Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire Release 1

Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire is an attempt to follow history where possible. It is based on the civIII verion of RFRE, but with python


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Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire is an attempt to follow history where possible. It is based on the civIII verion of RFRE, but with python scripting much more detail can be included. For example, Hannibal's army will attempt to take over most of Italia.

Art comes from anywhere I could find it Some button art was converted from civIII RFRE, and all units come from the downloads database, TAM, Amra's, TR, SPQR, and even a few of my own modifications. Specific credit is given in the releaseNotes.txt file.

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Download 'RFRE.release1.7z' (57.81MB)

Beta.p11 -> release1  (December 2010)
1. XML changes:
      a. Onager extra GPT reduced to 3.  Hammers reduced to 60.
      b. Golgathia hammers reduced to 80
      c. spread factor for Christianity upped from 30 to 70
      d. Limitanei hammers from 90 to 60
      e. doubled GPPs, except Great Artist
      f. Allowed missionaries from 3 to 8, lowered cost from 80 to 20
      g. Greek Fire requires Alans + BurgundiansII.   Justinian requires Greek Fire.
      h. Added Skutatio work rate
      i. Eques Romani requires civitas
      j. Eques Latini renamed to Alae (wing) Socii, cost upped from 40 to 60, +2 extra gpt
      k. Added Italian building.  Required to build Miles Socii and Alae Socii.  Expires with Social War tech.
      m. Added cavalry recruited from Hispania for Carthage.
      n. Early Consul Legions get no (extra?) XP from combat (was 1).
      o. Added Mauretania (western Numidia).  Becomes client kingdom in 44BC and annexed in 20AD. 

2. python changes:
      a. Reduced Roman WW from 50 to 30 when war breaks out with Persia or Germanics
      b. Fixed TechID vs iTechType in onTechAcquired
      c. The 4 alliances after Christian Faith are 9 turns (was 8).   Christian Faith goes from 12 to 21 turns.
      d. Fixed exception when converting Numeri Gothi/Franci to Goth/Franks following a DOW on Goth/Franks
      e. Stop spawning Pictii while Barbarians control Eburacum
      f. Bythnia bequeathed in 75BC
      g. Added Seleucid invasion of Judea in 200BC and the Macabee revolt in 166BC. 
      h. Added Macabee revolt around 166BC.

3. Created 110BC scenario.

Beta.p10 -> Beta.p11  (August 2010)
1. XML changes:
      a. Added "Alter of Pergamum"  - not visible in city..
      b. Byzantine Legacy... upped cost to 10k hammers (was -1)
      c. changed preasidium unit from DOMAIN_LAND to DOMAIN_IMMOBILE (can no longer transport)
      d. Added Babylonia walls wonder for Babylon
      e. Academy renamed to "Disciplina Philosophia" and is a prereq to build the National Epic.   This is to cover the philosophers of the time.
      f. Added Classis Ravennatis national wonder.  1 can be constructed begining with Age of Augustus.  Historically there were 2, but there is a bug in Warlords when there is > 1 of a national building.
      g. Added Liburna ship + building.  This is a slightly weaker version which the Romans built.  It can only be built at the Classis Ravennas
      h. Added "First Council of Nicaea".  Python will add this to the city of Nicea.  It allow construction of the Biblia, which gives +1 extra happy from Ecclesia.
      i. Fixed typo in path for Thrace leaderhead
      j. Great Lighthouse only gives 1 coastal trade route instead of 2.  Also gives a hammer to each local sea plot.
      l. Olives only gives +1 health with Granary.
      m. Sea Salt only gives +1 health from Portus
      n. Emporium available with Agrarian Troubles (when Civitas is available outside of Roma since Emporium requires civitas) instead of Commerce
      o. Moved conquest gold bonuses from Market (Macellum) to Emporium.  Moved cow +1 healthy to be from Market.
      p. Marian Legion extra gpt 4 -> 3, Imperial Legion extra gpt 5 -> 4.  Principate -55 -> -45% commerce.  Absolute Principate -55 -> -50% commerce.
      q. Expanded historical unit names for: Cohors Equitata Millaria, Sagittarius Auxiliarius, and Miles Auxillarius (eg 80 -> 102 listed)   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Roman_auxiliary_regiments
      r. Scipio 20 -> 50% strength
      s. Macabee 8 -> 7 iCombat
      t. Triumvirate/Principate/Absolute Principate 20 -> 22 free military units

2. python changes:
      Bug fixes:
         a. Fixed typo in Germanic war code (RomID vs romID)
         b. Fixed typo in massivePictii 
         c. Fixed typos in alliance with (alliedWar): visigoths/alans/franks/goths
         d. smoothed divisionOfTheodoseus.  Set peace + permanent peace between ERE and WRE.  set attitude.  Fixed plot double-processing.
         e. Fixed ERE starting with "Alliance with the Lombards" in the 500AD scenario
         f. Simplified tech progress mechanism
         g. Separated Gothic Raider AI code.   The regular code just doesn't work well for them.. the ships wander down to Alexandria.
         h. Fixed exception with Rome declaring war on itself (should be Carthage)   "ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam"
         i. fixed clearresearchqueue call for Social War research change (forces you to pick from available techs)
         j. fixed Piratae not supporting Quintus Sertorius revolt
         k. Fix in slaveRevolt adjusting slave counts and building destruction
         l. Fixed Boudica rebellion
         m. Trajan promotion in 98AD instead of with Antoniis Golden Age (comes too late)
         n. Stop setting Triumvirate with the Year of Four Emperors (forget to reset to Principate after..)

         a. Armenia and Pontus have a defensive pact vs the Romans                 
         b. scriptdata only saved/loaded on save/load of game (and during onBeginPlayerTurn to keep maininterfce up to date), instead of atomically (less lag)
         c. Modified CvTechChooser.py (ie the tech tree screen) to display (on select only) how many turns to this tech.  Don't know how to fix roll-over one however.
         d. Pirates are more numerous, esp around Illyria (this is what precipitated the first 2 invasions) and re-appear with Franks, Saxons and Goths
         e. staggered "Persian building" build up (was 4 initially in 275BC) to represent increasing Parthian power
         f. only query for pRome and pRomanTeam 1 time instead of when needed over and over again
         g. revised culture when a civ's last city is captured, no more left over culture around the final city following it's capture.  Occasional oddity...
         h. A human WRE will face additional Vandals in all 3 groups
         i. Added Carpi incursions   (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carpians).  Dacia will declare war in 275BC scenario.
         j. Added 1st + 2nd Servile Wars
         k. Added popups for Herod + Attalus becoming client kingdoms.
l. code Lombards (p12!)

