Sevo Mod

A massive and highly recommended modpack.

This mod includes 23 new civilizations, 37 new leaderheads which are totally animated, 11 new...


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File Description

A massive and highly recommended modpack.

This mod includes 23 new civilizations, 37 new leaderheads which are totally animated, 11 new world wonders, 5 unit wonders, many new units. Some of them are: Aegis cruiser, trebuchet, bazooka, biplane, privateers, F117, A-10 Thunderbolt, Mobile Sam, Nuclear Submarine, etc, etc. Includes some of the "Lost units" and all 20 unique units from CivGold.

This is a must get, so start downloading now ;)

Sevo Mod Patch:;65989

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Download 'sevomod3.0.exe' (197.32MB)

SevoMod Version 3.0

MP Compatible: Yes!
Release Date: 6/17/06
Civ4 Version Compatibilty: 1.61

For the latest information please see the forum thread at

Acknowledgments & Credits 

Special thanks for this release:
Pirakkas -- for Spanish Translation

All of the contributors below provided concepts, ideas, graphics, python snippets, units meshes, and or XML snippets and this mod would not be what it is without each of them and their contributions. Thanks to all!  The contributors in approximate order of inclusion:

12Monkeys, Zuul, GIR, Willowmound, Exavier, Requies, Frontbrecher, TheFourGuardians, Bhruic, Master Lexx, SupremeOverlord, Snaitf, C. Roland, Supa, Vovan, Anhu, Thalassicus, Scizor2120, MerakSpeilman, moehrensteiner, Frenchman, Jiggles, FexFX, Lordroy, Homegrown, L'Ankou, Jecrell, Ariks, CivArmy, Sadistic, SirRethcir, Roger Bacon, Impaler[WrG], TheLopez, Rabbit_White, Snafusmith, Zeysoft, Typhon, Porges,  Gekko, Glinka, Keldath, Mr. Zak, Naf4Ever, Rebel5555, Lordroy, mrgenie, Cyr, Sidwannabe, Progor, Chinese American, and the rest of the forum.  Thanks for the support!

And of course, the CivGold Team: Wyz_sub10, Shqype, Amra, & myself, from which the CivGold Civs have been incorporated.

The Details
There are currently 23 new civilizations included in this mod, a total of 37 new leaderheads, all animated.  All have completed civilopedia texts, leaderheads, and UU's.  The CivGold mod was more or less directly included (a group project I collaborated with Wyz_sub10 and Shqype on) and I kept a couple more civs from my last version.

FexFx's Endurance and Marathon speeds (870, 1200 turns) were used in place of the standard epic and marathon games.  These speeds are a bit longer than the vanilla versions and better balanced.  I left normal and quick alone for those of you who like to play faster MP games.

Real Slavery -- Adopting the slavery civic allows capture of enemy units as slaves who can then work your empire.

New Wonders -- 11 new world wonders.  Includes some of the "Lost Wonders".  All have completed entries and animated movies.

Unit Wonders -- 5 new wonders that allow the construction of unique units, but only in the city that builds the wonder.

New Units -- Aegis cruiser, trebuchet, bazooka, biplane, privateers, F117, A-10 Thunderbolt, Mobile Sam, Nuclear Submarine, etc, etc.  Includes some of the "Lost units" and all 20 unique units from CivGold.  Also included are WhiteRabbit's Ethnic Settlers/Scouts/Warriors.  All of the units have been balanced as best as possible and the late game units especially have been modified and re-ordered.  Upgrade paths and spefic capabilities have been changed from vanilla in some cases, so don't make any assumptions.  Overall the current tree seems to make for good gameplay in the late stages.

Infantry--The importance of infantry was somewhat lost in the vanilla game.  Once you reached modern armor you could just bang out hundreds of super-tanks and use them for everything, assuming you had a little air support.  This isn't very realistic.  This version is attempting to begin to re-emphasize the role of infantry in modern warfare.  The first step in this direction is that mechanized units, support units, and cavalry units CANNOT CAPTURE CITIES!  The role of Tanks and Cavalry is in the field where their mobility and firepower can be put to use.  You can still beat down all of the defenders in a city with armor, but you'll need some sort of infantry unit to actually capture and hold an enemy city.  In the future there may be additional changes to increase the importance of keeping infantry in cities.

