Robo Composite Mod

Hey all!!

We got a new mod for you - this mod is a collection of many small mods, and does the trick. It's well done, and fun to play wi...


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Hey all!!

We got a new mod for you - this mod is a collection of many small mods, and does the trick. It's well done, and fun to play with.

What I love most about it is the Zero, but, I guess that's me!


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Second Unique Unit Mod 1.00

This is a working standalone mod, but it is intended to be integrated into other mods.
Every standard civ gets a second unique unit which has a new skin, new name (in all languages),
a new icon and civilopdia description (english and german).
Maybe with some help, I can add descriptions in other languages too.

So there are 2nd uus, as well as new skins for existing units and other units have been altered.

There are two versions currently, the one has just the 2nd uu and new skins. The "Plus" version also has the t-34 as second tank
included, the original tank has the name Sherman and +Amphibious, the new tank has the name T-34 and +10%withdrawal.
All the eastern civs get the T-34 and the western get the Sherman. This shows some historical differences between east/west.

plus version:

standard version:

If the download doesn´t work, try again in a few hours, maybe I am just updating.

You can talk to me in on 6667 in #civfanatics or in #civmod
(irc channel for modding civ4) or click here for java irc to this channel

here the list of the current second uus:
(fs(c) = first strike (chance))

America - Minuteman
replaces rifleman, +1fs, +30% withdrawal, -10 prod

Arabia - Ansar Warrior
replaces knight, +get terrain defense, + heal 1

Aztec - Elite Jaguar
replaces maceman, +woodsman 1&2, -5 prod

China - Junk
replaces galleon, +1 cargo, +20% withdrawal

Egypt - Egypt Archer
replaces archer, +1fs, +1fsc

England - English Longbowman
replaces longbowman, -10 prod

France - Dragoon
replaces cavalry, +get terrain defense, -20 prod

German - Teutonic Knight
replaces maceman, +march

Greek - Companion Cavalry
replaces knight, +1fs, +1fsc

Inca - Elite Quechua
replaces swordsman, +50% vs archer, needs iron or copper

India - Indian War Elephant
replaces war elephant, +25% vs melee, +50% prod with ivory, doesn't need ivory

Japan - Zero Fighter
replaces fighter, +1str, +20% evasion

Mali - Mali Cavalry
replaces knight, +commando, +10 prod

Mongol - Keshik Horse Archer
replaces horse archer, +ignores terrain movecost, +1fs

Persia - Sipahi
replaces knight, +2str

Rome - Roman Cavalry
replaces knight, +30% withdrawal, +1fsc

Russia - Tank-54
replaces tank, +retreat 1, +10% vs armored

Spain - Treasure galleon
replaces galleon, +2str

other units that have been modified:
Swordsman -> 10% city attack to 20%
Jaguar -> -25% jungle defense, + woodsman 1
Camel Archer -> replaces horse archer, +30% vs mounted
Keshik -> replaces knight

Here the screenhots of all new 2nduu of all civs.:

Minuteman - C.Roland -
Ansar Warrior - Wyz_sub10 -
Elite Jaguar Warrior - MasterLexx - not published
Junk - Exavier -
Egyptian Archer - Hell's Angel -
Longbowman - Hell's Angel -
Dragoner - Arne -
Teutonic Knight - krowtrobot - not published
Companion Cavalry - Civ4 - Civ4
Elite Quechua - Master Lexx - not published
Indian Warelephant - Master Lexx - not published
Zero Fighter- krowtrobot -
Mali Cavalry - C.Roland -
Mongolian Horsearcher - Mumin -
Sipahi - krowtrobot -
Roman Cavalry - Robo Magic Man -
T-34/54 Tank - Master Lexx - not published
Treasure Galleon - Arne -

new skins for existing units:
Warrior leopard outfit - Hell's Angel -
German Panzer realistic style - mirtan -
MechInfantry urban camo - Fëanor -
Navy Seal darker clothes - CrazyAce -
Scout with more clothes - Tremo -
Modern Worker more stylish - Spindrift -
Samurai less golden skin - Expositus -
Praetorian with red shield - Master Lexx - not published
Galleon less coloured - Master Lexx - not published

Last edited by Master Lexx : Jan 31, 2006 at 07:30 PM.

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