World 2000BC



The fertile river valleys of the Nile, Tigris, Eupharates, Indus, and Yellow River were able to support very large populations, and it was here that the great urban civilizations of the ancient world emerged. Although cities developed independently in several regions, they shared certain characteristics. Urban societies were hierarchical, with complex labour divisions. They were administered, economically and spiritually, by an elite literate class, and in some cases, were subject to a divine monarch. Monuments came to symbolize and represent the powers of the ruling elite. Elsewhere, farming communities came together to create ritual centres or burial sites, while craftsmen experimented with new materials and techniques, such as copper and bronze casting, and glazed pottery. All these developments indicate that urban and non-urban societies were attaining a high degree of social organization.



Game info:
There are 5 civilizations in this scenario.

Egyptian Kingdom (Egypt) - 3 cities
Harappa Kingdom (India) - 3 cities
Xia Dynasty (China) - 2 cities
Akkadian Dynasty (Sumer) - 5 cities
Minoan Kingdom (Greece) - 1 city

And many barbarian cities (Raging barbarians!).

Update log:
v1.2: Correct leader names. Change Mycenaean to Minoan for Greece making it only has one city left. Changed some barbarians to use correct local units, such as Jaguar for N. America, Quechua for S. America and Skirmisher for Africa. Changed colours for civilzations.

v1.1: Fixed some bugs and have made some game balance.

This scenario is based on a modified version of Rhye's world map (huge).

Historical References:
Andrew Heritage (Editor in chief) 1999. "Atlas of World History", Dorling Kindersley Cartography.
Tan Qixiang (Chief Editor) 1982. "Historical Atlas of China", China Cartographic Publishing House. [Chinese]

Game Editor used to build this scenario:
In game World Builder
Civ4Editor by kswoll

To play (for newbies):
No mods have been used in this scenario. So to play it, simply download the zip file, unzip it and place the file in "Civ4\Public Maps" folder. Start the game, you should be able to see "World 2000BC - The first cities v1.2" in the scenario game menu.

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