Domestic &  Foreign  Advisor updates-- Initially inspired by Requies and taken farther by SupremeOverlord and 12Monkeys, these screens look great.  The military advisor is back to the 1.61 vanilla for the time being, and working.

Massively expanded unit upgrades courtesy of Zuul.  A nice job of balancing the new upgrades with existing options and overall an excellent flavorful addition to the game.  Most recently added 9 new promotions including Defense and Formations.  Also modified upgrade tree a bit.

UN Mod -- The United Nations now allows votes on ANY civic, not just the bottom five. 

Actual Quotes -- Willowmound has compiled authentic (or as near as possible) quotations for the diplomacy text of almost all of the leaders.  Currently includes version 1.0, but version 2.0 will be incorporated shortly.

Ancient Era Music -- The earliest part of the game is no longer silent!  As of version 2.0 a total of 10 soundtracks are included.

New Traits -- Scientific (+15% science output), Nationalistic (+10% combat ALL units--not just melle--in own territory), Seafaring (Navigation, combat promo to all naval units and melee get amphibious), Progressive (free specialist in all cities of size 8 or greater)

Trait Changes -- Industrial civs no longer get a 50% wonder bonus.  It was just too easy for these civs to grab the early wonders in the game.  Instead, the Industrial Civs will get a +1 hammer bonus on any plot producing 3 or more hammers.

Cultural Decay Mod -- A balancer that lets culture decay over time when a civilization loses control of a plot.

Jungle Burner -- Another multiplayer balancer; any city founded in the first ten turns of the game will have all of the forest in the initial nine-square city radius cleared away.  This should help prevent screwage from poor initial start locations.

Tech Conquest -- Capturing or destroying an enemy city will reveal some percentage of a technology to you, assuming the enemy has one you don't.  Version 3.0 takes into account relative tech advances for the conquering and defeated civs, making it easier to get older more primitive techs but harder to get future ones.

Upgrades to fortresses to make them more useful, give better benefits to garrisoned units, etc.  Includes "RealFort" mod.  In version 3.0 fortresses have been bolstered once again to make them stronger--after all, fortifications have been an essential part of warfare since the dawn of man, but they're practially useless in the base game.  It took weeks to take some of the fortresses in Normandy after the Allied invasion; in some cases small groups of resistors were able to hold out against much larger attacking firepower and strength.  Thus, forts now improve with technology advances (per Real Fort), adding strength, visual range, and cover to the units inside.  You will do well to learn to use fortresses to your advantage in Sevomod! 

PlotList enhancement -- I'm including 12Monkey's most recent plot list enhancer.  Now you can tell at a glance who's fortified, who's healing, and who's injured; resort the stack by selection group, unit type, healing,'s an amazing piece of work!  You'll wonder how you played without it.

Forest Replanting -- Originally a concept of GreenMod, and also some other replanting mods I've seen.  The current system works as follows: A worker must spend a base 8 turns replanting forest.  When the job is done a "New Forest" will appear on the plot.  Over time the forest will randomly grow (young forest, maturing forest...).  After a mean of around 20 turns it will become a full-fledged forest, at which time it can be chopped or built on per usual.  The time delay provides for minimal gain from repeated chop-rushes, especially since it takes so long to regrow and the land cannot really be used for production during that time; thus it's unlikely to be useful as a wonder-rush strategy or the like.  However, it will enable you to replant your empire down the road for health benefits (and hey, nature is beautiful).

More Custom Changes:
-- Explorers and Scouts can build forts and explore temples. They're a little more useful now. Also, they can be upgraded to gunships down the line, so you don't have to put them on a boat and sink it anymore.
-- New Era Pictures
-- Tech trading was moved back to guilds to decrease early "tech whoring"/cabals
-- Permanent alliances now allowed earlier with constitution

The mod is now contained in self-extracting archive.  Place the exe file in your /mods/ directory and unpack it.

 To have the mod load automatically at game startup edit the "civilization.ini" file in your /documents/My Games/civ4/ directory, change the "Mods=0" to Mods="mods/sevomod".  You may need to hold SHIFT down while you double-click to start the game, this will clear the cache.

