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This mods goal is to provide an alternative economic and military progression to enrich the gameplay experience. A list of changes which hav...


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This mods goal is to provide an alternative economic and military progression to enrich the gameplay experience. A list of changes which have been made in this project are listed below.

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Current Version: v1.2

Simple List of Changes:
Double # of Leader Traits
Rearranged Leader Traits
3 Leader Traits per Leader
Wonder Benefits Restructured
Time Flow Slowed
Technology Progress Slowed to match time
City Growth Slowed to match time
Great Leader Production generally increased
No Goody Huts
No Starting Technologies
Slightly Longer Golden Ages
Major Strength boost to all units
Unique Units generally better relatively
Units Generally Cheaper
More Invisible Units
More Units Can Violate Borders
Technology Effects altered slightly
Terrain Yields More Resources
Deserts & Tundra provide small benefit
Terrain Improvements more powerful

Flow of Play:
The Mod is designed for play to flow in a particular fashion. Early play revolves around choices. You will can choose to focus on a particular technology path early on (military, economic, religious) and be stronger in that area but weaker in others. Alternatively, you could focus on well-rounded growth and become a jack-of-all-trades, but a master of none. Early wonders do not provide powerhouse/must-have benefits. If you chose to build a wonder, you will be slightly better off but not massively so. The Ancient and Classical Eras provide players opportunities to structure their empire to suit their own needs. There is less of a "rush" to get a particular wonder or resource. The low cost of military units allows you to expand or contract your army to fit your needs. Civilizations with early unique units (Aztecs, Persians, Romans, Greeks, etc) may find offensive warfare to be very profitable, but generally defenses are going to be stronger than you are used to due to more AI unit construction.

As you work into the Medieval and Renaissance Eras, you are going to find your civilization maturing. You will be able to pick up those things that you may have neglected earlier (wonders, religions, military strength). By this time period you will be able to field fairly large armies (armies you might have to wait for the modern era to field before). Your invisible scout units will have had plenty of time to evaluate the enemy. Your cities will be stronger and well developed. This is when the true strength of the mod comes into play; combat on a large scale. This slows down your perception of the game because of unit movement. Your will be able to spend an hour or more fighting a long difficult war with your most advanced neighbors without advancing through the years that much. Your units will get a lot of combat in before they need to be upgraded. Civilizations with free promotions or powerful mid-game units (England, France, Spain, China, etc) will truly shine. Wonders become more powerful during this era and more valuable.

Unless you are playing a peaceful game or surrounded by many enemies, you should have eliminated all (or at least most) of your neighbors by the time you hit the Industrial or Modern Eras. You can push for a particular victory that you are aiming for. You will be able to field a large navy capable of transporting an invasion force to your overseas foes if you want to push for a conquest victory. You may have only a little conquering left if you are going for Domination. Cultural, Diplomatic, and Space Race victories can be attained by directing your efforts to achieving their conditions as well. Civilizations with late game advantages will be able to actually use them. American Navy Seals and German Panzers will actually be useful units. At the end of the game, your victory will have been hard fought and enjoyable. Wonders during these Eras are very expensive and very powerful.

Excel Spreadsheet detailing unit changes included in zip file for those interested

Unzip into the Mods folder in your Civ4 directory. Then run Civ4, Click Advanced, and Load a Mod. Choose Bloody Hell, and you are off!

ENJOY! Comments are appreciated.

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