Civilization: Call to Power (Windows) v1.2 Patch - English



The latest official patch for the Windows release of Civilization: Call to Power.



Instructions: The update will work for all Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT English CD-ROM versions of Call to Power.

It will upgrade Call to Power from the release version, or version 1.1, to version 1.2. If upgrading from 1.1 to 1.2 you will need to consult the "Advanced User Notes" in the 1.2 Readme for saving a scenario/map while in the Map Editor.

To upgrade your version of Call to Power, simply download the Updater (3.36MB) and double-click it. The French, German, Italian, and Spanish versions will soon be available separately. This update is not intended for use with the Linux, DVD-ROM, MacOS, or BeOS version of Civilization: Call to Power.

New Features:

* Hot Seat Play
* Play By Email
* Hotseat/PBEM Interface Screen
* Scenario Pack Interface (description, test plan)
* New Scenario Options
* New suite of build queue messages Turns-to-next-pop display on City Screen instead of a food readout
* Trade routes can be toggled on and off
* Message Eyepoints can be activated from the keyboard
* Message indicating what city slaves were sent to after successful enslavement was added
* Tile Improvement placement precision increased

Bug Fixes:

* Graphics freeze from double-clicking an advance to research.
* Trading with AI Bug Fixed.
* Captured cities get selected.
* Fixed eyepoint click centering AND selecting the city in some messages
* Fixed CD-check requirement that each player have a CD in multiplayer saved games.
* Fixed hardcoded "Reset Trade Route" string
* AI stop-trespassing behavior is improved
* Boats/Undersea Tunnels pathing problem fixed
* Can continue play when someone wins the alien endgame
* Autocentering on special attacks now happens correctly
* Chat window scrolling bug fixed

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