-Unless you REALLY know what you're doing, this mod probably will NOT work in CUSTOM ASSETS, or with ANY OTHER MOD in the main Civ4 custom assets folder.  This mod incorporates so many of the XML assets that it really isn't compatible "as is" with much else unless it's properly merged.  Thus, if you're having trouble with your install, check your /custom assets folder and be sure it's empty.

Custom Installation Options & Troubleshooting

(1) Unit Graphics: There are two smaller unit size options available.  In the folder /sevomod/assets/XML/art/ are three copies of the file CIV4ArtDefines_Unit.xml; they are named *.normal, *.small, *.tiny.  Simply delete the original CIV4ArtDefines_Unit.xml file and replace it with one of the others to decrease the unit sizes (tiny is really small!)

(2) Leaderheads: In the default mode of this mod I have "forced" shaded leaderhead graphics, as they are generally better quality than their non-shaded counterparts.  However, some graphics cards don't handle the shaders and will display "ghosts" with only eyes and/or experience poor performance.  If you would like to switch over to the lower-quality but safer non-shaders, go to the /Sevomod/assets/xml/art/ directory and replace the file CIV4ArtDefines_Leaderheads.xml with Civ4ArtDefines_Leaderheads.xml.SafeGraphics

Version Info
Version 3.0

-Master Lexx's Green mod seems to have fallen out of production; I really liked his green-empire concept which is part of the reason I started on the forest re-plant path.  Anyway, since he seems to no longer be updating I'm pulling in a few of his resources for those who liked 'em: Coffee, Pearls, Cotton, Sulphur, and Salt.  Enjoy!
-"Pearls" resource graphics re-done; used clams as a base & added a bunch of pearls to the mesh.  Also re-did sulphur and salt resource using the marble base instead of the gold base.  Modified graphics for Coffee to make it more distinct.
-Added a totally new strategic resource: Natural Gas.  Late game resource to help improve production in the face of the super-starship costs.
-New Improvement: Gas Pipelines.  Can be built on Natural Gas Deposits to harvest.
-New building: Natural Gas Power Plant--Produces power from natural gas, no unhealthy, +10% prod/commerce.
-Changed Nuclear Power Plant:  Now provides AREA power, +10% production and commerce in city, but cost is VERY high and still produces unhealthies.  Nuclear power needed some differentiation from coal power.
-Coal Plant: Now +10% Production and commerce (plus power benefits).  You can build one in each city if you can affort the health costs.  Screw the environment.
-Updated Ethnically diverse units with Arabian, Far East varieties.  Rabbit,White did a great job with these!
-Decr. Volume of Teuta's Music
-K.U.K. Infantry dropped +25% vs gun; given 2 first strikes to make comparable to Redcoats as a UU.
-Fixed Python Slavery Error
-Limited slaves to 1.5 per city, increased chance to enslave to 30% since numbers are now limited.
-Expansive Civs: Now get combat1 promo for Recon units (scouts, explorers).  Helps them survive early game & explore.
-Progressive Civs: Now get free specialist at population 8
-Creative Civs: Now get +20% World Wonder Production; just a little something, you know, for the effort.
-Leonardo's Workshop: +1 hammer/scientist all cities, 1 Free scientist in city
-Changed Magellan's Voyage to Navigation-2 promotion (with Nav-1 seafaring civs don't benefit!)
-Added -25% Global War Weariness to Statue of Zeus but changed Obsolete tech to Education, limiting the timeframe
-Moved Great Wall up to Masonry; construction was too late.
-Moved Great Lighthouse to "Sailing", but still requires Masonry as well.
-Resource ignorance: "Fair start" variant first done by Fujisan in Sevomod 2.0; ALL  resources now have reveal techs: Mining: Gems, Gold, Silver; The Wheel: Stone; Agriculture: Banana, Rice, Wheat, Corn, Sugar; Fishing: Clam, Fish, Crab, Pearls; Sailing: Whale, Silk; Animal Husbandry: Cow, Horse, Pig, Sheep; Hunting: Fur, Deer, Ivory; Pottery: Dye, Salt, Coffee; Mysticism: Incense, Spices, Wine; Masonry: Marble; Priesthood: Sulphur; Monarchy: Cotton.  If your civ is too primitive to understand the value of a thing, you shouldn't know it's there!  Plus this will add some variety to the starting techs as they now also dictate what you know when you start the game and might change your initial strategy (as opposed to just chop-rusing all time)!  Finally, since mysticism-starting civs usually race for religions, they have a cluster of "weaker" resources (well, they can't be used until plantations are available), which might balance things just a teeeeeny bit. *shrug*.
-Potentially unpopular but I think necessary change: Bronze working now more expensive.  As with above, this will slow down the early chop-rush strategy just a little.  You can still do it, and it's still a sound strategy, but I don't want it to clearly be the best strategy and I think right now it is.  
-Fixed Ostenaco's diplomacy text
-Added Maasai-style headband to Lenana's leaderhead.
-Created new world wonder: Temple of Artemis; +Drill 1, +10% combat construction
-Added original wonder video for Temple of Artemis
-New world wonder: Gazprom.  Modern age wonder. Requires natural gas, increases production 20%, gold 100%, provides two free Engineer specialists (pretty powerful wonder, as it's late game it has to be to create an impact.
-Created wonder movie for Gazprom.
-Changed Raytheon, Lockheed, Fairchild Rep. to national wonders instead of world wonders.
-War Weariness changes: subtle value changes to increase war weariness of aggressors (larger penalties for making attacks, much smaller penalties for defensive combat)
-Increased max experience after upgrade to 25
-Added icons for all new resources in font files\
-Incorporated Spanish Translation done by Pirakkas! Thanks!
-Fixed Ostenaco greeting text error
-Incorporated Culture Level Turns and GP turns to completion snippets by Chinese American 
-Modified 12 Monkey's Plot List Enhancer to simplify the options and reduce the unusued icons.  Options now exist for list orientation and grouping by unit/group only.
-Fixed the problem with 12m's PLE crashing the interface if you start a new game without exiting Civ.
-Added Impaler[WrG]'s Pirates Mod; essentially allows for barbarian caravels and privateers on the open sea.
-Reversed NoCapture changes: Mounted, Armored, & Artillery units can once again capture cities. Enjoy--it's only temporary!  The AI just doesn't "get it" despite much mucking with the AI codes, so until I can SDK the AI to play appropriately we'll go back to the vanilla version so the AI isn't handicapped.
-Updated new Tech Quotes
-Added +1 happiness all cities to textiles
-Increased max city distance maintenance from 25 to 35