3. New Art:
      a. Alter of Pergamum from PAE mod
      b. Port of Carthage from PAE mod
      c. Phyrrus by the Capo (static version)
      d. Dromon art by Edgecrusher, et all
      e. Iberians by Bakuel
      e. Celtiberians by Bakuel
      f. Isthar Wall by veBear
      g. new icons for: faber, slave, equites, numidian cavalry.   Pantheon wonder picture.

4. Map Changes:
      a. Removed Britanic Goods near Deva (you have to take Eburacum and face the Pictii)
      c. Added new p11 buildings to late scenarios.
      d. improved Seluicid starting army in 275BC map and changed starting gold (30 -> 400)

5. SDK:
      a. Removed nuke, ICBM, and *_AIR considerations.  Stopped doTurn from running: createBarbarianCities, createBarbarianUnits, doGlobalWarming, doDiploVote 
      b. fix trade doubling  --> return 2 from calculateTradeYield instead of calculated value -> NO, but base profit is 2 instead of 1
                                 calculateTradeProfit capped at 3 (was seen up to 8 in 70AD) -> YES!!!

6. New Sounds for:
      a. Triumphus, Civitas, Circus Maximus + Hippodrome, Mare Nostrum + Classis, Castra Praetoria, Ludus, Amphitheatre, and Lex Agraria

Beta.p9 -> Beta.p10  (November 2009)
1. XML changes:
    a. Added 4th Consular army with Constantine
    b. Deleted TECH_SASSANIDS. 
    c. Pax Romana only provides +25% trade route yield, and no extra routes.
    d. Got rid of Castra Hopilatorium and Castra Celtica.  Units will instead require the native peoples building.
    e. Got rid of UNITCLASS_SCIENTIST GP points
    f. Gave Colosseum 1 more Gladiator point.  Ludus +25% GPPs
    g. Caravan House iConquestProb from 60 to 100 (never destroyed)
    h. Increase iInflationPercent from 110 to 120 in civ4handicapinfo.
    i. No more +1 happy/vassal
    j. Cataphract 95 -> 125 hammers, 16 -> 13 combat
    k. Added UNITAI_COLLATERAL for Hun horse archers
    m. Stratiotes renamed to Skutatoi
    n. Cataphracts renamed to Bucellarii
    o. Commodus loses the organized trait
    p. Changed CITY_GROWTH_MULTIPLIER from 2 to 5 (slower growth).  eg) to go from size 3 to size 6 took 100 food, but now takes 144
          city size   2    4   5  
          ---------  ---  --- ----      
              1      26   28   30             
              2      28   33   36
              3      31   38   42
              4      33   43   48
              5      36   48   54
              6      38   52   60
              7      40   57   66       
              8      43   62   72
              9      45   67   78
              10     48   72   84

    q. siege units can no longer pillage
    n. chariot archers more limited

2. python:
    a. Trajan's Column fix
    b. Fixed Petra not being destroyed
    c. treasury is capped at 20,000 gold
    d. better empire split,  <- to do!!!!!!
    e. EREs treasury is split 60/40 with WRE when split
    f. Worked around very odd problem with spawning the Masada defenders as part of the 1st Jewish Rebellion.
    g. make some barbs proportional to roman strength  <- to do!!!!!!
    h. cannot enslave hero units
    i. centerCamera() on "Army at Zama" units   (does this work? - no)
    j. Legio Scipionis will be recieved only after Hannibal captures his third objective city, instead of with the tech: Second Punic War - Part1.
    k. Senatus building removed when obsolete to get rid of the 400% defense.
    l. Fixed WRE not getting Limes promo
    m. Auxilia Palatina displaced by alliances are converted to Limitanei
    n. Added possiblity of defeated unit joining winner if they are from the same tribe originally
    o. Fixed bugs in jewishRevoltII
    p. Fixed not setting PersianCoolDownCounter when peace reached with Persia
    q. Fewer barbs spawned in Africa.
    r. The 1st Jewish revolt is against whoever happens to own Jerusalem in 66AD.
    s. Boudica will revolt 20 turns after Eburacum is captured by the Romans.  Eburacum is where Hadrian's Wall can be built.
    t. Cataphracts no longer can enslave.

3. New artwork, etc:
      Huns by Bakuel
      Chariot Archers by ambrox62
      Scrolling Civics Screen (BtS) by strategyonly, EmperorFool, The_J, God-Emperor, xienwolf

Beta.p8 -> Beta.p9  (August 2009)
1. XML changes:
    a. Defensive buildings conquestprob changed from 60 to 20
    b. changed button for buildings using the empty.nif (Verteranari uses this)
    c. Changed Ludus from a national wonder.  They can only be built in Capua, Pergamum, Alexandria, and Pisae.
    d. Added upgrade discount of 10% for Combat3 and Combat4.  Combat5 gives 20%.
    e. Changed Illyrian ship to be of Quinquere class, which is much easier to build.   Should see Illyrians producing ships now.
    f. Christianity moved from 225-275 to 50-100AD.
    g. Weakend Hannibal at Zama more.
    h. Building a fort no longer clears woods.
    i. Forest defense lowered to 30% (was 50%).
    j. All civs can build catapults starting in 225AD?
    k. +0% worker speed (was +50%) with Triumvirate Republic (Triumvirs are building projects to improve support)
    m. +2 XP with Triumvirate Republic (lots of veterans available)
    n. CITY_GARRISON II + III only available to archers now.
    o. slavery + latifundia both are MEDIUM upkeep instead of LOW
    p. emporium requires civitas
    q. only greeks recieve +1 health from corn (via Odeon)
    r. trade route un-double changed to -40% (was -50%, but at -50% most trade routes vanish??)
    s. commented out unused ART_DEF_UNIT_ (less memory??  need to expand to core units????)
    t. increased iAsset + iPower of main units.
    u. Units costing upkeep cost 2 more than before, but govt civic commerce multiplier -10 more.   Try to better align legion:auxilary ratio
    v. got rid of goldenage and research abilities of great people
    w. updated 200AD map (more great people and buildings, Christianity in some cities)
    x. mead hall obsolete with Etruscan Heritage (so Rome can't build them after Triumphus goes obsolete).
    y. fixed CTD when building Moenia Theodosii (extra , not ok there)
    z. added leader for the Vandals
    aa. Added Visigoths + alliance tech for them
    bb. Miles Aux, Cohors Equatia Miliaria, Praetorian obsolete with Constantine
    cc. Rome can build Cataphracts
    dd. WRE can't build Eques Praebundus
    ee. Hippodromus adds production and wealth
    ff. Vinyard adds 1 hammer, but with CommerceChangeDoubleTimes of 400
    gg. Changed 200AD map to add great people into their cities during python init
    hh. Added Alans and Burgundians + techs
    ii. Added a 2nd Hun leader to represent the post-Attila time
    jj. Can build Stratiotes with Justinian

