World 500BC - The Persian Age v1.3



Babylonian rule in Mesopotamia was ended by the Persian in 539BC. Besides Babylonian, The Persian Empire annexed Medes, Lydians, Egyptians and the nomadic tribes in the central Asia. Darius, the ruler of Persian Empire, is now turning his attention to the Greece and Macedon. Can the Greek and Macedonian able to survive from the Persian invasion? or maybe even invade Persia? Roman republic was founded in 509BC. Can the newly founded republic able to stand under the threat of the Etruscan in the north and Greek in the south? In the east, the spring and autumn period has been started since 772BC. As one of the hegemons, your goal is to unify the 'civilized' states. Buddhism is spreading in the Kuru dynasties in India. Will Buddhism or Hinduism win the 'religious' war and becoming the dominating religion in the area or even in the world? Chavin and Olmecs still enjoy their isolation in America. However, more barbarians are becoming their 'neighbours' now. Regardless of which civilization you use, the strategy is to become the dominating power in the region and then the next step is to compete with other dominating powers in the rest of world!



Game info:
There are 16 civilizations in this scenario.

West Mediterranean/Europe:
Carthaginian Empire - Hamilcar - 6 cities
Etruscan League - Lars Porsena - 1 city
Roman Republic - Lucius Junius Brutus - 1 city

East Mediterranean/Africa:
Athenian Empire - Pericles - 6 cities
Macedonian Empire - Alexander - 2 cities
Persian Empire - Darius - 17 cities
Cush Kingdom - Aspelta - 4 cities

East Asia:
Qi Dukedom - Jiang Xiaobai - 2 cities
Jin Dukedom - Ji Zhonger - 2 cities
Chu Kingdom - Mi Lu - 3 cities
Yuezhi Kingdom (Central Asia) - King of Yuezhi - 1 city

South Asia:
Magadhan Kingdom - Bimbisara - 2 cities
Kosala Kingdom - Prasenjit - 2 cities
Avanti Kingdom - Nandivardhana - 2 cities

Chavin Kingdom - King of Chavin - 1 city
Olmecs Kingdom - King of Olmecs - 1 city

And some barbarian cities (Raging barbarians! You have been WARNED).

Update log:
v1.3 Added more celtic (barberian) cities. Added more units to chinese and indian civs. Some minor bugs fixed (including the banana in philippine sea ).
v1.2 Byzantium given to Macedon, Pundra correctly named and some other fixes.
v1.1 For game balance, Macedon's power is increased and Persian's power is dereased. Wonder locations are corrected.
v1.0 Scenario released. No known bugs. However, game balance haven't been tested.

This scenario is based on a modified version of Rhye's world map (huge).

Historical References:
Andrew Heritage (Editor in chief) 1999. "Atlas of World History", Dorling Kindersley Cartography.
Tan Qixiang (Chief Editor) 1982. "Historical Atlas of China", China Cartographic Publishing House. [Chinese]

Game Editor used to build this scenario:
In game World Builder
Civ4Editor by kswoll

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To play (for newbies):
No mods have been used in this scenario. So to play it, simply download the zip file, unzip it and place the file in "Civ4\Public Maps"
folder. Start the game, you should be able to see "World 500BC v1.3" in the scenario game menu.

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