Version 2.9.Z
-Mobile Infantry now requires assembly instead of rifling
-Woomera: Mov't increased to 2, animal combat +100%, cost dec. to 30.
-Fixed Austria unit selection sound files
-Fixed Military Advisor
-Fixed Ancient Temples (can't explore forever now!)
-Science trait decreased to 15%
-Down Adjusted tech research rate in Endurance Speed, Marathon Speed.
-Praetorian now upgrades to Musket or Grenadier (not Maceman)
-Increased prereq techs for Raytheon, Lockheed, Fairchild Rep.
-Made Mi-26 helicopter a general unit, not a wonder unit.
-Hyapist now +50% when attacking Swordmen & Axemen (no defense bonus against them).  Idea is to help specialize the Hyapist as a counter-attack unit against invading melee waves.  Will help civs without Iron/Copper defend themselves.
-Extended Golden Ages in Epic and Marathon modes
-Destroyer no longer upgrades to Aegis; modified Aegis properties to make it a superior *escort* ship
-Abyssinian Civ uses Egypt order/select sounds (instead of Albanian)
-New forests no longer require the city to work them to grow.  They grow randomly, but will take approximately 20 turns to fully develop: New Forest --> Young Forest --> Maturing Forest --> Developed Forest --> Forest
-Domestic Advisor now correctly shows soldier and statesmen citizens
-Fixed Promotions for Attack and Defense (Previously did NOT work on features like floodplain, Oasis, etc. for + or -, --now working).
-Major Change: Chariots, Mounted Units (except Conquistador), Armored Units, and Artillery CANNOT capture cities!  To hold an enemy city you'll have to use ground troops, just like real life, folks!
-Updated Abyssinian civ icon, unit flag
-Updated all missing formation info values (17 or so)
-Placed all new units in appropriate order on menus/worldbuilder screen
-Incorporated Porges Attitude Icons (in place of ShowAttitude Mod)
-Upgraded Exotic Foreign Advisor (Requies')
-Upgraded to 12-Monkey's incredible Plot List Enhancement 2.9!
-Incorporated Snafusmith's Aegis Cruiser model
-Fixed Solomon, Ostenaco diplomacy music
-Adjusted Civ ColorVals to make as distinct as possible, reduce overlapping/confusing borders.
-Beefed up forts even more.  Fortresses have traditionally been central to warfare, and very difficult to take.
-Changed statistics on horse archer, catarphract
-Added WhiteRabbit's Ethinically diverse units (African and Native American flavored settlers, warriors, scouts)
-Updated RealSlavery: workers, slaves, settlers no longer "dupe" into slaves when captured.
-Created 7 new wonder movies for new wonders
-Added GIR's icon atlases--Many thanks!
-Updated Gunship/Mi26 to use railways/roads per the 1.61 upgrade.