2. python:
    a. corrected Caesar and Antony turn # triggers
    b. fix for getting Pax Romana
    c. Added naming LegionII
    d. fix barbarian homeland fortress not being deleted
    e. Fix "herod" event typo
    f. added scenario option GAMEOPTION_NO_BARBARIANS.  Replaced code attempting to intercept the random game generated barbs 
       with regionalized units, and added a function to do this.
    g. Fixed zamacounter
    h. Fixed condition where if Utica was captured by the Carthaginians before the Army at Zama was defeated it would respawn the army.
    i. set Triumvirate Republic with Triumvirate, set Principate with Age of Augustus, set Absolute Principate with Diocletians Reforms
    j. added setting some seed cities with Christianity during Nero's time.
    k. mountain pass above Mediolanum with Cimbrian War (was after)
    m. mountain pass left of Mediolanum with Teutonari capture
    n. Increased GermanicCoolDownCounter initial value from 190 to 250.   PersianCoolDownCounter from 250 to 300.
    o. Added Vandal invasions 1 + 2  + 3. 
    p. Added Visigoth foederati
    q. Added bail out option for the Thervingi in case they can't reach their historical destination.
    r. fix freeVassal usage ->  changed to defensive pact
    s. Goths will become a vassal of the Huns once their servitude to Rome is completed.
    t. Hannibal's army gets the Woodsman2 promo to speed up the attack some.
    u. Fixed bug concerning Numeri switching sides
    v. Added Hunnic invasion of Gaul
    w. Added Attila the Hun
    x. Comitatenses, Eques Legionares, and Cataphract can enslave the defeated unit

3. map:
    a. Created 500AD scenario.  Still very rough.
    b. Created 400AD scenario.  Still rough.
    c. Moved great people into python for the 200AD map.

4. New artwork:
      byzantineancientageunits by Bakuel
      byzantinemiddleageunits by Bakuel
      carthageancientageunits by Bakuel
      3 Ancient Galleys by ambrox62  (to replace Dromon which never worked right inside the game..)

Beta.p7 -> Beta.p8  (July 2009)
1. bonus resource changes: 
       Lead -> found in many places
       rock salt -> this is mined salt from Africa (renamed "Salt" to "Sea Salt" and is still in Sicillia)
       got rid of Whale and Banana resources, none were being used

2. python changes:
      a. Added spawning of some bagaudae during the Crisis
      b. updated Zama army composition
      c. gave Masada defenders the immobile promotion, and a hill bonus to offset it
      d. Wars against Germania or Persia invoked by the "war counter" now gives both sides an initial war weariness of 50
      e. Added Quintus Sertorius revolt    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quintus_Sertorius
      f. Added proscription.  This can be used only 2 times (0 in the 200AD scenario), and is triggered automatically 
         if the treasury falls below 20.   It provides 300 gold to hopefully get you through the current crisis.  It will 
         also anger the citizens of Roma some.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proscription
      g. Added Helvetii migration.
      h. Added a check in the disease code to make sure a city has >1 pop before taking -1 pop.
      i. Changed from pickle to cPickle for increased speed!
      j. Berserk can now enslave.   Gave the Germanics 1 slave in the 275BC scenario.
      k. Antoniis Golden Age is 18 turns in order to realign the techs.            <--- never got done!
      l. Judea will become a client kingdom in 63BC                                <-- bug, didn't work
      m. The Germanics and Parthians get a more capable govt civic during the Crisis.
      n. Added the "tradedoublefix" for the 275BC scenario.  It gives -50% trade route yield, so any routes that were 
         yielding only 1 gold will be effectively wiped out.  Basically this leaves trade routes only in coastal cities.
         At least until they double again..

3. Enhanced pedia entries for Eques Praedabundus, Stratiotes and Bellatores Loricati by Ajidica.

4. New artwork:
      nubianancientageunits + skirmisher by Bakuel
      nubianmiddleageunit by Bakuel
      hebrewmiddleageunits by Bakuel
      vikingancientunits by Bakuel
      greekancientunits by Bakuel
      greekmiddleageunits by Bakuel
      frankishancientageunits by Bakuel
      celticancientageunits by Bakuel
      thraex by Bakuel
      bonus_lead from Rise Of Mankind2 
      Militia Units by mechaerik
      Gruumsh Temple by woodelf (for Ludus)

5. Merged "Unit Obsolete Tech" modcomp by Dom Pedro II.  This tidys up the build list in the city screen.

6. Changed roads.   "Roads" (via rustica) and are slower than before.  "Roman Roads/paved roads" (via publicae) 
   cost 3X that of a regular road (via rustica) to build, and can only be built by legions (to limit their 
   availability and make them cost by paying expensive GPT legions).   Via rustica can be built by servus, slaves, 
   and legions.   Via publicae have 3X the movement rate, and it increases more with Second Punic War Part1 and with 
   Marius Reforms.  Updated both maps based on historical segment construction dates.

7. XML changes:
    a. build a mine to get Britanic Goods
    b. build a pasture to get Exotic Animals
    c. turned down Tin random appearance chance
    d. got rid of the _ZAMA units and increased the IMMOBILE promotion to -5 movement.   All units in "Army at Zama" will 
       have -20% strength from promotions.
    e. Trajan's Forum requires Trajan's Column (was Palace), which is given only when Sarmizegetusa is captured.
    f. changed iConquestProb from 0 to 60 for those buildings that were at 0 (ie most buildings producing culture)
    g. Munitors can add 20 culture to a city
    h. Added Frankish hero.   Added Greek Praesidium flavor unit.
    i. Changed the National Epic dependency to be something the player can actually build..
    j. Increased the work rate of the Marius legion from 40 to 50, and the Imperial legion from 40 to 60 to allow faster road construction.
    k. Got rid of the ability to build research.
    l. Gallic campaign changes:
         a. Increased Legio Caesari base heal rate to 20 (45% effective).
         b. Increased Thing cost   
         c. Increase Celtic Dun cost, and reduced defensive bonus.
         d. Gaul cannot build Armored Spearmen
         e. Increased Caesars healing rate.
    m. Miles Celticus from 35 to 25 hammers.
    n. Germanics cannot build workboats, or Armored Spearmen.
    o. Marian Consular legions get the "extraordinary leadership" promo as does Agrippa's ship.
    p. No more +1 farm food with Commerce.
    q. Increased civics costs.   This gives improved scaling of costs with growth.
    r. Upped (300-1000) iVassalPowerModifier for Persia, Germaia, Vandals, Gaul, and Dacia.   This should keep them from capitulating!
    s. Added "Faber" unit that can build roads but cost 4gpt to maintain.  Only 2 can be built.

8. Added 50 turns.  The 100BC - 0AD (150 - 100BC is still 2 years/turn) period is now 1 year/turn instead of 2 years/turn.   This is to give the Gallic campaign more time, and so that this very eventful period can be covered in more depth.

