Yet Another Unaltered Gameplay Mod

Yet Another Unaltered Gameplay Mod v. 1.1.0

This mod contains the following:

-Ruff's Cobbled SG Modpack 1.2.0 by Ruff (Awesome...


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Yet Another Unaltered Gameplay Mod v. 1.1.0

This mod contains the following:

-Ruff's Cobbled SG Modpack 1.2.0 by Ruff (Awesome mod -- way to get me started!) -Autolog by eotinb, updated extensively by Ruff, few further changes by me. -HOF Mod 1.61.001 -End Turn Text Flashing by Smirk -Exotic Foreign Advisor by Elhoim/Supreme Overlord et al. (updated to 0.96) -Modified Special Domestic Advisor 1.8e by 12Monkeys/Requies et al. -Civ4lerts 1.3 by Dr. Elmer Jiggle -More Civ4lerts by HOF Team -Specialist Stacker (updated to 0.7) -Plot List Enhancements 2.03 by 12Monkeys -Reminder Mod 1.1 by eotinb (mapped to ALT-M by Ruff) -Sevopedia 1.93 by Sevo, updated with Progor's fix -Vovan Unit Upgrades 0.2 (Sevopedia Version) by Vovan -Fitchn's Civilopedia Index 0.55 -Combined Unit Names by Ruff -Random Unit Names 0.5.1 by TheLopez -Naming Units after cities by Porges -Roman Numerals, original code by Sen2000 -Borg Naming Convention by Ruff -Attitude Icons by Porges -Tech Window Enhancement (updated to Spocko 1.b) by SirRethcir/Roamty/Spocko et al. -Great Person Mod with Renamer Mod 1.0 by Patricius et al. -Actual Quotes 2.01 by Willowmound -Raw Commerce Display Panel by Sevo -Ancient Era Music by Sevo (Original idea and XML by Thalassicus) -Not Just Another Game Clock Mod 0.3 by TheLopez (replaces clock mod in HOF/Ruff) -Extended Color Table 1.1 by SimCutie -Hide Dead Teams by Porges (same thread as attitude icons).

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Download '' (39.25MB)

To install normally, copy the folder named "Yet Another Unaltered Gameplay Mod" to the MODS folder in your game installation folder. This is usually at C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Mods. Make sure you install to a clean folder, not over any previous version of this mod. If you change the name of this folder, please change to indicate the new name.

If any users in your computer who play Civ4 are not Administrators, make sure you give them write access to all of the files outside of the Assets directory. These are configuration files, and some of them are written to by the mod during gameplay. You will eventually want to edit them yourself. You can move these files to your user folder, usually at C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\ if you want separate configurations for multiple users on your computer.

To install in the CustomAssets directory within your user folder, copy all files from the Assets directory to it. Copy all of the files outside the Assets directory into the main user directory just outside CustomAssets. All files in the Docs folder are not necessary.

Installation to the MODS directory of the user directory is not supported at this time due to some remaining bugs in Civilization 4.

Please report any problems with installation, especially path bugs, at the thread for this mod at I would like to make this as flexible and as foolproof as possible, despite everything.

For more information and help with installing mods, see the thread at

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