Version 2.9.A - 2.9.E
-"119" popup error fixed
-Tech Conquest providing thousands of beakers fixed 
-slave unit graphic error fixed
-Nabuchadrezzar leaderhead graphic missing fixed
-Fixes ALL the city screen issues (slowness, display probs, etc)
-Fixes Tech Tree selection problem
-Fixes missing leaderhead portraits
-Fixed multiple python issues & errors from 1.61 update
-Fixed "TC: X" popup
-Fixed floating military freighter (it was a "hovercraft", duh!)
-Captured slaves now captured as slaves. If you're not a slaver, they'll be freed.
-Fixed Evolution providing ten billion specialists
-Changed Teuta to Seafaring, Progressive
-Added "onUnitCreated"/"onUnitBuit" checks to Nationalistic trait; units now have nationalism as soon as they are created instead of after moving (good idea Shqype!)
-Fixed problem with Settle religion
-Fixed problem with some units having pink circles for graphics
-Fixed forest chop no yield
-Fixed RealSlavery python crash to disk
-Removed KillList due to suspected crash issue
-Fix for Nationalism trait being given to ALL civs when human player nationalistic

Version 2.4 - 2.9
-Modified Existing Traits: Expansive: Changed half-price Harbor to Aqueduct; Organized changed hp Lighthouse to Market
-Created Nationalistic Trait: 10% combat in own territory ALL units, 5% city defense in own territory, half-cost walls, castle.
-Created Scientific Trait (Credits to Impaler[WrG] for concept): 15% increase in Scientific output, half price library, observatory
-Created Seafaring Trait (Navigation I, Combat I promos to all naval units, melee units get amphibious promo, half price harbor, lighthouse)
-Created Progressive Trait: Free Specialist in all cities of size 3 or greater. Half price monastaries
-Merged CivGold Civs; removed all previous new leaderheads except Solomon, Ostenaco and Hiram; Removed a few of the CivGold leaders.
-Assigned unique traits to all new leaderheads; no combination of traits is duplicated.
-Two new units: Flak 88 and Military Freighter (late game transport) (Snafusmith and Sharik's models)
-New Unit Mesh for F15 (American UU) (Rabbit,White's design)
-New Unit Mesh for Nuclear Submarine (C.Roland's design)
-Deleted gutenberg's print shop, Tsukiji fish market wonders.
-Hyapist changes: str dec to 4, +50% city defense
-Deleted Jet Bomber
-Gaelic Warrior changes: dropped Forest Promos; now +10% city attack, 25% w/drawl chance.
-Decreased strength of all wood ships (Ironclads should dominate wooden vessels, after all!  And a frigate should never stand a chance against a modern destroyer.)
-Dropped sentry II from Aegis, increased tech requirement to composites
-Adjusted research/cash/culture sliders to 5% increments (thanks Pine)
-Settler Religion: Now only a 5% chance of religion spreading with new settler.  It was too powerful and almost negated the need to spread your own religion from city to city, but the historical idea is still interesting, so I'm keeping it, just in a very weakened form.
-Fixed unit group sizes, melee/ranged wave sizes.  (Hopefully this will stop the strange times combat ends with a unit still standing on one side or the other...)
-Rearranged upgrade paths for all gunpowder infantry units to correct odd upgrade options.
-Modified and balanced bonuses/strength of bazooka, SAM, Navy Seals, Mobile Inf., Mechanized Inf.
-Created nice new RealFort / Fort Promotion Icons.  Modified the Fort1 - Fort3 bonuses.
-Rearranged Leaderheads/Civs so they appear in alpha order on menus.
-Decreased shock3 promotion to 35% (was 50%)
-Reworked TechConquest: Tech points granted now take into account: Game speed (longer games require more points but this was not factored in), population of defeated city, and how advanced the conquering civ is compared to the technology being learned.  Primitive technologies are learned more easily, more advanced technologies will garner smaller gains.
-Incorporated TheLopez's Specialist Stacker Mod
-Incorporated Zuul's nifty Exotic Animals mod, with several changes.
-Added the TechWindow ModComp by SirRethcir
