Rhye's and Fall of Civilization

Like the name suggests, the central theme to Rhye’s and Fall of Civilization is the simulation of historical civilizations’ roller coaster...


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Like the name suggests, the central theme to Rhye’s and Fall of Civilization is the simulation of historical civilizations’ roller coaster ride of power shifts. Although Civilization 4 is generally set up so that civs simply grow more powerful over time (unless conquered), RFC has a new mechanism that allows civilizations to collapse into barbarian cities, and even rebirth from uncivilized ruins or foreign domination, given the right circumstances. This means that in one game multiple civilizations can fail before they all even spawn, and in another every single civilization can survive through the entire game. Thus in a given game, both China and Rome can succumb to outside invasion and cease to be civilizations at all (possibly coming back later), or they may survive and thrive into the late game. Triggering these breakdowns can be a key strategy for human players, since only AI civs can collapse.

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Download 'rfc124.zip' (19.6MB)

Updated to v124
Rhye's and Fall of Civilization is the sequel to Rhye's of Civilization - the fastest loading mod one of the
most popular modpacks for Civilization III, with more than 25'000 downloads.
Rhye’s and Fall of Civilization is a modpack for Civilization IV that attempts to make a realistic and
historically correct Civilization IV game based on an Earth map, without pre-placed cities.
It can be considered a hybrid between mod and scenario. There have been many changes made to the core
game, and each integrates with the static map in order to make a better overall experience. This mod is tied
in deeply with the map it's played on, and cannot be played without this unique world map.
A brief account of the features of Rhye's and Fall of Civilization:
 A 124x68 world map with enlarged Europe for better gameplay
 Dynamic rise and fall of civilizations
 Players can control more than one civilization in a single game
 Dynamic spread of resources
 Reprogrammed AI that adapts its behaviour to the Earth map and founds cities in their historical
place, with their historical name
 Python events that reproduce historical barbarian attacks
 Unique powers for each civilization
 World Congresses where cities are traded
 New flags and new terrain graphics, including a new terrain: marshes
 Rule changes that will give this mod the feel of the original Rhye’s of Civilization
This mod requires Civilization IV patched to 1.61. It is also currently not compatible with the
Warlords expansion (coming soon).
If any custom assets are installed, they may interfere with the mod and not allow it to run properly.

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