The End of Isolation



The world has been thrust into a new age in history where some of the mightiest nations of the modern world are just beginning to unite. Germany is divided between Prussia and the German Confederation, while Italy is preparing to invade Austria in the Third War of Italian Independence. France under Napoleon III is trying maintain its diminishing importance among European powers and Spain has become a trade magnate with its Cuban colonies. Across the Atlantic is the fractured United States of America, the south now in a new Confederacy that has turned the states of Virginia and Pennsylvania into killing fields. And with a substantial influence in both worlds sits Queen Victoria of England its colony of Canada.



The End of Isolation v1.0
by Head Serf

Installation Instructions
1. Download the zip file to your Mods folder.
2. Extract all to the Mods folder.
3. Copy and paste the WBS (World Builder Save) file to the Public Maps folder.
4. The address of the assets folder should look like this:

Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Mods\The End of Isolation\Assets

The address of the WBS file should look like this:

Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\PublicMaps

5. To play, start Civ4 and click "Advanced" and then "Load a Mod". Click on the one that says "The End of Isolation".
6. After it loads go to "Play a Scenario" and pick "The End of Isolation 1.0".

The Civilizations included are:
United States of America
Confederate States of America
Great Britain

The Netherlands
The German Confederation

Every playable civilization has their own unique unit.

The map is 120 by 44 and was made by me.

All boats have a very high movement. Ship of the Line and Galleons have 45. This is so that they can cross the Atlantic in a reasonable amount of time. To balance this, coastal squares now have a movement cost of 10. That means boats can move 5 spaces in coastal squares. It takes 4 turns for a boat from Seville, Spain to get to Havana, Cuba.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let me know.

Special thanks goes to KaiserBenjamin for coming up with the idea and giving me much needed background information on the time period.
I also appreciate the work of Rabbit, White and AlazkanAssassin  for several of their units included in the scenario.

If you have any questions or concerns, just PM me or post in the thread.

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