-Added the KillList mod by Roger Bacon, made modifications to allow killLists to carry across unit upgrades without needing random naming to keep them.  Also records creation date, unit promotions, and upgrades.
-Updated and improved many of the unit/civ buttons
-Decreased the base cost for spies to sabotage improvements
-Increased animal and barbarian xp limits to 10 and 17 respectively.
-Increased max experience after upgrade to 17
-Increased unit damage, pop loss, building loss, and fallout from nukes.  Nuclear war should be devastating, damnit.
-Decreased Nuke interception of SDI from 75% to 50%, 'cause come on, that thing is never going to work! Ha-ha!
-Increased all of the spaceship components' costs by 50%-100%.  Achieving a spaceship victory should be much more difficult, especially with the longer tech in the late eras.
-Changed ancient temples: decreased commerce bonus from 5 to 3.  Lasts for 5 turns then grants 1 time coin bonus like goody hut, then disappears.
-Corrected Cure for Cancer to be a world wonder (thanks PINE)
-Implemented "Jungle Burn": Any city founded WITHIN THE FIRST TEN turns of a game will have all jungle in the nine-square city border "burned" (removed).  This is basically to allow fair starts in MP games for the unlucky civs that find themselves buried in the middle of the Amazon and stand no chance.
-Created Real Slavery: Adopting the slavery civic grants a 25% chance to enslave defeated land units as workers.  Changing from the slavery civic frees the slaves and they are lost.
-Created Slave unit: single worker with 50% efficiency
-Incorporated TheLopez's Great People Combo Mod: Statesmen and Soldiers.  (Doctors dropped); heavy customization done with graphics, attributes.
-New Building: Infrastructure -- created by great statesmen and provide multiple city bonuses.
-New Building: Military Academy -- +3 xp to all units created in this city.  Built by Great Generals.
-11 New Techs, all in the industrial and modern eras.  These were placed to help slow progression of the late game eras.
-Six new wonder buildings: Statue of Zeus, Art of Artillery, Fairchild Corp, Raytheon Corp, Lockheed Corp, MIL corp
-Six new wonder-based units: Medieval Infantry, Bronze Cannon, A-10 Thunderbolt, Mobile Sam, F117 Stealth, Mi26 Halo
-Incorporated appropriate changes from 1.61 Game patch, specifically with civic upkeep levels.
-Removed 12 Monkey's Re-Init Interceptor Mission mod as it's now included in the core game.

Version 2.23 -- Extensive additions to fill in existing framework of versions 2.0-2.2

-Added custom music for all 16 new leaderheads (total of 29 NEW diplomacy soundtracks, plus 11 others already included)
-Added new intro screen music, just for fun, and tweaked the title graphic.  Good stuff.
-Added custom first contact text for all new leaderheads.
-Added civiopedia entries for: Barbarian Leader, Barbarian Tribe, carrack, ethiopian archer
-Added new promos from Perks & Promos: Defense 1-4, Shock 3, Cover 3, Sentry 3, Formation 2, 3.
-Worked on Flags...and worked, and worked.  Fixed about dozen mistakes in the original implementation.  Flags are now customized (and NOT WHITE!) for all 13 new civs.  (Check out Carthage--love the alpha mask!)
-4 new ancient era soundtracks (brings total to 10)
-Changed UU's Stats for Ethiopian Archer, Babylonian Bowman, Macabee, Currah, Viking galley, Galic Warrior to make them more intersting, more useful, and more civ-appropriate.
-Changed Hyapist stats: str 5, city def 25%, cit att: 10%, does NOT require copper or iron (hope to balance this unit in the face of the much more powerful and useful axeman.  Civs without Cop/Iron can still build this one.)
-Changed Magellan's Voyage: Global sea plot yield change dropped and coastal trade routes dropped, now grants +2 commerce per sea plot in this city and +2 trade routes in this city.  Less powerful overall than before, but still a good wonder so still expensive.
-Modified Cultural decay to correct some odd behavior.  Cities should no longer get stuck at one square borders.  Also, min culture is now 10.
-Changed jails: now -25% war weariness AND +1 happiness.  Bit more useful now.

