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Another grat mod has rolled in, and Darth Vader, Luke, Anakin (Darth), Obi-Wan and the others are now a part of CIV4. In this mod,...


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Another grat mod has rolled in, and Darth Vader, Luke, Anakin (Darth), Obi-Wan and the others are now a part of CIV4. In this mod, you can play as all the great SW civs, and of course, religions are of the force...

This total coversion is one-of-a-kind, and quality is good, so enjoy!

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Ancient Old Republic - Carth Onasi and Bastila Shan (from KOTOR 1 and 2)
Galactic Senate (from the prequels) - Chancellor Palpatine
Galactic Empire - Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader
Mandalorians - Mandalore (real name Canderous Ordo)
Confederacy of Independent Systems (The Seperatists) - General Grievous and Count Dooku
Quarrens - Tiressi
Sith Empire - Darth Malak and Darth Nihilous
Rebel Alliance - Mon Mothma and Princess Leia
Wookiees - Tarffull and Chewbacca
Chiss Empire - Grand Admiral Thrawn

Gang Control
Heredity Rule

Black Market Smugglers
Trade Guilds
Independent Buisnesses
Free Market

Tribal Warfare
Mandalorian Tradition
Droid Army 
Clone Army

No Force
Basic Force
Enlightened Force
Free Force


Light Side
Light Nuetral
Dark Nuetral
Dark Side

Now Version 0.54

Version 0.1 (New Trilogy Version)

-Added The Galactic Senate as a playable Civ
-Added The Confederate Separatists as a playable Civ

Version 0.15 (Bug fix)

-Changed Flags and buttons
-Changed favorite civic of Palpatine to Despotism

Version 0.2 (Indengious People Version)

-Added Wookies as a civ
-Fixed some civilopedia stuff

Version 0.3 (Original Trilogy Version)

-Added The Galactic Empire as a Civ
-Added The Rebel Alliance as a Civ
-Added Empire as a civic
-Adde New title Screen

Version 0.4 (Kotor Version)

-Added The Old Republic as a civ
-Added The Old Sith Empire as a civ
-Added Religions Light Side, Light-Nuetral, Nuetral, Dark-Nuetral, Dark
-Removed Vanilla Religions
(Note that I temporarely put the dark side as a prerequisite for some relgious missionaries. That does not mean I think that religon is evil. It is for placeholding purposes only.

Version 0.45

-Added Quarren as a civ
-Added Chiss as a civ
-Added Mandalorians as a civ
-Finished Civs for now

Version 0.475

-Fixed bugs
-Deleted vanilla civs

Version 0.5

-Finished Civics
-Finished Religion
-Finished Civs
-Half Done whooooooooooooo

Version 0.54

-Added tons new art
-Added New Sounds
-Added new techs
-Fixed most bugs should run smoothly

Thanks to:

Rabbit_Alex for working on the mod
Hussar for giving great ideas
Loki for giving great ideas
All the other people who posted and gave great ideas
Kael for the Wookie Skin
Haarbal for the mirrors

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