Total Realism 2.13 Patch

This patch will fix several issues with Total Realism 2.1, so it's a recommended upgrade. People reported Crashes to desktop to the team so...


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This patch will fix several issues with Total Realism 2.1, so it's a recommended upgrade. People reported Crashes to desktop to the team so this will fix those issues.

A must download if you already have Total Realism 2.1 installed.

Total Realism 2.1

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Download 'totalrealismpatch2.1.3.exe' (6.2MB)

Civilization IV Mod: Total Realism 2.1


	v2.1		Houman, Mexico, Nightraven, Israfil, Phatlip 
	v2.0		  Houman, Nightraven, Mexico, Phatlip, Israfil with support from 12Monkeys and PTFeilong
	v0.72.01 - v1.09  Houman and his able team (Israfil, Nightravn).
 	v0.64 - 0.72.01   by Houman
 	v0.6 - v0.63      by Kristine
 	initial - v0.6    by jaynus


	2.1.3	Patch to 2.1
	2.1.2	Next emergency patch to 2.1.1
	2.1.1	Emergency patch to 2.1 - see changelog
	2.1		New improvements mostly on combat system - see CHANGELOG.txt

	Patch to 2.0 - see CHANGELOG.txt

	To make an expanded and more realistic modification to civ4, allowing for longer games,
	longer wars, and more intense gameplay with a bit higher difficulty and learning curve to
	properly manage and compete in the game. Emulate issues of a large empire, supply lines,
	and strategic needs of different units and types. Focus is on the following:
	1) Game Balance, Unit Balance, tactical balance between all available Civs 
   	2) Realism: Archers shall not destroy Tanks. More realistic warfare and 
      	strategically depth by using the advantages of your units to counter the enemy. 
   	3) Fun: This is why we are here, right? ;)

	All the guys @ civ fanatics bouncing ideas back and forth :)
	The team already credited above
	The creators of the great mods that have been integrated into this one.
	(Readmes for included mods can be found in the project's Documentation/Inclusions directory.)

Contributor Aknowledgements:

	Never mind, Rabbit White, Snafusmith, C.Roland, Ploeperpengel, Notarzt, Chalid, sharick, AlazkanAssassin, RogerBacon, Cafegio, 
	ComG, baal_isidro, seZereth, Hunter, LittleRedPoint, heroes182, Expositus, Von Zeppelin, Robo Magic Man, nautil, tlucky4life,
	Mumin, krowtrobot, Zuul, Aranor, Hell's Angel, villo, Tremo, TheLopez, Snaitf, 12monkeys, Frontbrecher, Bhruic, SupremeOverlord,
	Stone-D, Thalassicus, Optimizer, Master Lexx, Mylon, Patricius, naf4ever, abbamouse, Sevo, Willowmound and TheFourGuardian 


	The Total Realism 2.0 mod comes with an installer, which will install into your Civ4's Mod folder.  You should delete any previous 
	versions that did not include an installer.  If you re-install using the installer over an existing version, the installer will 
	remove the previous version first.
	The installer will create two links on your desktop for automatically loading Civ IV with the mod.



		Sid Meier's Civilization IV, plus any pre-requisites for that game
		1 Gigabyte of Ram minimum for large-map game play, 2 Gigabytes recommended
		2 Ghz intel-compatible processor recommended
	You may find the above recommendations become requirements if you wish to use the regiments sub-mod 
	(see regiments details in the mod folder)


	Civilization IV is not free software.  It is the commercial intellectual property of Firaxis games, with all rights reserved.
	Total Realism is a derivative work with some original code that relies on Civilization IV to run properly.  The specific license 
	for Total Realism can be found in the LICENSE.txt file, but the short-version is that you must have a licensed legal copy of 
	Civilzation IV in order to legally use Total Realism.  It's a good game - surely you can fork out a bit of cash for a good game 
	from good developers.  Total Realism itself, however, is free.  It is quasi-open-source, in that you can freely find the source 
	code on sourceforge in the civ4mods project. 


	Bug Tracker:

	- If you had a previous version of this mod:  Delete it!
	- Old saved-games will not be compatible - restart your game.
	- Read CHANGELOG.txt to see the changes to date.

	- If you want to help out, PM Houman in CivFanatics Forum. 

	- Updates will be available through

	- Post any ideas or crticisms you have - we love to hear them all. No matter how small they are. 

	The Total Realism team hopes you enjoy the game.  Rewrite history, folks!!! -TR2 Team.

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