Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword v3.17 Patch

This is the official 3.17 patch for Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword.


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This is the official 3.17 patch for Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword.

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Download 'civ4beyondtheswordpatch3.17.exe' (168.88MB)

Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword will focus on the late-game time periods after the invention of gunpowder and will deliver 12 challenging and decidedly different scenarios created by Firaxis Games, and the Civilization Fan Community. 

v3.17 Change list 


Cavalry and Cuirassiers can Flank attack Cannons and all earlier siege weapons 
Gunships can Flank Attack Cannons, Artillery, Mobile Artillery 
Flanking damage now depends on strength of defending unit, not on strength of siege weapon 
Flank attack now has a maximum number of siege units it can affect 
Horse archers no longer receive attack bonus against Trebuchets 
Destroyer: no longer upgrades to anything 
Stealth Destroyer: lower cost, 2 first strikes, no bombard, no interception 
Attack Submarine: Increased cost 
Airship no longer gets bonus attacking ships 
Airship does 20% maximum air strike damage 
Machine Gun and Anti-Tank get 20% air interception chance 
No withdrawal when attacking amphibiously 
Siege weapons cannot attack amphibiously 
Reduced war weariness 
New Colonies have their parent civ's tech brokering restrictions 
New Colonies have knowledge of their parent civ's maps 
New Colonies cannot trade away their motherland techs under "No tech Brokering" option 
New Colonies no longer affect domination limit 
Significantly increased barbarian ship spawn 
Bunkers also protect against collateral damage from air units 
Units in ships no longer gain fortification/espionage bonus 
Goody hut gold now scales with game speed 
Increased "support city revolt" cost 
Explorers cannot be drafted 
Combat line of promotions not available to Siege 
"Friendly locals" event expires with Nationalism 
"Mother lode" event: yields more gold on average 
"Miracle" event expires with Rifling 
"Partisans" event active in every game 
"Blessed Sea" event no longer tied to a specific ship 
Barbarian uprising events can occur only if you can build a counter unit 
Global warming in forests and jungles just removes those features, without turning plot to desert 
Global warming takes into account the number of forests and jungles in the world 
Global Warming is affected by unhealthy buildings in addition to nuclear explosions. 
Re-added cap to number of active Corporation Executives (5) 


Automated Workers no longer idle when railroading is possible 
AI units considered unsuitable for city defense are no longer prevented from healing in cities 
Improved worker threat assessment 
Fixed bug that caused the AI to trade for resources it already had 
Spies no longer interrupt their mission when moving next to an enemy unit 
Own vassal cannot be considered "Worst Enemy" by the AI. 
AI less likely to build Executives if they can't afford to use them or already have enough of them 
AI takes time already worked into consideration when selecting plot to work 
No AI relationship penalty for declaring war on a third party if that AI is at war with the third party as well 
Can found Corporations in Mercantilism 
Vassals of a capitulating Master do not automatically sign peace with the victor 
Lowered capitulation threshold 
Missile carriers carying missiles are no longer as reluctant to defend 


Added "No Espionage" game option 
Withdrawing units get unselected from their selection group 
- just like they get unselected if they win and cannot advance 
Espionage ratio for humans displayed in score tooltip 
Fixed city Healthy/Unhealthy bonus display (events) 
No messages about empire splits of players you have not yet met 
Globe layer sub-options saved in user profile 
Liberate city nag no longer occurs twice for the same city in the same session 
City advisor nags do not occur when city is in disorder 
Advanced start: All team starting plot locations indicated with red circles 
- any team member can use any starting plot 
Players get an announcement when a Defensive Pact is signed 
Added stationary spy discount mouseover 
Added popup for when spaceship mission fails 
Added some extra mouseover information to diplomacy screen 
Fixed main interface to correctly fit all advisor buttons on the right 
MapRandSeed = 1 has no effect in multiplayer games 
Cleaned up debug menu 
Can't exit to main menu after having used the debug menu (Ctrl-D) 
- Prevents multiplayer cheats, as well as possible hangs and crashes 
Mods read previous game options from .ini unless they have the ForceGameOptions = 1 in their own mod .ini 
Removed some unused code (SDK) 
Added tectonics map script (thanks LDiCesare) 
Added Earth2 map script (thanks GRM7584) 
Added RandomScriptMap map script (thanks Refar) 
Added three new options to Team Battleground map script (thanks ruff_hi) 
Exposed some trade screen functionality to the SDK 
Added ability for AI Diplomacy screen to display icons in the text 
WorldBuilder saves named units 
Fixed XML read issue (for mods) 
Added a faster file enumeration method for modular XML loading (unused) 
Removed inlined code from CvXMLLoadUtility (inlining breaks DLL mods) 
Added ability for mods to specify minimum version (MIN_VERSION in GlobalDefines.xml) 
Unit graphic on main interface updates when unit art changes (mods) 
Aded Python wrapper function: CyPlot::setOwnerNoUnitCheck. 
Added Mesoamerica Mod 


