Second Revolution



This scenario with mod is a fiction scenario where there is a "Second Revolution" in North America. I have tried to be acurate as possible with city placement, but any suggestions would be welcome. You take control of one of six factions, three governmental and three revolutionary, at war for control of the region. You can win through conquest and diplomacy (so far).


Second Revolution Version 1.23 BETA  3/24/06
Created by GarretSidzaka, Robo Magic Man, the roAm; all from civfanatics.com

Special thanks for graphics/advice from civfanatics.com:
nautil; korvgubben; krowtrobot; Dual; jam4865; woodelf; bad_ronald; CrazyAce; Wyz_sub10; and if your name should be here, please PM GarretSidzaka at forums

This is the Second Revolution Mod.  This mod needs more work, but it is ready for the content to be playtested.  Please send any remarks to [email protected] or GarretSidzaka at the civfanatics forum.

changes: fixed flags on wbs, fixed flag decals
added cities in blank areas, added 2-3 workers per civ (for fallout), fixed issues with units, edited assets folders
revised all units, removed some ICBMS, add some other units, allowed all game speeds, edited vote options

*	Sluggish; you should optimize your settings for this mod, it 	has a large (1.3mb) map.
*	Religions: as of yet I havent coded much for them, and I would 		like to find out what it does in game. You shouldn't be able 		to choose a state religion. I would be grateful for 	suggestions.
*	Unit AI; in specific ICBMs, the game usually starts with a 		nuclear AI sluggfest on turn one. (waiting for SDK)

Extract the contents of the .ZIP file into C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilixation 4\Mods
Be sure to move the "Second Revolution 1.23.Civ4WorldBuilderSave" file to your PublicMaps folder, afterwards.
Then, run program, and at the main menu, select advanced options, and Load a Mod, and select Second Revolution. The game will restart. When the new menu appears, select play now, select play scenario, then select the file Second Revolution 1.23.Civ4WorldBuilderSave.

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