The 30 Year's war scenario v1.0



A Scenario based on the European Empires mod by ArbitraryGuy.

The year is 1618 and the Protestants of Germany have just rebelled against their Habsburgian rulers in Bohemia. Denmark and Sweden are coming to their aid, backed by England. The Spanish part of the Habsburgian Empire is struggling with Dutch and Portuguese separatists. France sees this as an opportunity to weaken the Habsburgians and goes to war. In the east, the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth, Russia and Sweden are all fighting for control of the Baltic. And none of them can overlook the Ottoman Empire in the South-East.

The game begins in 1618 and goes on until 1658, with 4 turns a year. Conquering the whole of Europe in this time is basically impossible, so getting the highest score before time runs out is (probably) the only way to win.

There are 18 playable civilizations, with various levels of difficulty. The Ottoman Empire, Spain, France, the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Russia, England and Sweden are all quite strong. But playing the Ottomans is not recommended as they start out as the biggest civilization and have great expansion possibilities, and therefore will be quite easy. For those who like more of a challenge Denmark, Prussia, Papal States, Venice, the Habsburgian Empire and Protestant Germany would be good choices. And for the experts it could be good fun trying to play as the Portuguese, Dutch, Scots, Swiss, Wallachians (although it might prove to be quite hard to win).

It should be fairly historically correct, but of course, happenings during the 30 Year’s War are all moved to the beginning of the game. And also the Ottoman Empire has been slightly reduced, simply due to the size of the empire.



I have also added some new technologies and units to this scenario.

This is a real war scenario, as most of the civillizations are at constant war with one or more other civilizations.

This Scenario is based on
Europa Europa 3: The European Empires Mod
By: ArbitraryGuy
Original Map: Arne
Also some elements of id52’s 1380 scenario
Thank you and everyone else for wonderful Europe scenarios. Hopefully you will enjoy this one as well

You need the EE3 Mod (it can be found here: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=144971
Make a copy of the EE3 folder and name it 30 years war. Then replace the files in your new folder with the ones in this file: 30 years war scenario

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