusmith
- Leopard 2A5		(modern armor - German)			by snafusmith / baal_isidro
- T-84			(modern armor - Russian, Mongol)	by snafusmith / baal_isidro
- M1A1 Abrams		(modern armor - American)		by baal_isidro
- Type 99		(modern armor - China, Korea)		by snafusmith
- BTR 80 		(mechanized infantery - East Block)	by snafusmith
- HE 111		(bombardier - German)			by nautil
- B17g			(bombardier - American)			by nautil
- SM-79 SPARVIERO	(bombardier - Rome)			by ???
- A6M Zero		(fighter - Japan)			by ???
- FW-190		(fighter - German)			by Nautil
- IL 2			(fighter - Russian)			by Nautil
- P40 Warkhawk		(fighter - China "flying tiger")	by ???
- P40 Warkhawk		(fighter - France)			by ???
- P47 Thunderbolt	(fighter - American)			by ???
- Spitfire		(fighter - England)			by Nautil
- F-15			(jet fighter, American)			by Rabbit, White
- Mig 21		(jet fighter, Arabian, African)		by Nautil
- Mig 29 SMT		(jet fighter, Russia)			by Conquests
- Su-33 Blue camo	(jet fighter, India)			by Nautil
- Su-33 Desert camo	(jet fighter, China, mongol)		by Nautil
- Tornado		(jet fighter, England, German)		by Conquests
- Mirage 2000		(jet fighter, France)			by Gedemon, model ©dassault aviation
- Tu 160		(stealth bomber, east block)		by The Conquests
- Mi24 Hind		(gunship - Arabian, African)		by Nautil
- Ka50 Hokum		(gunship - Russian, Mongol)		by Nautil
- Marine with M16	(marine - west block)			by Gedemon, M16 from snafusmith's weapon pack
- Marine reskin		(marine - east block)			by hunter
- HUMVEE (& desert)	(gunship sub-unit)			by snafusmith / The Lopez
- Modern Grenadier	(marine sub-unit)			by AlazkanAssassin 
- Ship Asian		(galley - Asian)			from Warlords
- Turtle Ship		(trireme - Asian)			by Chamaedrys
- Bismarck Battleship	(battleship - german)			by snafusmith

-- Leader Heads --

- Hitler		(german)				by Elhoim 

-- Buildings --

- New palace from EDU 2.25 (from ganart's Extended Mod)
- Modern Harbor by Civilicious

--- Version History ---

- 09/17/2006 - v.2b

tweaked combat fleet formation

created a "big ship" formation so that carrier & battleship can follow each other without overlaping

added some units :
Turtle Ship
Bismark Battleship
Lioness (sub-unit of Lion)
Swordsman & Pikeman for late era (in case you hadn't upgraded some)
Swordsman Antique
eagle warrior (south-am spearman, button added)
Arabian Longbowman
Roman Longbowman
Arabian Pikeman
French Foreign Legion
a pack of 12 medieval units thanx to seZereth
Cho-Ko-Nu Sword
Cho-Ko-Nu knight
Mirage 2000 (updated, new model, less poly)
Tornado (updated, low poly now)
Mig 29
Tu 160

add animation to planes who hadn't

- 09/06/2006 - v.2

added some of Porges formation : square (idle), spike (fortify) and wedge (combat).

tweaked other formations, created an "organised" and "horde" fortify formation.

change ship scale back to something readable and added fleet formations.

include great generals in existing formations.

gameplay change removed.

added Modern Harbor found by Civilicious

- 08/13/2006 - v.1 

first version merging EDU, Regiments Mod, Better Ship Scale & Unit statistic Mod.

Created Gunship formation with humvee

Added Infantry to Tanks & Marine to Modern Armor.

Added 2 "modern grenadier" in marine's formations for a nice mix.

Include a lot of modern units.

Play with scale :)

---- Many thanx ----

Firaxis, Rabbit White, Teg_Navanis, Elhoim, seZereth, Porges, and all units maker.

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