Technology Cost Editor



It's a real chore to alter all 80+ technologies and their costs to mod research speeds. With this tool it's a real breeze.



It edits the Assets\XML\Technologies\CIV4TechInfos.xml file and re-writes a new one based on the given tech multipliers for each era.
Example: The original technology cost for Mysticism (Ancient Era) is 50. If the given multiplier for Ancient Era is 2.0, the editor would double the technology cost to 100, making Mysticism (and all other Ancient technologies) take twice as long to research.

The tool has been tested with the European version of Civ4, but it should work OK with other versions too if the .xml file structure is roughly the same.

Although the editor makes backup copies of its own, it's always advisable to backup the original CIV4TechInfos.xml before editing. In any case, I'm not responsible if the editor screws up your Civ4 installation

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