Revolution makes Civ4 more dynamic: new empires will rise in the middle of the game, over-extended empires may crumble, and colonies break a...


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Revolution makes Civ4 more dynamic: new empires will rise in the middle of the game, over-extended empires may crumble, and colonies break away from oppressive rulers. This mod pack includes SDK changes that allow the creation of new civs in the middle of the game and the ability to change which civ you control in the middle of the game.

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[COLOR="Green"][B]Revolution Description[/B][/COLOR]
Version 0.91
[COLOR="Green"]Enabled[/COLOR] by default

[B]The goal:[/B]

This component allows sections of disgruntled empires to rise up together and demand changes or attempt to break away from the motherland.  No matter what the source of the complaint, you will be given an option to either ignore the complaint or accept the cities demands.  If their demands go unmet and situations deteriorate, the cities may give you an ultimatum and take up arms if you do not comply!

[B]How it works:[/B]

This component is intended to add realistic dynamics to the game, making keeping your cities and regions happy more important and challenging.  Each city in your empire will have factors that make it want to stay and factors that make it want to rebel.  If you cannot find a balance that keeps each of your cities happy, you will face revolts!  Revolts come in many different styles, including requests to change civics, requests to change state religion, and demands for independence.  No matter what the scenario, you will always be given choices when confronted with a rebellious city.

This component has been updated to support Vassal states and other new features of Warlords.  It also now incorporates most of the ideas from the prior Rebellion component.  The AI logic appears bug free, but it's difficult to test all the human popup handling.  However, it has undergone extensive testing and is in a good working state.  If you do encounter a revolution popup whose results don't follow from what you selected, please let me know!

[B]More Details[/B]
Each city has a Revolution Index, and when that index gets up towards 1000 they start to get restless.  You will be warned whenever a city passes over 900 and every ~15 turns while it's in the danger zone, and once over 1000 it may instigate a revolution.  Other nearby cities with rev indices over 600 can join in a revolution.  If a city is unhappy, things are very similar but the minimum threshold for a revolution drops quickly with the number of unhappy citizens.
There are several different Revolution styles and the situation in the Revolution instigating city determines the style.  Many styles have peaceful and violent variants: denying a request will just agitate the city further, but denying a demand will lead to civil war!  In order of precedence:

- Return to or reform dominant culture:  Cities in which you don't have a majority culture will become increasing aggitated and may attempt to break away for cultural reasons.  The instigator and nearby, similarly cultured cities will ask (peaceful) or demand (violent) to join or reform a dead rival.  Denying this request will cause your relations with the rival to deteriorate, and they may choose to declare war!

- Religious differences:  Cities may ask for a change away from Theocracy or to Freedom of Religion, or to switch your state religion.  They can also ask or demand independence for religious reasons.

- Homeland revolutions:  Ask for various different civics.  May ask for you to go on a crusade to capture your religion's holy city.

- Colonial revolutions:  Ask for change to representative government.  (Independence handled below)

- Capital or majority of cities revolting:  Cities will ask for changes in away from repressive civics, or for some form of a say in the government.  They can also ask or demand a change in ruler!  If you're running a representative government, accepting their requests will mean facing election.  If you are replaced, the game will automate some number of turns and then return control to you (this feature can be disabled).

- Independence:  If none of these particular conditions apply, the cities will ask for or demand independence.  They may request full independence or assume Vassal status.

If you face civil war, the situation may become quite dier.  Strong garrisons may be able to maintain some semblance of control in some of the revolting cities, but weaker garrisons may be run out of town and the revolutionaries will take the city.  Your homeland will not be the same for generations if you face multiple revolting cities on the battlefield!  In addition, rebellious cities that the rebels have not yet taken may turn out rebel reinforcements.

[B]The Revolution Watch[/B]

Pressing [B]Ctrl-Shift-W[/B] in the game will open the Revolution Watch popup.  This popup displays which of your cities is in danger of rebelling, thinking about rebelling, or happy with your empire.  For specific information on how your civ-wide policies or the local city situation are effecting the rebelliousness of the city, scroll down and click the details button.  This will open a new popup containing a lot of important information about the rebelliousness of your cities.  All of this text now comes from RevolutionText.xml, and has the capability to support language localization ... help translating is greatly needed!

At the top of this popup is an analysis of your national policies and situation.  The effect of your civics, anarchy, golden age, and fiscal situation are shown here.  These affect all of your cities equally.

Next is a city-by-city listing of local effects.  The location of the city, the religions and cultures in the city, the happiness and healthiness of the people, the size of the city, the size of the city's garrison, and culture rate are all important factors you may see here.  Your civics can have a significant effect on how these local factors are felt.  For example, running a theocracy will cause cities with non-state religions to be more rebellious, but keep cities with your state religion less rebellious.  Representative government civics will greatly decrease the effects of distance on outlieing cities or colonies.

[B]How to Test[/B]

Testing is difficult and time consuming, and while this component has proven bug free through many Epic games, if you're willing to help test that would be great.  Basically, with just a few simple changes, the debug system will log automatically while you play and if you run into any issues you can just send me the logs.  To do this, turn on DebugMode in the Revolution section of Revolution.ini.  Then, open CivilizationIV.ini in your My Games\Sid's CivIV\ folder and in the last section, [Debug], set LoggingEnabled to 1.  You may also want to set OverwriteLogs to 1 (otherwise could end up with hundreds of multiplayer connection logs).

Now, while you play, debug messages are sent to My Games\Sid's CivIV\Logs\, with PythonDbg.log or PythonErr.log being the important ones.  The error log will (hopefully!) be empty, while debug will contain all the debug output for this mod.  You should also set HidePythonExceptions to 0, and if you get one of these popups please report it ... you can continue a game if you get one, it just means something didn't come out just right.  You can also exit, disable this component, and then load the most recent autosave and continue your game.

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