Beta.p6 -> Beta.p7  (May 2009)
1. Updated CvMainInterface.py by moving the status text (eg turns to next tech) into the research progress bar.   The bar now 
   displays the correct number of turn to the next tech, unless something more important is going on, in which case guage by 
   the green bar.

2. XML cleanup:
      a. removed some erroneous NONE values
      b. separated Illyrian and Persion indiginous peoples buildings
      c. Added (the same for now) wonder movie to all game wonders that were missing a movie.  
      d. Added missing *VASSAL* diplomacyinfos that were causing CTDs

3. python changes:
      a. Fixed CTD when ending the 2nd Punic War
      b. Fixed Illrian revolting units to appear in Illyria instead of Italia
      c. Added Pannonian uprising in 12BC.
      d. Added a city plague check every turn.   A population point has a chance of dying each turn the city is unhealthy.
         There is also a 1/3 chance of angering the population when poor living conditions result in deaths.
      e. occurances of "small plague" (1/9 chance of losing 1 pop) are very common between 250 and 270AD.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plague_of_Cyprian
      f. occurances of "small plague" (1/9 chance of losing 1 pop) are very common in 160AD   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonine_Plague

4. Added Ludus (gladiator school) building and Famous Gladiator great person.   Only 4 Ludus can be built, and each requires 
   5 Amphitheaters to be built, including 1 in the city.  Access to barley will speed construction.   

   Also added Ludus Magnus.  This was the gladiator school in Roma near the Coloseum.  It requires 4 Ludii to be built.

5. Balance changes:
      a. increased the strength of the quinquereme from 3 to 4, but replaced combat 1+2 with low quality recruits.
      b. Added low quality recruits to Hannibal's army at Zama
      c. When Tuetonari falls the other Cimbri city will also
      d. Restored civitas -10% maintenance
      e. Upped some maintenance costs
      f. Reduced portus trade route modifier from 50% to 25%
      g. Reduced allowed workers from 2 to 1.  The AI was getting too much building done.
      h. Changed Praetor from -100% number of cities to -75%
      i. Changed Forum from -100% number of cities to -85%
      j. Changed Dioces from -100% number of cities to -90%
      k. Cities can build a helper aquaeductus with Water Milling.   Unhealthy cities will likely suffer from disease.
      l. Pannonia is now owned by the Barbarians.  It cannot be taken prior to the uprising in 12BC.  Agrippa died before 
         persecuting the campaign, so Tiberius was used to complete the mission.
      m. Added more brothels and taverns to cities in the 200AD map.  Increased starting gold from 675 to 1300.  Added some GPs.
      n. All of the AI govts get -15% military production

6. New Art:
      Persian horse archer by Bakuel
      Sassanid horse archer by Bakuel

Beta.p5a -> Beta.p6  (March 2009)
1. New Art:
     Colosseum by jojoweb (replaces the stock art)
     Comites by Ajidica for Auxilia Palatina and Foederati
     Different picture (Wikipedia) for Armenian leaders
     Book (National Epic) by Daul
     Hunnic Praesidium (spearman_mongolian_v2) from TotalRealism
     Hunnic Infantry (mongol_footknight) from TotalRealism
     Eques Legionaires (auxiliakavallerie_v2) by Adjica and The_Coyote
     misc promotion art from Total Realsim
     Legio I+II, Velite, Miles Socii, Pelstat Samnites by charle88
     Praesidium II by Bakuel
     Imperial Legion by zenspiderz

2. Fixed art (thanks Ajidica!):
     Gothic Spearman (typo)
     Surena (wrong kfm)
     Devotio (wrong kfm)

2. python changes:
       a. Revised the end of the 2nd Punic War:
            i. Carthage becomes a vassal of Rome
            ii. Rome gets 20gpt for 50 turns (unless they declare war)
            iii. Rome will declare war on Carthage in 151BC
            iv. ALL Carthaginian units are disbanded
            v. Carthago (the city) gets a homeland_fortress, which is removed when the 2nd Punic War ends
            vi. To end the 2nd Punic war you need to defeat Hannibal's Army at Zama.   They will be spawned once Utica is captured.
       b. For the 3rd Punic War, only Carthago needs to be taken.  The other cities will become Roman when Carthago falls.
       c. Merged in Sevopedia 2.2a (by Gaurav et al)
       d. Added large Pictii/Scotti uprising in the mid 4th century.
       e. When a random barb land unit is spawned (not built, and has no name set), it will be destroyed and replaced with a different 
          unit if it is located in a region of interest.  The unit is randomly selected from the appropriate list.
               North Africa: Lybian Merc, Praesidum Merc, Numidian Cavalry, Light Cavalry
               Arabia: Judea Slinger, Macabee, Light Cavlary, Nubian Merc
               Russia: Light Cavalry, Tribus Germanica, Goth Berserk, Horse Archer
       f. Added Foederati for the Romans.  Some of these troops are recieved in your capitol with each barbarian alliance you make.
          They are not quality defenders.  Instead use their collateral damage to weaken enemies before sending in your own troops.
       g. Added spawning of a large horde of Huns.
       h. Coded the Division of Theodosius.   Historically this was the final splitting of the Empire.  This will bring the Western
          Roman Empire into the game.   Any units in (or within 2 plots of) WRE cities we become WRE units.  The split occurs in 395AD (turn 422).
       i. Added a Moorish incursion into Aegytus.
       j. Fixed "Alliance with Goths" failing to give the Dacian cities to the Goths.
       k. Added some promotions for new units.   There is a small chance of a unit being composed of "high quality recruits" or 
          "low quality recruits".   Additionally a unit winning in combat has a small chance of gaining an "extraordinary leadership"
       l. Added damage to Roman units in Italia for Hannibal support.

3. Balance/Misc:
       a. Sagitarius Auxilarius withdrawl chance increased from 50 to 60%
       b. Portus Ostia now gets +15% food and +1 happy from Aegyptian Goods.  This represents the wheat shipsments to Roma from 
          Aegyptus.  It also provides +5% food with Exotic Animals.  This represents additional grain shipments from Africa.
       c. Syria used Macedonian style phalanxes instead of regular hoplites.
       d. Legions get -10% desert terrain defense.   Clibinarius loses it's 25% bonus vs heavy infantry, has iCombat reduced from 11 to 10,  
          and gains a free COMBAT1 promo.
       e. Persians get Perian + Parthi Hippotoxotae UU units.  These cause more collateral damage than normal horse archers and have
          a bonus vs heavy infantry.
       f. Servus (workers) can be built at the palace now.   Only 2 are allowed.   Some build actions consume workers such as building
          a mine, or workshop.  Try to use slaves for jobs that will consume a worker.  You will need a steady supply of slaves to make the
          Empire productive.
       g. Added an Illyrian Peoples building.   It gives +10% military production and a free Military Tradition promotion to land units raised there.
       h. Added a Persian Peoples building.  This helps to sustain a larger army since few of thier cities are on the map.
       i. Added a 2nd Persian hero that can only be spawned.
       j. Vandal land units get a free Looter promotion.
       k. Removed Palace from Britons, Tuetons and Galia Cisalpina in the 275BC map.

