The goal of this modpack is to make Civ4 more dynamic. New empires will rise in the middle of the game, over-extended empires may crumble,...


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The goal of this modpack is to make Civ4 more dynamic. New empires will rise in the middle of the game, over-extended empires may crumble, or colonies break away from oppressive rulers. Many of these features are working as of now.

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[B]Revolution Mod Pack[/B]
By jdog5000
Version: 0.35
Date: 6/11/06

[COLOR="Green"][B]Game Ready Components:[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR="Yellow"][B]In Testing/Further Development:[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR="Red"][B]Initial Development:[/B][/COLOR]

[B]The goal[/B]

The goal of this modpack is to make Civ4 more dynamic.  New empires will rise in the middle of the game, over-extended empires may crumble, or colonies break away from oppressive rulers.  Many of these features are working as of now.

[B]Gameplay Components[/B]

The primary components of this mod are BarbarianCiv and Rebellion.  Briefly, BarbarianCiv allows Barbarian cities to "settle down" and spawn new full-fledged civs.  Rebellion is an adaptation of Trip's Rebellion mod, where cities with certain negative factors will rebel against their owners.  With the SDK changes in this mod pack, these two components can spawn completely new civs that were not in the game before.  Both of these components are also highly configurable and enabled by default.    These components are enabled by default.


These are components that are not directly game play changes, but instead can be used for fun or debugging.  AIAutoPlay allows the player to turn over the reigns of their civ to the AI for some number of turns.  Uses for this include watching the AI, "fast-forwarding" the game if you're bored or want to see the effects of mods you've made.  This component is enabled by default, but makes no difference if you don't use it.  ChangePlayer allows the player to switch which civ they control and the leader or civ type of any civ.  There are some issues with changing the civ type of living civs, but all the other pieces are working well.  This component is disabled by default, but can be enabled in Revolution.ini.

[B]What's in development[/B]

These are still being thought out.  This version of Revolution allows Civ1/2 style empire splits when the capital is captured.  Future versions will replace the current culture flipping mechanism with the option to let them go or they revolt, and also allow unhappy colonies or conquered lands to rise up and attempt to break-away as a block.  When Warlords comes out and the Vassal state option becomes available, the options here are very interesting.  Pirates will simply add pirate Frigates plowing the oceans in the age of sails.  These components are disabled by default, and I do not recommend you enable them.


Many options and tweaks are available in Revolution.ini, including enabling and disabling each individual component.  For specifics on what can be changed, check out the ini file.  Note that yes, you can enable or disable a component, or change one of the other features, and continue with an in progress game.  However, you will probably need to save, exit, and reload.

[B]Compatibility Notes[/B]

I believe you can continue a game from version 0.2 with this new version without any problems.  However, I haven't fully tested this.

All components are designed to be as compatible with other mods as possible.  It will work with any mod that simply adds new units/techs/civs, as it searches through the XML data for the best buildable units of a certain class or with a certain AI type and spawns new civs by searching for unused civs.  However, it may not work properly if you have removed unit classes or removed some techs (like Horseback riding) or removed the minor or barbarian civs from the XML.

I have not tried this in multiplayer, but some components should work fine while others (ChangePlayer) don't make any sense.

[B]Note to Modders[/B]

This mod uses DrElmerGiggles custom event manager, many thanks to him for putting it together! It should be very easy to merge the Python portion with other mods that also use this convention.

Sources for the SDK code are included in the download as is an FAQ that contains descriptions/answers to how to use the SDK sources for your own mod.

[B]Gotta give my props[/B]

Thanks to Dom Pedro II and Twisted_Stixx for their bug report and testing.

Thanks to TheLopez for the Dead Civ Scoreboard mod component.  Also, thanks to DrElmerGiggles, TheLopez, Kael, Rhye, and others for their answers to questions and code I browsed for implementation ideas.

[B]Change Log[/B]

Version 0.35

Added warning for when Revolution.ini is not found
Added Dead Civ Scoreboard mod component by TheLopez
Added for event debug output
If Revolution.ini is not found, the normal components now default to enabled
  - On changePlayer, personality now changes whenever leaderhead does
  - When a new civ is created in a previously occupied slot, all relations with other players/teams
    are now reset as are most attitudes (reported by Dom Pedro II)
  - acquireCity now copies over any script data to the new city
  - Will now work without DLL as well (must set two config settings to see effect)
  - Added config option for whether to do settling by culture or not
  - Barbs settling in a city not founded by barbs more likely to be militaristic
  - Militaristic barbs will declare war on someone they can contact, if no one then just in area
  - Barb civs given map surrounding each of their new cities
  - Added popup option to allow human to take control of rebels
  - Popup now tells you who what civ the rebels are (if they're not the barbarians)
  - Will now work without DLL as well
  - Fixed bug where civs respawned as rebels were technologically backwards
  - Rebels will not spawn in cities
  - Rebels will only spawn in your territory
  - Rebels now spawn within 2 squares of city, if no plot found, then 3
  - Human can now only buyoff rebels if you have enough money
  - Cities now have a rebel player script value
  - Number of rebel units now capped at size of city
  - Increased some civic option factors
  - Increased rebellion threshold
  - Costs of paying off rebellion reduced
  - Unhappiness factor now a little less than linear in number of unhappy citizens
  - Unhealthiness factor now a little less than linear too
  - Rebellion interface message now shows if you can contact the civ whose city rebelled
  - Interface message now tells name of rebel civ or that they are "disorganized" (read: Barbs)
  - Rebels given map of surrounding area
  - When rebels take a rebellious city, they get a culutre boost plus a couple units of reinforements
  - A starving city has far greater odds of rebelling
  - Unhappiness factor decreases when in multiple wars (peaceniks don't rebel)
  - If city owner is at war with cities dominant culture, rebels will join the dom cult player
  - When rebels join an war, their numbers are reduced

Known issues:
    - unit flags of units visible to human do not change when civ changes
    - if a civ previously occupied this slot, the plots they could see will be visible to new civ
    - AI will not forget trades with previous incarnation of player

[B]The Files[/B]

This mod should be placed in (civ install directory)\Mods\Revolution\.  Any other path may cause the game to be unable to find the Revolution.ini file, and then any changes you make to Revolution.ini will not appear in the game.

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