Turkish Mod

This mod allows you to play as the Turkish Civilisation


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This mod allows you to play as the Turkish Civilisation

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Download 'turkishmod.zip' (9.71MB)

# Turkish Mod v.1.1
# Civilization 4 (c) 2005 Firaxis Games
# Created by - Tunch (Khan) Tuncer

Turkish Mod v.1.1 (11/22/2005)

- Unit Select sounds in Turkish
- Unit Order sounds in Turkish
- Diplo Music for all three leaders:
- Mehmed_II_Early.mp3 which is also the default diplo music for early, classical and medieval ages is Classical Mehter Band theme;
- Mehmed_II_Late.mp3 is edited version of Istanbul (Not Constantinople) ;
- Suleyman_Late.mp3 is edited version of Istanbul Opening (soundtrack/Midnight Express,1978), which would be more realistic if Suleiman was in rule;
- Ataturk_Late.mp3 is Rondo Ala Turca for late game with Ataturk as leader, which suits well with the modernization reforms and such;
- Turkey_Intro.mp3 is pieces of sounds edited from Istanbul (Levent Yuksel) and is the default for Turkish diplo screen.

Turkish Mod v.1.0 (11/03/2005)

- Turkish Civilization added as 19th civilization
- Turkish cities added
- Three new leaders, Mehmed II, Suleyman and Ataturk are available with their own traits.
- Turkish UU Sipahi is introduced, they use Horse Archer graphics and Keshik button, requires feudalism, upgradable to cavalry
- Turkish flag is added
- Turkish flag as a button added
- Civilopedia entries for Turkey and Sipahi added
- Civilopedia entries for Turkish leaders added
- Static LeaderHeads and buttons added for new leaders.
- A new color Crimson is added, however needs further adjustment and tweaking as it looks very much like regular red
- Turkish starting techs are added as Hunting and Mining
- This mod is only for English version as Civilopedia entries for other four languages have been cut to save uploading space
- This mod is compatible with low's Gigantic Map Option Mod if you overwrite these files on top of Gigantic Map Option Mod.
- This version (v.1.0) replaces the beta version (v.01b) and will overwrite the altered files.


- Extract the zip file into <C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Mods>
- Delete the cache file from C:\Documents and Settings\COMPUTER_USER_NAME\Application Data\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\cache
- Run the game from ADVANCED > LOAD A MOD > Turkish MOD
- Overwriting existing game files does not delete or corrupt original files.

Please enjoy this version while the mod is still being improved;
and please contact me with feedback and your suggestions at:

cruist22@yahoo.com or cruist22 at aim

Tunch Khan

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