Version 2.21 -- Patch to 2.2

-Deleted most of SuperCiv.  Kept 14 civs, did extensive reworking of graphics, text, UU to improve quality.
-Removed camera angle changes & made an optional add-in
-Fixed gamefont_75.tga file problem.  gamefont.tga remains beyond my capacity to understand, 
  but fortunately I got lucky and only using the one seems to have fixed the problems
  with city icons not appearing.

Version 2.2 -- Huge Update! Fixes & Addins

-Added FexFX Endurance and Marathon Game Speeds
-Added Changed Camera Angles from FexFX
-Revamped Forest Replanting Method
-ReAdded GreatPeople
-Added Frenchman's Era Pics
-Added SuperCiv
-New Units: Nuclear Submarine, ALL UU's from SuperCIV
-Fixed Bonus book & tuna icons (boy was THAT confusing to fix...)
-Fixed Missing Wonder Movies
-Fixed Galley-->Caravel upgrade error
-Incorporated LordRoy's addition of Homegrown's Clock Mod
-Incorporated LordRoy's addition of Settler Religion Mod
-Modified Aztec and French UU's
-Incorporated ShowAttitude mod by Snaitf
-Pushed Biplane development back to Combustion
-Modified Commerce Icon for 5+ plot yield
-New Wonder: Magellan's Voyage
-Changed Privateers: cargo to 1, no settlers transported
-Resized Ancient Temple Bonus Resource
-Permanent alliances now allowed with Constitution
-Changed Leonardo's Workshop (now grants +1 spec. all cities)
-Reworked late game mechanized units and upgrade paths
-Explorers now upgrade to gunships 
-Changed America's UU to F15 (late game, but strong)
-Fixed TechConquest Displayed to everyone error
-Tech trading pushed back to guilds
-Added Enhanced military advisor by SupremeOverlord
-Sorted Unit Lists
-Changed Fish Market, Gutenberg's to global wonders
-Changed Steel mill to national wonder
-Added Center Movies Mod
-Added Sevo's ShowBaseCommerce mod
-Disabled "Trading" of Ancient Temples
-Readded Navy Seal like Unit as non-UU.

Version 2.01
  Fixed TXT_KEY_PROMOTION_FORT missing data
  Fixed "Combat Odds: %" missing %
  Fixed CulturalDecay (was broken by 1.52 patch upgrade)--Not certain yet
       I need to be sure the decay is working the way it's supposed to now.
       Details to follow.

Version 2.0 beta
  Works under 1.52 atch
  Added GreenMod (parts)
  Added 5-Formations
  Removed Random Events
  Removed GreatPeople
  Updated Plotlist, special screens, actual quotes, RIM, tech Conquest, etc
  Play tested (haha)

Version 1.05
  Fixed(??) to work under official 1.52 patch

Version 1.0 -- 5 mods added
  Bhruic: Tech Conquest
  12 Monkeys plot list enhancement
  Snoop's Great people mod
  Sevo's Civilopedia
  Frontbrecher's Lost Units

Version 0.4 -- Fixed main screen diplomacy not-clickable
               Fixed Info screen failure

version 0.3 -- 2 more mods added
  12Monkeys:         Intercept Mission Reinitialization mod
  Zuul:              Promotions Mod

version 0.1 -- Initial Release
  Willowmound:       ActualQuotesDiplomacy Mod
  Thalassicus:       AncientEraMusic Mod 
  CyberChrist:       InfoScreen Patch - based on original mod by rickb
  Scizor2120:        Idea for Industrial Civ Changes
  Frontbrecher:      The extensive "Lost Wonders Mod"!
  David Fidge:       Random Events Mod
  Snaitf:            Show Attitude Mod
  Requies:           Special Domestic Advisor, Version 0.92
  		     Special Foreign Advisor, Version 0.9
  TheFourGuardians:  UN Modification Mod
  SpinDrift:	     Updated Denim Workers skin
  Bhruic:            Cultural Decay Mod
					RealFort Mod

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