Romance of the Three Kingdoms



n the year 180 AD, the Han Dynasty of China was crumpling. A rebellion known as the Yellow Turbans rose and ravaged the land. Then a evil tyrant, Dong Zhuo, took control of the central government and bullied the young Emperor. Then a colalition rose and he was soon displaced. Fighting continued until the Han throne was usurped by Cao Pi, who created Wei. Then Liu Bei established the Shu-Han Dynasty, and Sun Quan established the Wu Dynasty. Wei was turned into Jin after the defeat of Shu by the Sima Family. Jin finally united the land after years of fighting.



Version .02-Beta Release
This version only features a VERY early version of one of the scenarios that will be included in the final pack. This has only a few city names correct.
Download the file Here

Yellow Turban Rebellion-10%
The Han is going through a economic deppresion. As famine goes across the nation, a group of people in the east joined under a magician, Jiang Jiao, and began the Yellow Turban Rebellion

Treachery of Dong Zhuo-5%

War against Yuan Shao-0%

Creation of Shu-1%

End of the Han-4%

Nanman Tribe-20%-Beta released
When the Shu-Han and Wu Dynastys were established, they both had prepared for a massive attack North. However,a southern tribe was growing to be a nusience. The Southern allies decided to postpone the campiagn North in order to secure their rear.

Southern Civil War-12%

Northern Campaigns-20%

End of Shu-23%

Land United Under Jin-9%

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