4. pedia updates:
       a. Got rid of inappropriate "Concepts" (eg nukes) and added in RFRE appropriate content.
       b. Updates by Ajidica for: Dromons, Maccabees, Bellator, Skuda, Persian Saggitarius, Parthi Hippotoxotai

Beta.p5 -> Beta.p5a  (November 2008)
1. Balance:
       a. Increase iInflationPercent from 90 to 100 in civ4handicapinfo.
       b. Increase iDistanceMaintenancePercent from 35 to 50 in civ4handicapinfo.

2. Fixes:
       a. Fixed typos in the 275BC map.  It would CTD on the errors.
       b. Decreased the scale for Bellatores Loricati (ART_DEF_UNIT_INFANTRY).  The game would CTD if upgrading a unit on a hill to this!!!   Might still be 
          problems here..

3. python changes:
       a. Fixed large lag when capturing the 11th city from the Gallic Empire.
       b. Got rid of the dependence on CvPath.py.  This was causing the python to not load for some people.
       c. Added code that will cause war with the Germanics under certain circumstances.  The code is inactive until the ADs.  It compares the total strength of 
          the Germanics vs the strength of the Romans *near the border* (ie within 8 plots of Colonia Agripina or Vindoboda).  If Germania has sufficient local
          superiority there is a 1 in 10 chance each turn that they will declare war.

4.  Added new unit art:
       ballista by Walter Hawkwood for ballista
       EstalianJinites by Ajidica for Iberian Mounted Javelineer
       GothicLancer by Ajidica for Gothic Medium Cavalry
       GothicSpearman by Ajidica for Tribus Gothica
       GothicComitatus by Ajidica for Praesidium Gothi

Beta.p4a -> Beta.p5  (August 2008)
1. Balance:
       a. Miles Aux can be drafted.
       b. Changed Forum distance modifier from -46 to -42%.
       c. Reduced Clibinarius cost from 55 to 40 hammers.
       d. Added a new unit: Vexillatio.  These were ad-hoc units stripped off the frontiers (where almost all units were based).
          They are available with the Severan Dynasty.  The unit represents the eques flavor.  As for the cohors vexillatio, your
          remaining Imperial Legions will fill this role.  There is a very hectic span during which time you cannot build a very 
          strong offensive unit (less the Praetorians if you can afford them).

          Moved the Eques Legionares back to Soldier Emperors.  Reduced thier combat rating from 12 to 10, but gave them a 10% bonus
          vs cavalry.   These units represent the larger cavalry formations utilized against the Persians.  Your heavy infantry will
          be hard pressed against the Clibinarius, so use these units to at least cover them.  Changed the graphic from the "mounted
          legionair" to the auxillary cavalry soldier.
       e. Removed the -5% maintenance from civitas.
       f. Reduced the Brothel income from 2 to 1 gold.
       g. Halved the work rate of Munitors.  Gave them the chop ability.
       h. Immolatio Christianorum gives -2 culture instead of -1
       i. Added a medium cavalry for the Germanics
       j. Lowered the cost of Praesidium Sassanidum
       k. Gaul cannot build Infantry.
       j. Praetorians cost 6 extra gpt (was 4)
       k. Comitanses have a combat rating of 11 (was 10)

2. Fixes:
       a. Consul_III now requires a Palace (was Senatus, but Senatus goes obsolete)
       b. Roman, Greek and Druid temples go obsolete with Christain Faith
       c. cemetary and burial mounds are mutex now.
       d. Christianity is discovered with the 175 to 225AD tech.  Now the "Immolatio Christianorum" will have something to spread.
3. Python changes:
       a. Added the battle of Naissus.   This is any early invasion by Gothic warriors.
       b. Added spawning of Pictii raiders.
       c. Fixed typo keeping Constitutio Antoninnia from working.
       d. Added more units to the Palmyrene and Gallic revolts.  Added plot culture.  Added some more cities to the Gallic Empire.
       e. Fixed problems with the Gallic revolt
       f. Added small plague outbreaks.
       g. Added code for the Liminetae to get the Limes promotion.  The only place these troops have much value is on the frontier in a fort.
       h. Added Franks creation from an alliance.
       i. Added Goths settlement (in Dacia) from an alliance.

4. 200AD map changes:
       a. Added initial production to ~2/3 of the cities.
       b. Added buildings.
       c. Set permanent peace between Germanics/Dacia/Scythia
       d. Roxilani has a homeland_fortress now.
       e. The Scythians are no longer a minor civ.  They have a permanent war against Rome, and no one else.
       f. Dacia is now permanently at war with Rome.   Homeland_fortresses have been added to the 2 Dacian cities.  The Roman's never managed to
          control all of Dacia, and eventually pulled back once they deemed the area in-defensible.
       g. Changed the forts which represent Hadrian's wall to Limes Forts to better represent thier effectiveness.

5. Graphics changes:
       a. changed Palace graphics
       b. Added a graphic for Limes Forts.  They appear different than regular forts.
       c. Added static pictures for some of the Roman "wonders" (eg Mare Nostrum).  The pictures are from civIII RFRE.
       d. Created a new legion graphic for usage with the Mercenary Legion.  The army of this period abandoned the gladius, lorica
          segmentata, and adopted a longer sword, a round or oval shield, and changed to using a thrusting spear as the primary weapon.
       e. Changed Heavy Cavalry (Eques Praedabundus) graphic.
       f. Added more variety to the unit buttons.

6. Got rid of the MainScreen mod.  While this looks nicer, it seems to cause instability.

7. 275BC map changes:
       a. Renamed Scotti to Pictii and added homeland_fortress
       b. Added homeland_fortresses to 2 Dacian cities.  
       c. Set permanent peace between Germanics/Dacia/Scythia
       d. Roxilani has a homeland_fortress now.

Beta.p4 -> Beta.p4a (July 2008)
1. Fixed Hannibal's AI code for 2 of 3 cases.

2. Modified CvMainInterface.py to add some text to the screen for "the important thing".  Typically this is just how many turns to the next tech, however during certain events it will show a counter instead.  For example while battling Antony you need to sink 5 of his ships, and so this info will be displayed.  The code was copied from the civIV mod "Desert War".

