Here is the Romanian Civ for your Civ 4. Civ stats:

Civilization: Romanian Kingdom Noun: Romania Adjective: Romanian Colour: Light bl...


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Here is the Romanian Civ for your Civ 4. Civ stats:

Civilization: Romanian Kingdom Noun: Romania Adjective: Romanian color: Light blue Starts with: Agriculture and Mysticism Unique Unit: Vanatori de Munte- Replaces Rifleman Cost: 110 hammers Strength: 15 with: 25% combat with mounted Guerilla 1 promotion

Cities: Bucharest Iasi Cluj Napoca Timisora Constanta Craiova Galati Brasov Ploiesti Sibiu Braila Oardea Bracau Arad Pitesti Targu Mures Baia Mare Buzau Satumare Botosani and more

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Ok guys and girls! here is the Romanian civ I have been working on. As it says above it is 1.61 compatible!

This is version 1 in the next version I intend to have a complete sound set included for you all It was supposed to be included in this version but something was wrong in my xml with the new patch and it was unable to be fixed before release so it will ahve to wait a few days maybe a week tops

And now to the most important part! the thank yous!!!!!
Thanks as always to Shqype for being a sounding board, helpnig me wit stupid problems like "how do I add a new soud to my civ? " and for being a great tester! If not for him this mod would not have half the polish it has!

Thanks must go out to TheLopez! If not for him I would still be hastling Shype to help me fix this civ for 1.61! I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I think Shqype would agree with what I have said here too!! Even though it was a stupid error on my part.

Now for the unsung heros of this mod, people who do not belong to this community but were immeasurable in their help for me while creating this civ! Thanks to my Romanian freinds! Thanks to Andrei ( who's voice you will be able to hear in the upcoming sounds pack!), Roxana for your support and being a great sounding board! , and a very special thanks must go out to my best freind Sanda! If not for her inspiration I would not have ventured out to do this mod! She also found all the diplomacy music and her uncle was a great help in all matters military! So to everyone who has lent a helping had to me in this mod I say a great THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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