Fixed bug with building culture bonus mouseover 
Fixed multiplayer hang when loading a game without all human players present 
Fixed reload crash 
Fixed info screen demographics Import/Export rank reversal 
Ships in foreign ports no longer get bumped to strange places upon war declaration 
Fixed bug with Great General threshold in team games 
Fixed "cityAcquiredAndKept" python event bug 
Preventing key clicks from going through the MP diplomacy screen to the main interface 
Fixed bug with barbarian unit spawn 
Fixed Donut map script Italian and Spanish desert/ocean translations 
Fixed auto-raze bug with certain game option combinations 
Fixed selection issue with Warlords attaching to units when the Great General is part of a selection group 
Spies no longer bumped out of enemy borders when declaring war 
Workers on Transports no longer capture cities (thereby displacing all other units) when city is captured 
Privateers cannot enter other teams' empty cities 
Fixed empire splitting bug where a previously-existing civ could be resurected 
Fixed Worldbuilder python exception 
Can no longer base an unlimited number of air units in foreign cities 
Mouse-over for Worker actively working a plot no longer counts Worker twice 
Fixed bug in recommended graphics settings 
Fixed bug with spy inability to destroy any buildings in certain cities 
Fixed bug that increased spy interception chance 
Fixed some UN/AP voting time-delay issues 
Fixed a text bug caused by cached translations 
Worldbuilder no longer allows you to unreveal visible plots 
"Fugitive" event: fixed text bug 
Fixed "Impeachment" event 
Fixed "Partisans" event to trigger only under emancipation 
Civilopedia correction: Custom House affects all foreign trade routes, not only intercontinental. 
Fixed AI crash 
Fixed Barrage promotion bug 
Fixed combat message log for hidden nationality units 
Fixed bug with espionage culture mission 
Fixed minimap update on reload 
Fixed crash on city conquer 
Fixed bug in event city and unit random selection 
Gifting a city upon conquest gives liberation diplomatic benefits. 
Fixed Advanced Start hang when starting without enough points to buy first city 
Fixed Advanced Start stored food inconsistency on population buy/sell 
Fixed bug with non-global, non-team quests not clearing upon completion 
Fixed bug where you would not get a palace if you captured a city before founding one 
Fixed potential AI infinite loop 
Next war update to match epic game 
Fixed rare bug where Barbarian Horse Archers could sometimes bump your units out of your cities 
Autorun saves are now loadable 
Updated Next War and Gods of Old with epic game changes 
Fixed AI another crash 
Fixed AI infinite loop 
Fixed improvement yield change mouse-over 
Fixed python exception in Improvement civilopedia (mod-specific) 
Fixed recommended unit button in build popup (mod-specific) 
Improvement construction cost is deducted when a project begins, rather than when it's finished 
- fixes Starbase exploit in Final Frontier 


The Forge now gets +2 Production in its capital and +1 in all other Systems 
Fixed bug where very advanced Pirate ships could spawn early in the game 
Fix for clicking the subtract population button too quickly could cause a Planet's population be negative 
Reduced interception chance for Destroyers 
Halved amount of points gained from territory 
Red Syndicate only gets 1 free trade route instead of 2 
Fixing bug in map script with star system density 
Double-clicking Star Systems now gives system info, instead of single click (thanks Nemesis Rex) 
Older Starbases now have cultural border preference over newer ones as intended (thanks Nemesis Rex) 
Starbases no longer create missiles 
AI City population distribution no longer calculated every turn for every city... 
- improves performance but may make the AI dumber 
Bumped Forge back to no default production bonus in any Systems (undoing previous change) 
Red Syndicate now only gets 1 free Trade Route in newly colonized Systems 
Red Syndicate now gets Trade Route bonus in captured Systems 
Paradise now gets free MagLevs in captured Systems 
System Health and Happiness penalty for New Earth reduced from 2 to 1 
Fixed minor text error in Top Civs screen ("Most Influence") 


Thanks to jkp1187 (John Palchak) for the following updates from his "Not just another Next War Mod" 
Most of the Space Race projects assigned to new technologies. 
The idea is to delay the Space Race until the players were using the additional NextWar technologies. 
Cost for MISSION TO MARS (formerly APOLLO PROGRAM) increased to 2250 hammers) 
SS ENGINE: requires COLD FUSION (formerly FUSION) 
SS CASING: requires COMPOSITES (unchanged) 
ARCOLOGY/ARCOLOGY SHIELDING/DEFLECTOR SHIELDING: The cost of all three of these buildings has been doubled. 
Arcology now requires both Hydroponics and Composites 
Nuke "CRACKED LIKE AN EGG" now only applies to Next War Scenario 
Every game speed option now has 5% more turns 
Added all of the random events from JKP1187's Random Events Mod. 
I added three new NextWar-specific random events: "The Cylons", "Sensors", "Slip and Fall" 
Added voice-overs for all of the Next War technologies 
Added a new icon (by bmarnz) showing C. Everett Koop's likeness for the Center for Desease Control National Wonder 
Added new icons for the Next War specific Unit Categories (Clones, Assault Mech, Bioweapons, Dreadnought) 
Resource depletion only has a chance of occurring in the Scenario, no depletion in epic game. 
Replaced regular bomber images with B-52 by Snafusmith.

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