Beta.p3a -> Beta.p4  (January 2008)
1. The AI can now build triremes.  In earlier versions only Illyria, Rome, and the Pirate Raiders could build war ships!!  This made the barbarian pirates too numerical, and Carthage far too weak in the water.  Quinquereme summa can now actually be built (it was impossible before), but only in cities with local access to timber.  The Illyrian capital will turn into (at least early in the game) the great producer of the Roman navy that bring to fruition "mare nostrum".

2. Balance:
      a. Upped unit costs for many early units
      b. tweaked initial attitudes of many of the Greek civs
      c. lowered Velite withdrawal chance by 5%
      d. increased the city attack bonus for some of the legions (too many loses during Pompey's expansion period)
      e. City States + Monarchy (civilized AI govts) now have -15% military production
      f. changed the Colossus from a global, to a local city wonder (+1 gold/water tile for the entire Roman Empire!!!)
      g. lowered Praetor/etc distance modifier by 5%
      h. increased war weariness (WW)
      i. the National Epic provides -20% WW now (it was pointless before).  Vassals are allowed with "Philosophy and Poetry" instead of Triumvirate.
      j. gave Aegyptus a slave.  Aegyptus will eventually have Egyptian goods available for trade.
      k. latifundia gives -1 happy in the largest cities, but negates the unhappyness caused by the castra
      l. reduced AI govt free unit support by a few units, and upped the support cost by +2 so City States and Hereditary Rule match
      m. Germanics can now build Berserks (swordsman).  It was not able to before.
      n. reduced the cost of Circus Maximus to give Roma more time to build legions
      o. the potency of Exercitus Bacra has been increased
      p. Aegyptus can now build Galatian Bellator mercenaries.
      q. fixed missing military support requirement for some later legions, velites, and miles aux!
      r. decreased many promotions potency (eg combat3 gives 7% instead of 10%)
      s. reduced/eliminated Consular Armies withdrawl chance.
      t. halved legioI's XP gain (4->2 attacking, 2->1 defending), and reduced legioII's max XP gain (4/2 -> 3/2).  LegioI's were disbanded between campaigns, as
         were legioIIs, but Scipio trained IIs harder.  LegioIII (Marius Legions) represent Rome's first professional (ie full time) army so get full XP.

3. Pergamum is now friendlier with Rome.

4. Aegyptus is friendlier.  Cleopatra's AI was tweaked to be pro-Roman, but it degrades, so court them before the uncertain times of the 1st Triumvirate!

5. Yet again.. fixed Consular classes.  Now all Consular armies have the same unit class.  It's unknown why this is necessary :(

6. Changed all Roman heros (Scipio, Caesar, Trajan, Belisarius) into promotions.  2 Consular armies can be built, and will recieve the hero promotions
   when the appropriate tech is reached (eg Caesar with Triumvirate).  The promotions will expire when their primary objective is taken, or the year they died in:
      Scipio - either when the City of Carthago is taken, or in 188BC
      Caesar - when Gaul is eliminated or becomes a vassal, or in 44BC
      Trajan - when Sarmizegetusa is captured, or in 117AD
      Belisarius - Never expires, lives to the end of the game!

7. Changes in rfre.py:
       a. Pergamum will become a vassal state in 161BC, and will be completely absorbed into the Roman Empire in 133BC when Rex Attalus III dies.
       b. added 1st/2nd/3rd Jewish uprisings
       c. for civitas to be granted, Lex Agraria must have been built, and the city must have 10000 points of Roman culture.
       d. added a ROP with Germania during the Cimbri war.  The Germanics will certainly cancel it at the 1st opportunity, so don't delay!
       e. added Miles Socii + some other units random Romanized unit naming code
       f. increased the strength of baddies from the Spartacus and Social War events
       g. added a ROP between Carthage and the Western Greeks for Hannibal
       h. moved the "free with tech" Scipio/Caesar/Trajan into python due to unit_class changes in fixing the upgrade paths
       i. added Iceni revolt
       j. a road will be added through the mountains north of Mediolanum when the Cimbri are defeated.  There is no historical record of when this pass 
          was created, but this gives the player egress since Gaul has likely not fallen yet.
       k. removed the possiblity of Spartacus' units spawning in the water
       l. fixed rioting slaves
       m. added pruning of 1/3 of Carthage's army (disarmament) following the 2nd Punic War, and added the "Truceless War" following the end of the 1st Punic War
       n. Hannibal's invasion of Italia corrected to 218BC (was 209).
       o. Added Boii and Insurbi revolts when Hannibal invades Italia.
       p. Numidia will declare war on Carthage when Utica is captured.
       q. Added naming (ie nationality) of captured slaves
       r. Added the secession of the Gallic and Palmyrese Empires during the Crisis of the 3rd Century.
              1. The Palmyrene Empire can be defeated by capturing Palmyra.
              2. The Gallic Empire will be defeated once 10 of the original 20 cities have been captured (Burdigala, Poitiers,  Tolosa,  Gergovia,  Rouen,  Clermont,  Vienna, Gades, Oxthraca, Toletum, Albacete, Numenatia, Iruna, Carthago Nova, Astur-Cantabrian,  Isca Domnoniorum, Isca, Eburacum, Saguntum,  Barcino)
       s. Added AntonyEtCleopatra. In 32BC Antony's fleet of 6 ships will sail from Greece. You must defeat 5 of them (ie with the name "Mark Antonys fleet") to bring Aegyptus back under control. To help you Agrippa sets sail, but he will need help.
       t. Iberia will become a vassal of Carthage when the 2nd Punic War starts.
       u. There are 2 conditions to end the Social War quickly, build Lex Agraria in Roma (avaible once "Agrarian Troubles" is researched (2 turns)) and capture 2 Italian cities
       v. Added "Telamon" (Battle) event.  Cisalpine Gaul invaded Rome in 225BC.
       w. Gave Hanniabl's army a "strategy".  Hannibal will be recalled to Carthage if Utica is captured.

8. Roman Government changes:
   Added the Principate govt with Age of Augustus, and Absolute Principate with Diocletian.

   The Triumvirate government is a time of great internal conflict within the empire.  Almost all attention is spent on reconciling who the 
   next leadership will be instead of attending to the empire.  Military costs are very high during a triumvirate, so you should move the 
   Principate government as soon as possible.  Note the substantial anarchy period involved in a return to Republican rule makes such a return 

   The "Civil War" government has been removed.  Instead, the anarchy lengths have been increased to represent such times.

9. Reduced direct free healthy from resources.  For example, removed +1 healthy from Deer, but the Market gives +1 healthy if Deer is available.  Fruit no 
   longer gives +1 healthy, it only helps the local city to grow.

