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A new version of Stargate Civ mod :)


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A new version of Stargate Civ mod :)

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SG1 Civilization by Dual  4/15/06  Version 2.5 

--CHANGES FROM VERSION 2.0 (3/01/06)--

-Updated to work correctly with patch v1.61.

--CHANGES FROM VERSION 1.0 (1/03/06)--

-Added leaderheads for Sam, Daniel, and Teal'c.
-Added an UU for the civ, the SG Team (which replaces SAM Infantry).
-Improved the flag.

--What It Does--

When placed in the Mods folder these files will add SG1 (of Stargate) as a new Civ.  

--How to Use--

To load the mod, first select the "Advanced" option on the main menu.  Then choose "Load a Mod" on the new screen.  Another screen should appear with a list of mods to choose from, including this one if you placed the Stargate folder into the Civ4 Mods folder.

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