The Viking Age



This is a scenario based upon the various invasions and conquests that occured in Northwest Europe and the British Isles going from 480 AD to 1480 AD.

This scenario requires that the European Middle Ages Mod be installed. Download it and install it in your mods folder. It may be downloaded from:


The European Middle Ages Mod is a work in progress, and this scenario will be updated as the mod is developed.

There are four maps included in this scenario. There are two large sized maps, and two huge sized maps. Each size of map has a small and an extended version. The small versions eliminate much of Scandanavia and have two less civs. Note, the maps are not strictly n-s, e-w in alignment... they are actually 40 degrees off of true north to fit in the area I wanted.

Maps: Large 92x65, extended 105x65 Huge 117x81, extended 135x65


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