10. Added a new tech to keep the AI from asking the player to convert to the AI governments (eg City States).

11. 275BC map changes (map is now rfre.v4.5.275BC.CivWarlordsWBSave):
      a. Changed many of the leader names from "X", to "X ruler of the Y" to make it easier to keep track of who all these guys are. 
      b. Gave the southern most Illyrian city to the Eporites, as it should have been.  This will slightly lengthen the war against 
         Phyruus, but shorten the Illyrian war (it was too long).
      c. the city "Franks" is now owned by the Germanics (was Tuetons), as was intended in version p3a
      d. expanded Seluicid territory by giving them the Mesepotamian cities.  Parthia will have to conquer them.
      e. corrected MaxTurns from 500 to 525.
      f. Judea has been added.  Historicaly Jedea become a client kingdom ~43BC, and then a province with King Herod's death(?) in ??.
      g. Split Hispanic Tribes into Iberia and Lusitania.
      h. integrated marsh terrain + swamp feature (by Fierabras, Rhye).  Added some swamp to the map.
      i. placed the Ishtar Gate in Babylon :)
      j. Added the Vestal Virgins + a castra to Roma
      k. added more Germanic cities

12. Fixed the Cohors Equitata Millaria so it's possible to actually build them.  Increased the number of cities where they can be built.  Hispania is a good 
    recruiting ground for these cheap + effective troops.

13. Fixed CIV4GameSpeedInfo.xml.  There were too many 1 year turns, and not enough 2 year turns.  The effect was to give the player too much time
    during the expansion phase!!!!

14. Removed later-era (eg tank) sounds from terraininfos.

15. Added "Main Screen Mod==v2.2w" (by NeverMind).

16. Added some new unit graphics (by Aranor): Thorakitai(Syria), Lusitanii (used for Iberia), Tarabostes (used for Dacia and Lusitanii), Komotai, Skuda (Scythia), praetorian (Legio Consularis).  Added new art for slave units (to more easily differentiate them from servus).  Added some more galley skins by FK2006.

17. Integrated Esnaz's Lombari tribe (although they are not used yet).

18. Added "Pax Romana" with TECH_COMMERCE.  This represents the explosion in trade during the Pax Romana, the likeness of which won't be seen again till the 
    Middle Ages have passed.   Don't mind the long anarchy, it will be set via python (which skips anarchy from civics).  The long anarchy is there to keep 
    the player from coming back to this one.

19. Integrated part of Strategyonly's Hun civ.  Changed text to be era specific.

20. Added new building art:
      Petra wonder graphic (by HROCHland) for Petra
      "Phoenician seaport" (by HROCHland) for use in Tyre
      FTemple (by woodelf) for use by the Vestal Virgins ;)
      "greek fortress" (by Chamaedrys) for use in Athenae
      "exotic animals" (by Refar) bonus resource (replaces banana placeholder)

21. Created the Franks, Vandals, and Hunnic civs + some units (eg Copai Attila), leaders (Clovis I, Attila the Hun), and pedia entries.

22. Made Wessel V1's 200AD map ready.  Added unit's based on a 60AD legion location map, and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Roman_auxiliary_regiments. 
    Auxilliaries are combined into 1000 strong units for mapping into the game purposes.

23. Added "munitor" (fort engineer) units with Siege Engineering.  They can only be trained in a city with an academy.

24. Removed some extra ","s in UnitInfos.  These cause a CTD when the button is used.

25. Added text + art from JBG's "Palmyrene Empire" civilization.

Known Issues:
1. opening detailed diplomatic negociations sometimes CTDs (negative gold, missing entries in CIV4BasicInfos.xml??)

2. python occasionally bombs when deleting units (eg disarming Carthage, converting Pergamum)

Beta.p3 -> Beta.p3a (January 2008)
1. Fixed castra_numidicii iConquestProb (was 0)

2. changes in: rfre.py 
      a. added code to update the research bar by 1/12 per turn.  The turn count is based on your actual beaker rate, so that will still be wrong.
      b. fix missing include of RevUtils (social war malfunction)
      c. changes research duration for "Agrarian Troubles" to 3 turns (was 12)
      d. fixed changing of leaders to Caesar when the Dictator tech is reached
      e. the game starts with war-weariness vs the Eporites.  Expect to see some angry citizens if the Eporites live too long.
      f. added some variability to the size of Hannibal's army.  Fixed 2 bugs here.

3. Fixed Consular upgrade classes, again!!

4. Removed homeland fortress from Numidian cities.

5. The ram unit upgrades to a ballista now.   Mostly this is just to reduce the list of buildable units one has to scroll through.

6. Changed city commerce multiplier to -25% for each of the Roman governments (-40% for civil war).

7. Increased unit extra costs for the main Roman units (eg LegioI went from 2 to 3 extra gpt).

8. Got rid of Barbarian city creation (set <bNoBarbCities> to 1 in CIV4EraInfos.xml)

9. The city "Franks" is now owned by the Germanics (was barbarian).  This is to stop the AI from wasting all it's troops here.

10. only servus (not slaves) and legions starting with Marius can build cottages.  The idea is that towns formed around stationary legions.

11. Vassals are now allowed under Triumvirate (was Age of Augustus)

12. Equites Numidici is a national unit with a limit of 4.   Numidian Cavalry is built by Numidia and Carthage, and has no limits.

Beta.p2 -> Beta.p3 
1. Fixed Miles Auxillarius CTD bug (upgrade to it's own class) - thanks to Wessel V1 for finding this!  

2. Made Castra Praetoria require the Palace.  Removed national wonder status (too many national wonders).

3. Removed great person rate from Colosseum.  Added +1 happy/20% culture.

4. Fixed missing leaderhead ART_DEF statements for Alexander and Ghengis Khan.   This was causing a CTD when meeting Pergamum.
   Pergamum is now represented by Alexander, and the Pirates by the Etruscan leader...  leaders still need work!

5. census requires civitas (look for civitas in Italian cities following the Social War)

6. The "thing" building is obsolete with Etruscan Heritage (ie no help to the Romans)

7. Copied CIV4CityLSystem.xml from Warlords in order to utilize the Greco-Roman city art.  Added most buildings so they will 
   now be displayed.  Important buildings like the HomelandFortress were made very large.  Stay away!

8. Miscellaneous pedia and some graphics updates. 

   Changed Miles Aux art work to be more consistent with history.  To make them look different from the Legions, Auxilliaries 
   get scale armor (lorica squamata), whereas the Legions are seen wearing either chain mail (lorica hamata) or laminated-strip 
   armour (lorica segmentata).

9. Renamed "citizen" specialist to "Freedmen".  Castra now gives 1 free Freedman, and the option of 1 slave (was +1 hammer, option of 2 slaves).

