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If you liked Rome Total War mod this is the mod for you.


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If you liked Rome Total War mod this is the mod for you.

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You liked Rome:Total War !?!

Here's a version of the same game on civ that i adapted.

Every major civilisation is there : Greeks, Macedon,Celeucids,Rome,Celts,German,Iberian,Carthage, Egypt,Armenia,Sarmatia,Thracia and lots of Barbarian states.

Each civ has its distinct advantages : Sarmatia+Armenia (Lots of horsemen), Rome(Legionary), Egypt (no metal but mass produce of War chariots), Carthage and other(balanced).

The map is similar to Rome.
Only 4 elephant bonuses (2 in afrika + 1 egypt +1east of egypt)

PLAY ON Proposed difficulties : MARATHON (otherwise too fast tech research) + monarch.

P.S.: Seleucid is on Spanish so that they don't make the Greek Phalanx, instead they can go south and take the elephant resource once they discover construction and then they will have what the other greek nations don't have : powerful elephants 100%bonus on horses.

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