The Confederate States of America



This scenario is based around the Confederate States of America.You start off with Agriculture and The Wheel technologies as a base to build your empire from.



The Confederate States of America

Name: The Confederacy

Starting Techs: Agriculture, The Wheel

Jefferson Davis - Industrious, Philosophical, favors Free Market
Robert E. Lee - Spiritual, Creative, favors Nationhood

Unique Units: The Blakely Rifle (replaces cannon)
-Receives defensive bonuses
-40% withdrawal chance

Color: Custom deep red

The mod is compatible with multiple language support, I think, but right now only contains english. Richmond is the capital city, sorry to all the Alabamans out there. To use, unzip CSA.zip to your mods file, or unzip it somewhere else and move the CSA directory to your mods file.

Known issues:
-The formal name of the Confederate States of America is one character too long for the entry screen, causing it to drop out when you pick your leader. However, it works fine in other places.
-The Blakely Rifle isn't reskinned - I might do this if folks want it
-The discovery of rifling comes after a rifled unit. D'oh.

Planned Changes:
-Better Civilopedia entry for the nation
-Possible addition of another UU - maybe carbine calvary
-Addition of other national flags, other potentional leaders

Please help out by giving suggestions or reporting problems. Hope people like it.

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