10. Fixed Consul upgrade classes (no longer stuck with the 7 combat consul)

11. Python changes:
     a. Added code to remove slaves from cities under some circumstances.

     b. Added code to handle the "learning" of the timers.  The cost of timers is too high for the AI to actually get them, so they will all
        come exclusively from python now.

     c. Added slave riots possibility during slave unrest.  Slave riots can destroy buildings.

     d. Added code for the Cimbri migration.  Expect a panic in Rome around 105BC!

     e. Added ROP for Hannibal with Cisalpine Gaul, just in case they are still around at this time.

     f. Added code for the Illyrian revolt of 6AD.

     g. Added code to convert a dead civ's culture into Barbarian culture.  The Roman's viewed most peoples as barbarians, and 
        now the culture reflects this.

     h. once Lex Agraria has been enacted (to end the Social War), any city where the Roman's have 95% more culture than the Barbarians will be
        given civitas (civitas adds 1 trade route and -10% maintenance).   Cities with citizenship can build a census (+20% gold), and a triumphus
        (+3 XP for land units).

        In the 3rd century, Constitutio Antonii grants civitas to all cities.

     i. Fixed 3X enslaving bug!  A new unit must be created with UnitAITypes.NO_UNITAI during onCombatResult (it seems to be fine elsewhere..), or 
        else it gives 3 of them.

     j. Added code for 12 turn tech research.  The beaker cost is probably too high to get them any other way.

Beta.p1 -> Beta.p2 (October 2007)
1. updated for Warlords 2.13 (new dll)

2. added Byzantine Cataphract and Stratios art.  Added persian sagitarius art

3. changed Praetor to -100% distance cost.  Upped "organized" trait to -60% maintenance (was -50%).

4. added "indigenous peoples game mechanism buildings" to allow tribe specific buildings to be built in conquered territories (eg castra hopilatorium)
     a. added celtic & barbarian peoples requirement for Hardrian's Wall.  There are 2 such cities in Britania.
     b. similarly, a local timber "building" has been added to enable the timber camp (Stativa Lignaria) to be built only there

5. increase default road movement rate from 2 to 3.   Early movement was just too slow..

6. lots of minor tweaks to leaderheads (less focus on religion for some leaders), unit strengths (eg hoplites get +20% vs cavalry), production, etc..

7. there are NO python changes in beta1.p2

Beta1 -> Beta1.p1 (September 2007)
1. Changed Tribus Magnus art

2. Added Vassalage ability with the Age of Augustus (the beginnings of Imperial times)

3. Changed Slave Market to allow 2 slaves (was 2 free citizens).  The -1 happy of the slave market represents displaced
   local workers.

4. Created "slave" specialist.  Slave workers can be converted into these.  While production is increased, each 
   specialist consumes 1 food.  This can cause problems if a city cannot support the food level required!!!  Also, slaves
   take away 1 beaker to represent the lack of innovation due to distractions of a more decadent lifestyle. 

5. The garnaria also gives +2 food now

6. Misc map edits (eg added Hamilcar Bacra in Sicily)

7. Vastly increased the culture garrison value of a tribus magnus (still doesn't stop flipping though.., eg Samnites)

8. allow more units (eg ptolemite phalanx) to enslave slaves.  this is the only way most civs can obtain workers.

9. fixed Roman Temple icon bug causing a CTD

10. Added Miles Socii (allied auxilliaries).  They are cheaper, but less useful than a legion.   

11. Changed pre-marius legions to require civitas in order to be built.   Reduced the cost of the 1st 2 legions.

12. Fixed event code by merging with AIAutoPlay.py.
      The list of coded events is:
         Social War (+ end to the Social War - ie build Lex Agraria)
         Spartacus slave rebellion
         Armenia's conversion to Christianity
         an earthquake in Petra that destroys the city
         Hannibal Bacra's invasion of Italia
         Persia's conversion to the Sassanids, except the leader, see Known Problems below

      A. Added the Social War event code.  Research "Agrarian Troubles" to allow Lex Agraria to be built.  This will grant citizenship to the
         cities in Italia, and end the war.  Also, at least 2 cities need to be captured before the war will end via Lex Agraria.

13. Changed the starting leader for the Romans to "Consul".  Other leaders will come later starting with Caesar.
14. Added citizenship modeling.  Most citizens became so through the gradual process of "Romanification".  In game terms, after Lex Agraria
     has been built, cities with > 90% Roman culture will automatically be given citizenship.

     This has some issues and will be revised later..

15. Removed the "dictator perpetuous" wonder.  Here are the relavent changes:
	the triumvirate tech 
             -> still gives a free Caesar unit

        the dictator tech
             -> starts a civil war (ie changes the govt to civil war)
             -> changes the Roman leader to Caesar

16. Increased the legal civic (eg praetor) potency quite a bit.  Without these, the maintenance costs blow up after the Illyrian war to unsustainable levels.
    Praetor must be researched before the Illyrian cities are captured or else the economy will crumble!!

17. Added pirate ship generation.   An enhancement to change the appearance % (+ location) based on how many live pirate civs (Piratae, Dacian, Goth, Illyrian, Aechian, ??) there are 
    is planned.

18. Hannibal + Hasbrudal no longer enslave the servus seditious.  Hannibal is stronger, and has a bigger army with him.

19. Added the lumber mill (Stativa Lignaria), but in civIV there doesn't appear to be a way to require a resource to be within the cities radius, so these give +0 production till something can be done.  Similarly, the auxillary hoplites, celts, and numidians have thier building pre-built.

20. Changed Consular Amries + Scipio + Caesar to require BUILDING_SENATUS in order to be built (ie only in Roma).  Made the cost reasonable.

21. Removed all the barbarian cities from the Russian region

Beta1 (September 2006)
Initial version.

Known Problems/Issues:
1. palisades don't show up correctly

2. 3X enslaving bug..... please help!

4. portus ostie doesn't give free granaries (BUILDING_GRANARIA) like it says to in the xml.. changing the order of buildings in CIV4BuildingInfos.xml changes what actually gets used!!!!

5. civil war will happen automatically based on events, but there is no anarchy period or restriction from changing back immediately

6. changing the Persian leader (via the same function used to change Roman leaders) results in a "multiplayer disconnected" popup!!!!   This is disabled for now!

Revolutions (utilities)
Press Ctrl-Shift-L to open a popup allowing you to select which player you want to control. This works quite well and is stable. 

Press Ctrl-Shift-P to instead select a player and change their civ, leader or team. The leader and civ type do not have to correspond.

Press Ctrl-Shift-X to open the AIAutoPlay Chooser window, select a number of turns to auto play and select Full Automation from the drop down menu (or no automation). There is a new feature to have the AI only move your units. At the start of your turn, change whatever you want or move a couple units, then press Ctrl-Shift-M to have the AI do the rest of that turn. You can also cancel automation by pressing Ctrl-Shift-X again, but only when there are no popups open. To help with that, there is a config option to block some standard game popups.

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