World at the 19th century



Rule Set: - 17 Civilizations + Barbarians - City razing is not possible - The map is huge

The Idea: Every civilizations reflect their stongest time in the beginning of the19th century. Everybody has more or less the same ammount of citys (except russia) and the same size of army. All players start with the same advanced tech tree. To add the spirit of the 19th century and to push the power of the crowded european states by giving different amount of workers - please not that it takes extremly long to build workers - this plus the colonies make the european nations extremly powerfull. All over the map you will find Barbarian citys, they have a small army but well trained and advanced.

Playable Nations:

England: Safe on the island in Europe you can focus on expanding in Africa, Asia or Australia. For sure nobody starts with a bigger fleet then England and your colonys are located all over the world.

Spain: Weakest Power in Europe but a safe colony in Africa and Cuba offers you great options to expand in South America.

France: The great Nation, defeated by Prussia and still struggling after the Napolon wars you can take your chance to expand again. Little presence in South America but the strongest Colonial Nation in Africa ... be aware of Germany in europe and the Native African Nations.

Germany: Unified by Bismarck and full of enthusiasm after defeating the great Austrian empire. Germany is the strongest Nation in Europe but only one colony in Africa limite their expansion. The russian bear is in the east and the french to the west, a peacfull grown would might be possible in the north. For sure there will be a race between russia, england and germany for the scandinavian citys !

Russia: Biggest Nation on the world but a weak infrastructure and a small army will let you focus on internal problems bevore thinking about expansion.

USA: Great Position, all important resources ... dont let the south americans enter your continent and nothing can stop you to become a super power. I was thinking to implement george w bush as a president to slow down the development

Canada: Friendship or war with the USA will decide over your success. If you go for war you will need to win fast and suprise your strong neighbour.

Brazil / Aregentinia: One of them will dominate South America ... Peace of friendship will be your choices, it could might help to ally with the french or the spanish, they are weak in the area but their navys are strong.

China: Build up your infastructure and finding oil will be the keys to success for this great nations, dont be afraid of russia, their border to you is impossible to defend.

Japan: Early war or a long term peace with China will be your choices ... like in reality.

Egyt / Ottomans / Saudi Arabia One of you will dominate and unify the arabian world, you decide if peacfull or by conquering your brothers in faith. Great oil resources you have but dont loose them - except russia, england, usa and some barbarians nobody has oil.

South Africa: Not an easy position but a lot of barbarian citys to conquer, and only a weak german colonie next to you. Dont let the europeans take your whole continent.

Italy: There is only one Rome and you own it! Take advantage of your religion.


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